Monday, 11 December 2006

Gerald Gardner

I'm reading Gardner's Witchcraft Today at present, following my initiatory experiences at Witchfest last month. (An excellent event, hosted by the Children of Artemis group, held at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon.) Just fell across this wonderful quote, which neatly encapsulates the essence of witchcraft, as well as shedding much light on my developing hypothesis: that all successful people, knowingly or otherwise, have a greater than normal degree of clairvoyance in common. (I call this gift the bloodline- though it has next to nothing to do with genetics. For more on this, please see my latest post at Battling the Behemoth, in which I apply the model to one John Winston Lennon:
'What (witchcraft) comes to, then, is this: certain people were born with clairvoyant powers. They discovered that certain rites and processes increased these powers, thus they became useful to the community. They performed these rites, and obtained benefits, and being lucky and successful were looked at with envy and dislike by others, and so they began to perform their rites in secret. Power which can be used for good can be used for evil, and they were tempted perhaps to use this power against their opponents, and thus became more unpopular... That, in brief, is the truth about witchcraft.'

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lemona said...

nice take, have not read gardner yet and will have to do so soon. Continuing to read much here, synchronistic is an under-state-ment. Perhaps a word other than 'witch'craft might not be so offensive to readers of a religious background....oh well

thanks for posting your journey:)