Sunday, 30 December 2007

'The telltale signs of overindulgence...'

The following are some of the twenty questions compiled by Robert V Seliger at John Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore, to decide whether patients are alcoholic. The complete list is printed in today's Sunday Times, alongside an article investigating the government's latest figures on what it considers 'hazardous drinking.' A recent study, according to journalist Matt Rudd, defined 'harmful drinking as 50 or more units a week and was more common in poorer areas. But the greyer area of "hazardous drinking"- 22-50 units for men and 15-35 units for women- is where the leafier, pinot noirish parts of the country come in.' And it is just these people- 'middle-aged, middle-class drinkers drinking at home'- that the Minister of State for Public Health, Dawn Primarolo, has chosen to target in a new anti-drinking campaign intended to save billions for the NHS.

To investigate the practical effects of these new targets, the writer goes on a Morgan Spurlock-type mission over the space of four weeks: 'drinking at the upper range of 45 units a week to find out what (if anything) happened to my liver, my heart and various other organs.'

'It was a great surprise,' he writes, 'to find how easy it is to neck more than double the government maximum. One fairly tame weekend, a few glasses of midweek wine and a pub quiz and, bang, I'm a hazardous drinker. Without a single hangover.'

The results are rather surprising. 'Four weeks of what I think is civilised drinking did have an effect on my liver function. But none of the laboratory results was even close to being a problem... Having diligently measured my alcohol consumption over a month, I can now confirm that I must have been drinking not far off 40 units a week for the past 15 years. Yet, after only a few weeks off the sauce, my internal organs were fighting fit.'

Now have a look at the John Hopkins survey. Just as the government seems to want to turn us all into 'hazardous drinkers', so too, it seems, psychiatry wants as many of us as possible to believe we are 'in all likelihood an alcoholic.' Not that this develop should surprise us; it was in 1946 that the founding father of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, Major John Rawlings Reese, called for the creation of 'psychological shock troops' who, in the words of Jim Keith, 'would fan out... to engineer the future direction of society.' And since that time, the Institute has sought to apply what it describes as 'dynamic psychiatry' to as large a section of the population as possible. Is this 'survey' another manifestation of that dream? Come back on Tuesday morning and tell me how many of these questions do not apply to you.

Do you drink because you are shy with other people?

Have you ever felt remorse after drinking?

Do you find yourself in bad company or in a bad environment when drinking?

Do you drink alone?

Have you ever had a complete loss of memory as a result of drinking?

Do you drink to build up your self-confidence?

These are a small selection of the 20 questions asked. The smallprint advises that: 'If you have answered YES to three or more, you are in all likelihood an alcoholic.'

To which, what can I add, except: Happy Gregorian, everybody... Cheers!

'Sometimes I see
how the Brave New World arrives
And I see how it thrives
In the ashes of our lives...'

Friday, 21 December 2007

'Elvis roots 'lead to Scotland'...'

'Elvis Presley's roots can be traced back to a village in Aberdeenshire, according to a Scottish author. Allan Morrison, from Greenock, said he had discovered that the musical icon's ancestors lived in Lonmay in the 1700s. Scotland was also the location for The King's only visit to the UK, a brief landing at Prestwick Airport in 1960.

Mr Morrison said the first Presley in America was a man called Andrew Presley who arrived in North Carolina in 1745. The 61-year-old said records showed that his father, also Andrew, married Elspeth Leg in Lonmay in 1713. The Presley roots in America could be traced right up to 1933, when Elvis's parents married. The singer was born two years later.

Most of the Presleys living in Scotland during the 18th and 19th centuries were found in Aberdeenshire. They were based in Lonmay and the nearby villages of New Deer, Old Deer and Tarves. Morrison's book, The Presley Prophecy, covers the adventures of Andrew Presley during the Jacobite rebellion.

These roots were cemented this week by a visit to Edinburgh by Lisa Marie, Elvis's 39-year old daughter. Interestingly, all three of the Presley women: Priscilla, Lisa Marie and 18 year old Riley, flew into Britain for the Led Zeppelin reunion concert in Greenwich.'


For more on Elvis:

Monday, 17 December 2007

In the Waugh Zone

There was an interesting article in the Daily Mail on saturday, about novelist Evelyn Waugh. Well known, of course, for his brilliant and witty dissections of English life, it seems that the man was not without a much darker side. As his late son, Auberon Waugh, recalled:

'As a parent he reserved the right not just to deny affection to his children, but to advertise an acute and unqualified dislike of them... Whenever his children were around, he was liable to take his meals in the library, advancing no more complicated reason than that he was bored by our company... If it had been a joke, this undisguised dislike... would soon have worn pretty thin. Since it was plainly not a joke, it became a fact of life.'

Strangely, towards the end of his life, Waugh developed a most unusual hobby: having his teeth pulled out, without anaesthetic. 'The vulgar new school of literary biographer,' says Auberon Waugh, 'attributed it to some strain of sexual masochism, but I am not persuaded by this.' Interestingly, losing his teeth seemed to effect a spiritual change in him: 'Where before he had been gloomy, bad tempered and on occasions aggressive, he became benign and affectionate, but still his death lifted a great brooding awareness not only from Combe Florey- the Waugh family home in Somerset- but from the whole of existence.'

This 'great brooding' quality is well captured in the above photograph; which, so appropriately, sees the distinctly Crowley-like Waugh perched between two sphinxes. Describing this malevolent charisma, his son writes:

'His presence was overwhelming. He was a small man- scarcely five foot six- and only a writer, after all, but I have seen generals, and chancellors of the exchequer, six foot six and exuding self-importance from every pore, quail in front of him...' The same is captured in this portrait from his student days at Hertford College, Oxford, as found on Wikipedia.

Where did it come from? In my world, as I'm hoping some of you are starting to understand, charisma is a transdimensional construct. It's just one of the traces of the manipulating force I know as 'the Dagon.' Its 'purpose', if you like, is to anoint a guru, or saviour figure; who will leech as much energy from as many people as it can, on behalf of its alien overlords. Charisma- which is nothing other than heightened energy, chi or libido- is the 'technology' that achieves this hypnotic bind. It's the 'force' which attracts and compels others to itself.

This sort of anointing, however, first requires that an individual become 'illuminised'- i.e to participate in any or several of the many behaviours which permit the ingress of an overshadowing consciousness. As I explained in a recent article at Battling the Behemoth (here) one such vehicle is Catholicism: which, in its pristine, Babylonian form, was created for just this purpose. In Waugh's case there may well be factors which predate his conversion, which his deep love of the Tridentine litury- the name betrays its Atlantean roots- would have compounded. (Was Waugh one of those 'star people', illuminised from birth; despatched into form to effect- or reflect- some catalytic change? That would make him- like Prince Charles or Al Gore- more a sentient programme than a human being: as technology is now starting to acknowledge: click here.)

Whatever the truth of the matter, in this- as in so much else- I sense the invisible hand of the Dagon.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Musical Perambulations II

There was more rock and roll weirdness in the air this week. The big story, of course, was the relaunched Led Zeppelin- dubbed, with appropriate resonance, 'the mothership of all reunions' by Pete Pahides of The Times- who played their first concert in fifteen years at where else but the former Millenium Dome in Greenwich. (Now renamed the O2.) Regular readers of this blog will know that I have long sensed something powerful in the air around Greenwich; and not just because of its geographical status as 'the place where days begin and end.'

My intuition, this year alone, has been confirmed several times over: 'twas from Greenwich Royal Observatory that the Spice Girls announced their reunion tour back in June; in July, the National Maritime Museum (and thus, I believe, the Prime Meridian) was used as the starting line of the first official stage of the Tour de France. The borough, and the Dome, hosted Tutankhamen, in the first major exhibition of Pharaonic artefacts- outside Egypt- since the Boy King was unmasked in a televised occult ritual in November. (An exhibition which also spawned a pyramid in Hyde Park; and a 25ft-high statue of Anubis that sailed up the Thames- even, I believe, as far as Westminster- on October 1.) And in August I reported on the use of the Maritime Museum (MM) as a location in the movie, The Golden Compass- reviewed by Ellis Taylor here.

The Zeppelin reunion is as significant as all of these; not least for the fact that the anticipated world tour will forment a powerful new wave of interest in the band's guiding genius: Aleister Crowley. Indeed, several fans were filmed sporting the famous Crowley-inspired sigils, adopted by the individual band-members as personal emblems, which first appeared on the cover of Led Zeppelin IV. Peter Paphides, covering the event for The Times, seemed to discern some of this magic, when he described Jimmy Page- whose personal interest in occultism was the strongest- as 'dispensing power chords like an aged Thor lobbing down thunderbolts for kicks.' An interesting analogy, considering how recently we noted the prevalence of the Thor-inspired 'Sig Rune' in modern rock lore: in the iconography of KISS, most famously, but even (in modified form) on an album cover of one S P Morri-SS-ey.

About fifteen minutes in to the set, Paphides said, 'something of the devil seemed to get hold of them'; and that the 'volcanic fills' provided by drummer Jason Bonham confirmed 'there are some things that can be transmitted only through DNA.' A reference, of course, to Bonham's deceased father, the band's original drummer... but echoing themes we have alluded to here, particularly in this article from last month. And when the rhythm section was described as 'advancing like Martian tripods'- reinforcing the connection drawn here several times: between popular music and ET- I started wondering whether the journalist was channelling his copy from the same sphere as I do.

Marilyn Manson, he of the talismanic initials, was in London on December 6th, performing tracks from his Lewis Carroll-inspired new album 'EAT ME DRINK ME.' Allusions to the Wonderland mythos peppered the set, which included the anthem, Are You the Rabbit?'- written, presumably, for his (postponed) film project: Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll. About three days later, another MM, Matthew Murray, killed four people in two separate shootings in Denver, Colorado (home of the New World airport.) The principal target of Murray's rage- the Christian organisation, Youth With A Mission- had fallen out with him five years ago, following a fundraising concert in which Murray had elected to perform songs by Linkin Park... and Marilyn Manson. He was asked to leave the missionary training programme shortly afterwards.

Shades, perhaps, of the Lennon assassination? Mark David Chapman had ties to the YMCA, which CIA defector Philip Agee exposed as an agency front in his book, Inside the Company. And Lennon, and his assassination in particular, is back in the news again this week: following the British release of a film about his killer. (These links, predictably, are not explored.) Rather spookily, considering the recent events in Denver, Omaha, and Las Vegas, 'The Killing of John Lennon' is but one of three new films in which 'geeks with guns' play a significant part. (He Was A Quiet Man, starring Christian Slater; and You Kill Me, with Ben Kingsley as an alcoholic hitman, are the others.) This was in the same week that a lock of Lennon's hair was sold at auction in West Sussex for £24,000: a further indication of the religiosity that these and similar relics now attract.

And Killers of a different kind featured in a highly revealing interview given to Adrian Thrills of the Daily Mail: demonstrating that VALIS is just as likely to drop in to a rock star as a writer of science fiction or a Leicester-based cardiologist on vacation in Praia de Luz. Describing the lukewarm reaction to his second album, Sam's Town, the band's frontman Brandon Flowers says: 'Some people thought [the record] was self-indulgent... I don't know whether I regret it or not. I don't know if my lyrics were strong enough, but I felt a force guiding me. When I was writing When You Were Young, I felt a spirit over me. It was an album we needed to make.'

Very interesting indeed is the fact that Mr Flowers was born in the notorious programming centre of Las Vegas, Nevada... before moving to 'the tiny Mormon community of Nephi, Utah, when he was eight.' (Nephi is a popular name in Mormonism: deriving its status from the hero of the Book of Mormon, a scion of the House of David, who washes up on the shores of the New World around 600BC.) Interesting too is the name Flowers and Tana, his schoolteacher wife, have given their newly-born son, their first. Confirming once again the strange links between popular music, and the returning gods of the ancient world: Ammon.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Ziggurat City

The planned extension of the Tate Modern; note the dome of St Paul's in the background

This is the proposed design for the new Tate Modern gallery, to be built next door to the existing premises- the former Bankside Power Station, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. The new building is described by Dalya Alberge of The Times as 'a futuristic, higgledy-piggledy glass structure that features huge blocks protruding from a ziggurat'; the famous stepped temples of Mesopotamia, believed to be the dwelling places of the gods. One of the largest of these structures, of which very little remains, was the Marduk ziggurat of Babylon: the Etemenanki. (So now you know where Mr Adachi gets that name from.)

The new Tate perpetuates a long tradition of rebuilding wonders, particularly in London. The famous SIS Building (at 85 Vauxhall Cross) is one of the most famous, whose ziggurat design has seen it dubbed Babylon-on-Thames by locals. Construction of that building finished in 1995; a few years later, in 2004, the city was 'graced' with a project of equal audacity: the Swiss Re tower, or The Gherkin. This latter-day Babel, designed by the ubiquitious Norman Foster- he of the Millenium Dome and the U2 Tower- glories in one of the most resonant postal address in the whole of London: 30 St Mary Axe. (He also designed the Hearst Tower in New York City.)

Of course, this tradition is hardly new; being merely the latest manifestation of a dream which is easily three hundred and fifty years old and doubtless much older: the quest for the New Jerusalem. Its British 'wing', in the eighteenth century, was centred on the 'Invisible College' of Gresham, Boyle, Newton and, in particular, Christopher Wren; who gave the capital the building which still, to this day, encapsulates that Zionist aspiration more perfectly than any other. This, of course, is St Paul's Cathedral; the very building whose famous dome (inspired by the Dome of the Rock) peers out silently from the artist's impression above. (Deliberately off-setting the towering 'phallus' of the old Bankside power station; which, since, its revamp as the Tate Modern in the late 1990s, has been crowned with a 'swiss light.')

Coincidence? Or a very specific illustration of the 'scarlet thread' which unites the old and the new? According to Rachel Campbell Johnston, the new building 'harks back to the cube: the fundamental abstract art form and the cornerstone of our modern aesthetic... [which] echoes the jumbled picture planes of Cubism; of such great founding modernists as Picasso or Braque or Gris.'

Thursday, 6 December 2007

New article...

... at Battling the Behemoth, exploring some of the connections between the murder of Meredith Kercher and the abduction of Madeleine McCann. (With particular reference to 'the Dagon' and the Serpent Cult.) Discuss.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Celebrity Nazis II

We first encountered the phenomenon of the 'celebrity nazi' back in September, when the much derided Victoria Beckham decided to compliment her pallid figure with a little grey number which seemed to pay tribute to the SS. And now, for the second time, the 'journalists' of the NME- whose symbiotic relationship with their quarry once saw the organ dubbed the New Morrissey Express- are trying to get the same mud to stick as was attempted fifteen years ago... with limited success. (Just for the record: I agree with every word he said.)

But whilst Morrissey is engulfed in a contrived storm of 'controversy', other artists can flirt with the iconography of the right and barely raise a murmur. The latest, least likely group to do so are the reformed Take That, whose comeback tour- which kicked off this week in Greenwich- has been described by John Aizlewood as 'part Nuremberg rally, part high school reunion.'

It demonstrates the law of decreasing returns that the last star to incorporate such candidly fascistic routines into his stage show was Marilyn Manson, whose 'Mechanical Animals'-era pomp and circumstance the TT boys have clearly been inspired by. When Manson did it, it provoked howls of outrage. Now, the public are so jaded, nobody notices.

'There's definitely ritual in music,' Manson said back then. 'It just depends if artists are smart enough to use it or not. Anything from a sporting event to a totalitarian rally to a rock concert has a lot of energy, which can be either chaotic or focused. When you focus it, it has a lot of power. A lot of people gave learned to do that over the years for evil purposes, whether it be Julius Caesar, Stalin or Hitler. Others, whether it be me, Madonna or Elvis Presley have used it for positive things.'

The symbol Manson paraded so prominently in those concerts was the international symbol for electricity; a clever decision by the singer, who could then claim- justifiably- that any offence generated was the result of significance falsely projected onto an entirely innocuous hieroglyph. Of course, Manson knew all too well its verisimilitude to the 'Sig Rune' popularised by the Austrian occultist Guido von List, one of the 18 so-called 'Armanen Runes' allegedly revealed following an 11 month state of temporary blindness after a cataract operation on both eyes in 1902. It was adopted by the SS in 1931; and the rock group KISS several years later- two of whose members are Jewish.

The resemblance is highly appropriate, because, in its early years, electricity was widely regarded as possessing occult properties, comparable to the workings of the Aether. Indeed, there is evidence that both its discovery and subsequent investiture were driven by occultism as much as by science; a matter to which we shall soon return. Theresa Duncan, the artist and reluctant conspiracist- who committed suicide earlier this year- was a student of the history of electricity in all its multi-faceted glory, as these surviving posts indicate. And interestingly enough, it was the same 'electrical rune'- or a variation of it- which the aforementioned Morrissey, used to ornament his 'Live in Earls Court' CD.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Titan and the Titanic

Back in August we reported on 'the small iron key' which could have prevented the sinking of the Titanic: a story which was greeted with admirable scepticism by at least one of my correspondents, the enigmatic Glasgow Greensmoke. (You still out there, man?) According to the Times, 'the key, which opened the locker containing the lookout's binoculars, was left behind when the liner set off on her maiden voyage on April 10, 1912.' A lookout who survived the disaster, which claimed the lives of 1,522 passengers and crew, was quoted as opining that the binoculars could have made a vital difference to the voyage; a case of 'rearranging the deckchairs' if ever I heard one.

Greensmoke's retort, worth quoting, sarcastically endorsed this unlikely tale; 'denying' that the sinking had anything to do with 'Rothschild frontman JP Morgan, whose umbrella company owned both the White Star Line and Cunard', or any connection with 'the similar sinking of the RMS Lusitania in 1915.' He also 'rejected' any connection to the novella The Wreck of the Titan or, Futility, written by Morgan Robertson in 1898; which seemed to predict the tragedy with uncanny precision. The story is covered covered by Martin Plimmer and Brian King in their book, Beyond Coincidence:

'Robertson might as easily have been writing a piece of journalism describing the tragic sinking of the Titanic, so similar were many of the details. The month of the wreck, the number of passengers and crew, the number of lifeboats, the tonnage, length and even speed of impact with the iceberg were all close to identical.'

Clearly, Robertson was a gifted- unconscious- psychic: just one of many artists we have witnessed 'opening the stargate.' And it seems he was not the only person who channelled similar information: another who did so was W T Stead, whose interest in psychic and paranormal phenomena was very acute. (He was one of the early pioneers of spiritualist research in the United Kingdom, and editor of Borderland: a nineteenth century forerunner of the Fortean Times. He was also, very interestingly, a keen supporter of Cecil Rhodes; an Esperantist; and an ardent internationalist, whose publications included The Americanisation of the World in 1902. Like John Lennon- whose interests were not dissimilar- Stead is memorialized in Central Park, New York.)

Twenty years before the sinking, Stead had written a novel entitled 'From the Old World to the New'- the significance of which I am sure will not be lost on you- about a ship which sank after colliding with an iceberg in the Atlantic. And in an earlier short story, he had written about a liner whose sinking incurred needless loss of life due to a scarcity of lifeboats. But strangest of all is the fact that Stead himself died on the Titanic: distinguishing himself as something of a hero in the process. After the ship struck the iceberg, Stead helped several women and children into the lifeboats. Then, when all the boats had been filled, he retired to the 1st Class Smoking Room, where he was last seen sitting in a leather chair, calmly reading a book.

Does the involvement of two 'sensitives' in the Titanic tragedy perhaps indicate an unseen, even transdimensional influence in the events of 1912? 'Prophecy' and coincidence are exactly what we would expect to find in all such cases: the 'occult fingerprint' which I interpret as the radar trace of the Dagon. And there is one last detail, derived from our research into bee symbolism, which hints at just that. In a recent post, 'Mother Matrix', editor of the excellent 'Y Magazine' described 'the reports of a peculiar “insectile buzzing sound” that precipitates a UFO close encounter or apparition of the Virgin Mary.' In addition, the original Arabic title of the Necronomicon, 'has the meaning of "a nocturnal sound made by insects"'- a detail which leads the pseudonymous researcher to conclude that 'this sound... announces the arrival of the “Old Ones” from another dimension': closely resembling the auditory hallucinations reported by many remote viewers just prior to leaving their bodies. Is it significant, therefore, that the unconscious visionary, Morgan Robertson, would include the following description, of the carnage produced by the Titan's unfortunate collision with an iceberg?

'Amid the roar of escaping steam, and the bee-like buzzing of nearly three thousand human voices, raised in agonised screams and callings from within the enclosing walls... the Titan moved slowly backward and launched herself into the sea, where she floated low on her side- a dying monster, groaning with her death-wound.'

For more on W T Stead:

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Some Behemoth cuttings...

... are appearing in 'Y Magazine' next month: an esoteric organ published by an obscure magical collective, The British OKOK Society, founders of the ORB. (OKOK Research Bureau.) I'll be publishing part of the article here shortly, along with more details of how you can order the magazine and/or the audio disc which compliments it, but for now let me leave you with some of the choice thoughts of the magazine's editor and founding light, 'Mother Matrix', on a theme which has been rigorously persued in the synchrosphere: the bee.

'A later Edition of Y Magazine will further explore the esoteric mythology of bees and their Secret Order of the Hive, especially in its relation to occult-hermetic-alchemical political systems. For now though, consider how the bees' markings of yellow-and-black are the most supremely revered colours of the Illuminati, representing their two major ritual preoccupations of Sex-Death/Creation-Destruction; and at a deep occult, cosmic level the Solar and Black Suns. Here note the acronym 'EBEs' (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities) - the supposedly original official term for alien beings found in the notorious MAJESTIC-12 briefing documents. It was coined in 1947 by the team led by physiologist, biophysicist and original MJ-12 member Dr. Detlev Bronk, and since then certain other people with government/intelligence connections have tried to anchor it in the argot of the wider UFO community (without much success).

This is because it is a purposeful cabalistic anagram of 'BEEs': creatures whose deeply mysterious actions may point to them coming to Earth from Elsewhere. Here note the reports of a peculiar “insectile buzzing sound” that precipitates a UFO close encounter or apparition of the Virgin Mary; and that in his Outside the Circles of Time (Frederick Muller 1980), Kenneth Grant relates that the rituals of a modern occult “lodge gone black” were also persistently accompanied by this eerie sound. He goes on to mention that the original Arabic title of the dreaded Necronomicon has the meaning of “a nocturnal sound made by insects”, so we may assume that this sound also announces the arrival of the “Old Ones” from another dimension.

All honeybees go through three distinct stages of metamorphosis (Egg, Larva, Pupa) before becoming an adult - synonymous with the three degrees of 'Blue' Freemasonry (Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Mason) that every candidate must make the transition through before becoming a fully accepted member of the Brotherhood. And both Bee and Mason (on the surface) loyally serve their Queen... Bearing this in mind, could the origin of Speculative Freemasonry as practised today have come from the study of bees? It certainly didn't originate from a trade guild for building workers, all that was a fantasy concoction made up after they went 'public' with the formation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717 (see Born in Blood by John J. Robinson, Century 1990).

The Freemasons seem to want a patriarchal Republic along the lines of Plato (who was into musing on bees), and such a city state is reflected in the honeybee colony, where the male drone's job is to just fly off and mate with Queens from other colonies, otherwise they laze around the hive and luxuriate, being looked after by the female workers who do all the essential tasks. Their Queen is only tolerated so long as she lays the eggs for the next generation and doesn't try to leave. And look at the 'Seal of Solomon' they use - Masonic historians explain its secret symbolism that by removing the two horizontal bars, this leaves the interlaced Compass and Square, the two main Masonic tools - but could this ancient six-pointed star really represent the central radiating hexagonal cell of the honeycomb?

It's no coincidence the infamous Merovingians used the bee as their emblem, placing it on womb-like 'grail' chalices, as for them it represented the holy bloodline of Judah. In fact, the bee was a symbol of 'royal wisdom' from before the time of King Solomon, another hint that these flying helpers of Nature and Mankind either were, or were intimately connected to, the off-world 'First Race', who came to planet Earth long ago to breed with humans and produce hybrid Superbeings, as recorded in Genesis and other ancient texts.

Right here is the origin of the whole “divine right of kings” instinct: Pharaoh-Emperor-Despot as the incarnation of the Godhead, divinely anointed and ordained by God to rule, their divine power and authority passed down the bloodline via genetic heredity. Accountable to God alone, the 'Chosen Ones' are not answerable to the laws and judgement of lesser mortals, thus their subjects have no rights at all. Whether truth or delusion, it worked as the dominant ideology for centuries, continuing in Europe way past the Reformation, and is still there in fact, behind the scenes, helped in part by the ongoing cottage industry of Bloodline Fetish books: a sugar cube before a heap of pollen. Perhaps this explains why spiritually-minded British royal family member Prince Charles is about to make a propaganda film about “the harmony of the beehive versus the modern throwaway consumer society”...'

For more, visit:

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

A few footnotes...

... to my last post at Battling the Behemoth, all about the King. I was gratified to find, in figures released at the same time as I was fashioning my tribute, that Elvis Presley has regained his status as the highest-earning dead celebrity, seizing back the throne from that upstart Cobain. Indeed, the former Nirvana frontman is now languishing behind another Behemoth favourite: John Lennon, who- in addition to his other accomplishments- is the co-star of New York's Peace Fountain, as discussed here. Apparently- though this is denied by NY resident, Miss Hoi Polloi- surrounding the plaza in which the fountain is the centrepiece, are plaques depicting various philosophers, thinkers and artists. According to Wiki, Lennon is amongst them. It says:

'Despite the Peace Fountain's association with a Christian (Episcopalian) cathedral, many of the luminaries thus depicted are non-Christian icons, such as Gandhi, Socrates, Einstein, and John Lennon'- a clear indication, judging from the calibre of his compatriots, that Lennon is being groomed as a secular Jesus, just as Elvis (and Harry Potter) are too. Rather predictably, Lennon's image is accompanied with a selection of the lyrics of his song 'Imagine', a strong contender for the global anthem of the New World Order, such is its high esteem with the Illuminati.

(If correct, then this would be the second New York monument to reference the song: the Strawberry Fields Memorial, in Central Park, being the first. A mosiac design (in chequerboard-style black and white), the site is frequently the focus of communal bloodletting, for events as relatively minor as the anniversary of the death of a rock star (George Harrison, Jerry Garcia) to the events of 9/11. Indeed, it was in the days and nights following that particular manifestation that the memorial really came into its own- as this strange video from October 2001 testifies. Cyndi Lauper gives a typically witchy performance of the song which lends the site its resonant name, whilst urging the audience at home to hold John's positivity forever in their hearts; looking not unlike some cranky cult evangelist from a CIA PsyOp.)

Elvis made another appearance today, in a rather different context. Discussing the regrettable decision by the Finance Ministers of Germany and France to record a charity single on behalf of Germany's Turkish community, The Times includes the fact that it was his impersonations of Elvis to which were attributed the success of former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi in his country's 2001 elections. (Eerily paralleling the sustained popularity of one Bill Clinton, quite possibly for similar reasons.) Koizumi is described by Wikipedia as 'an avid Elvis fan' who even shares a birthday with the singer: January 8. Indeed, on June 30 2006, during an official state visit to the US, Graceland became the only residence other than an Embassy or a nominated Presidential retreat, to have hosted a joint-visit by a sitting US president and the head of a foreign government: yet another boon for this secular omphalos.

And finally: in August we reported on the cocaine-addled idea of beaming the artwork for Paul McCartney's latest album, modestly entitled The McCartney Years, over the circumference of the London Eye. Here is said artwork: no commentary required, really.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Tales of Music and the Brain

An interesting article in last week's Sunday Times (I'm a slow reader) resurrects a theme we were exploring- on and off- a few weeks back. It all began with the tale of the Czechoslovakian speedway rider who came to after a nasty fall with the ability to speak perfect English; swiftly followed by a similar story of a Yorkshire schoolboy whose meningitis operation bequeathed him a posh new 'Home Counties' accent. Then George Michael entered the fray, betraying to Kirsty Young on Radio Four the unusual admission that his success in music is in large part due to a bang on the head he suffered at age eight. Before that time, the young George had been something of a naturalist- 'obsessed with insects and creepy crawlies'- but within six months had exchanged this pursuit for the path that would make him famous.

Now, in a review of Musicophilia: Takes of Music and the Brain by Oliver Sacks, Bryan Appleyard includes the story of Tony Cicoria, 'a man struck by lightning in a telephone box. A few weeks later, he was overcome by an "insatiable desire to listen to piano music." He bought CDs and sheet music and began to resurrect his childhood piano lessons. Then, involuntarily, he began to compose music in his head. A torrent of notes came, he said, "from heaven." Cicoria now lives in music.'

The article is full of other interesting anecdotes and facts. Anatomists, for example, can readily identify the brain of a musician due to its expanded motor, auditory and visuospatial areas- and a greatly enlarged corpus callosum: described by Appleyard, rather piquantly, as 'the great rope' that unites the two halves of the brain. Or his account of 'the truly strange... Williams Syndrome', sufferers of whom may be unable to tie their shoelaces but 'will sing and play with precision for hours.' What really interests me, however, is not what these and the other stories tell us about the brain- important though that is- but about the interactions which lie just beyond it; which- in traumatic circumstances- seem to have the ability to slip 'into' consciousness.

As an example of this- the reason I became interested in this theme in the first place- I cite the srange case of one Cyril Hoskin, the son of a Devonshire plumber, born in the early years of the twentieth century. According to the account given in his third book, The Rampa Story, he had fallen out of a fir tree in his garden in Thames Ditton, Surrey- not at all far from me, incidentially- while attempting to photograph an owl. He was concussed, and on regaining his senses observed a Buddhist monk in saffron robes walking towards him. The monk told him that the spirit of a Tibetan high lama, called Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, wished to take over his body; a proposal to which Hoskin, dissatisfied with his life, agreed. From 1949 until his death in 1981, Hoskin- now known as Lobsang Rampa- wrote (or channelled) 19 books about Tibet and the occult arts which became bestsellers on six continents. Fritz Springmeier, interestingly, draws heavily on Lobsang Rampa's most famous work- The Third Eye- for his 'Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula' manual, claiming that the 'ancient secrets of cranial manipulation' are deliberately abused by the Illuminati 'to create specific mental and personality changes', often disguised as muggings or routine accidents.

Appleyard, whilst he never quite goes this far, hints at other abstruse notions; as we might expect from an author whose last published work was a tome entitled 'Aliens: And Why They Are Here.' The real power of music, he argues, lies in its origins in 'the deepest interstices of the human mind... This is a special art that springs from deeper wells than any other. We can invent painting or poetry, but music seems to have preceded us... by showing us that the feeling of grief itself exists outside the confines of the narrow box in which we find ourselves, music tells us the one thing we really want to hear. We are not alone.'

Note for Miss Hoi Polloi-

As well as his prolonged channelling of Lobsang Rampa, Mr Hoskin credited at least one of his books to an even more unusual source: his pet Siamese cat, Mrs. Fifi Greywhiskers, whose telepathically-received transmissions he published under the title, Living with the Lama. I reproduce the cover for your pleasure:

Saturday, 3 November 2007

9/11 Coincidence

I've been fascinated by the coincidences, synchronicities and pre-cognitive foreshadowings of the 9/11 attacks for a long time now. I've been planning on compiling an archive to preserve them in; having just stumbled upon the following nugget it seems like now is the time to begin:

'Elvis Perkin's elegy to his mother and father is mystical, finds PETER SHAPIRO:

'It's easy to get lost in Elvis Perkin's back story, but that would be a shame. Perkins, whose debut album, Ash Wednesday, was released this year, is the son of the Psycho star Anthony Perkins and the model/photographer/acress Berry Berenson, herself of noble lineage, including her grandmother, the fabled fashion designer Elsa Schiapperelli, and mother, the Marquesa Gogo Berenson di Cacciapooti.

On September 12, 1992, when Perkins was 16, his father died of an AIDS-related illness. His mother was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11, which crashed into the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001.'

[Source: Times2, Friday November 2 2007.]

John Valentini and Vyzygoth have compiled a list of similar examples, many of which have turned up in several of Jake's videos. Steve Willner's films are filled with similar imagery, much of it drawn from children's cartoons and comic strips from the 1980s. The best of these are well-known and deeply weird. Think of the 'Drowned World' sequence in AI, for example; the collapsing tower blocks at the end of Fight Club; or The Lone Gunman episode from The X Files.

And several have been published in 'Beyond Coincidence' by Martin Plimmer and Brian King: a book which- despite its title- applies mathematical probability to events which turn out to be less mysterious or as significant as they might first appear. A mainstream book from a mainstream publisher, one might reasonably expect to discern faint traces of an 'agenda'; for example, in the decision to include the fact 'a US intelligence agency was planning an exercise simulating an aircraft crashing into a tower building on the very morning of the September 11 attack'- no mere coincidence, as should be obvious by the fact that the very same thing occurred in London on 7/7. In addition, they include the following:

'John Woods, a senior partner in a large legal firm, left his office in one of the twin towers of the WTC in New York seconds before the building was struck by a hijacked aircraft. It wasn't his first close brush with death. He had been on the 39th floor of the same building when it was bombed in 1993, but escaped without injury. In 1998 he was scheduled to be on the Pan-Am flight that exploded above Lockerbie in Scotland, but cancelled at the last minute in order to go to an office party.'

'In what appears to be an extraordinary example of prescience, the image of the devastating attack on New York's twin towers was anticipated on the planned cover of a hip-hop album due to be released just weeks after the September 11 tragedy. The artwork for the cover of the album Party Music by the hip-hop group The Coup, depicted the band with an exploding WTC in the background. It bore an uncanny resemblance to the graphic images of 9/11. A group member waves two sticks held between thumbs and forefingers as if 'conducting' the proceedings... The album was due for release in November 2001. In the event, the cover artwork was rapidly redesigned.'

'In the wake of the September 11 attacks, 38 year-old firefighter Michael Moran issued a challenge to the terrorists responsible. During a televised fund-raising concert at Madison Square Garden, Moran, who had lost his brother and 12 colleagues in the terrorist attack, said: 'In the spirit of the Irish people, Osama bin Laden, you can kiss my royal Irish ass.' He added: 'I live in Rockaway and this is my face.' At 9.14 a.m on Monday 12 November 2001, American Airlines Flight 587 took off from Kennedy International Airport in New York City, bound for Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. There were 260 people on board. Minutes later, it crashed in flames in the NY borough of Queens, coming down in the Rockaway neighbourhood. There were no survivors. Nine people living in the area were reported missing, feared dead... Many people in the district thought it a startling coincidence that their community, in which many policeman and firefighters live, should have become the victim of such a tragedy just weeks after Moran;'s defiant challenge to the terrorists.'

'In the wake of the WTC tragedy on 11 September 2001, a group calling itself The Two Towers Protest Organization began a campaign to prevent the second film of the Lord of the Rings trilogy being named The Two Towers. Although the film is named after J.R.R Tolkien's book, written and named more than 50 years ago, the protest organisation rejected the argument that the title was merely an innocent coincidence. The organisation... issued a statement which read: 'We believe that Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema's actions are in fact hate speech. The movie is intentionally being named The Two Towers to capitalise in the tragedy of September 11... We believe that the government should step in the stop the movie's production of to force a name change.'

Further contributions to add to this archive, which I will update periodically, are hereby requested.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

'Top 8 Presidential Encounters of the Third Kind...'

Times journalist Daniel Finkelstein has compiled a list of eight former presidents, or current presidential candidates, all of whom have had encounters with UFOs. Some strange facts emerge: when the Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich saw what his friend Shirley MacLaine describes as 'a gigantic triangular craft', he 'felt a connection in his heart and heard directions in his mind.' It was a similar sighting that influenced Jimmy Carter to run for President, describing the phenomenon as 'a light beckoning me to run in the California primary.' Interestingly, both Carter and Ford promised to release the evidence on UFOs to the public, to little avail; the subject also exercised Bill Clinton. But the politician with the keenest fascination in ET was unquestionably Ronald Reagan, who became the first US President to publicly debate the logistics of an alien attack. (On at least three seperate occasions.) The most famous of these was in an address to the 42nd General Assembly of the United Nations on September 21, 1987, during which the former President mused: 'In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.'

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Times journalist calls for population control...

Eugenics and population control were the subject of a leading article in the Murdoch-owned Times of London yesterday. Calling for 'brave new thinking' on overpopulation, Melanie Reid urged feminists to embrace their inner dictator, and 'acknowledge that population control is a counter-intuitive thing.' Castigating the 'idealistic eyes' with which the argument is perceived, and calling for the West to transcend its 'liberal shibboleths', Reid believes overpopulation is the most pressing challenge confronting the planet.

'We can argue, quite lucidly, that population control equates not only to liberation for billions of women who spend their lives shackled by perpetual pregnancy but, even more portentously, that it represents liberation for the whole human race from starvation and disaster. It's what women choose when they have neither the wealth not the power to control their fertility in other ways, and to argue otherwise is to do so from a position of phoney idealism... It's time for creative thinking, by women for women. I rather admire the Chinese. They recognised a huge problem and did something about it... After nearly 30 years of it, Chinese women, who are increasingly working, now say the rules facilitate their more Westernised life.'

But lest we think that Ms Reid has disappeared into some parallel dimension in which Germany won the war, she reminds us that the 'global incentive scheme' which she has in mind would be discharged 'with all the proper safeguards' (!) and 'done with willing participation.' As willing, I suppose, as the Africans deliberately infected with AIDS by the World Health Organisation in 1977 were willing, or the gay population of New York and San Francisco, who- thanks to the hepatitis B vaccinations conducted by Dr Wolf Szmuness, an ex-roommate of Pope John Paul II- were infected with the same virus over a three year period from November 1978 to October 1981? International bodies don't have a very good record when it come to safeguarding the rights of their target populations- especially populations they wish to reduce in size... But perhaps this is just another 'liberal shibboleth' we need to adjust?

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Watson- Race Laureate

A letter to the Times today synchronises with yesterday's post (Alex Jones- Endgame) with almost eerie precision.

'It is surprising that in reporting the news of the recent comments on race by James Watson, former chancellor and director of Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory, that few have noted that its earlier claim to fame was as the centre of the eugenics movement. Dr Watson's comments on race, obesity and homosexuality would seem in line with those of an earlier, now discredited, directory of the laboratory, Charles Davenport, in the 1920s and 1930s. There must be something in the water.'

Professor Gillies McKenna
Radiation Oncology & Biology
Oxford University
Radiobiology Research Institute.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Incriminating Evidence (Part Five)

'US President Bush and Soviet President Gorbachev arrived yesterday on this Mediterranean island for a summit conference beginning today during which both hope to start the search for a new world order.'

New York Times,
December 1, 1989.

Alex Jones: Endgame

Some days the New World Order seems a lot closer to our present reality than others. Today, waking up to the news that nurses are to be granted the power not to resuscitate patients who stop breathing- currently they may only do so after consultation with a doctor- was one of those days. It follows the news- as reported on Behemoth Conspiracy- of a planned liberalisation in the abortion laws, an expansion in the number of clinics offering the procedure, and to allow the second stage of a termination to be performed in the patient's home.

Alex Jones manages to draw together these and other themes presently being explored in the conspiracy blogosphere- in particular, those of 'transhumanism' and genetic research- in a particularly worthy section of his latest film, Endgame. Characteristically, Jones succeeds in penetrating the politically-correct obfuscation which cloaks discussion of these subjects, and in revealing the common agenda which underlies them all.

'The scientific rationale for tyranny has always been attractive to elites, because it creates a convenient excuse for treating their fellow man as lower than animals. Robert Thomas Malthus is famous for saying that a mass food collapse would be helpful because it would wipe out the poor... Malthus is important because his ideas led to the rise of a new scientific field that would dominate the course of human history for the next two hundred plus years.

'Charles Darwin, an admirer of the Malthusian Catastrophe model, developed the theory of evolution; its chief tenet being 'survival of the fittest.' With the help of T H Huxley, known as 'Darwin's Bulldog' for his strong support of Darwin's theories, his ideas were pushed into wide acceptance among key scientific circles throughout England and then the world. Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton, credited as the father of eugenics, saw an opportunity to advance mankind by taking the reins of Darwin's evolution theory and applied social principles, to develop Social Darwinism... The emerging pseudoscience was only codifying the practice of inbreeding, already popular within elites for millenia. Biometrics appears to be a new science but was actually developed by Galton back in the 1870s, as a way to track racial traits and genetic history, and as a way to decide who would be licensed to breed.

'In 1904 the Cold Springs Harbour Research Facility was started in the United States by eugenicist Charles Davenport with the funding of Carnegie, Rockefeller and Harriman. In 1907, the first sterilization laws were passed in the US. Citizens with mild deformities or low test scores on their report cards, were arrested and forcibly sterilized. In 1910, the US Eugenics Record Office was set up. By then the British had set up the first network of social workers, expressly to serve as the spies and enforcers of the eugenics race cult that was rapidly taking control of Western society. The social workers would decide who would have their children taken away, who would be sterilized, and in some cases, who would be quietly murdered. In 1911, the Rockefeller family exports eugenics to Germany by bankrolling the Kaiser Wilhem Institute which later would form a central pillar in the Third Reich... In 1923, [US eugenicist] Margaret Sanger wrote that black leaders would need to be recruited to act as front men for sterilization programmes directed against black communities.

'The so-called science was aggressively pushed through schools, churches and at state fairs. Churches competed in contests, with big cash prizes, to see who could best implement eugenics into their sermons... That same year in the United States [1924] more than 25 states passed forced sterilization laws, and the Supreme Court ruled in favour of brutal sterilization policies. When Hitler came to power in 1933, one of his first acts was to pass national eugenics laws modelled after laws in the United States. By 1936, Germany had become the world leader in eugenics, sterilizing and euthanizing hundreds of thousands of victims.

'At the end of the war, the Allies protected from prosecution the very Nazi scientists who had tortured thousands of people to death. The Nazi brand of eugenics had embarassed the elites, but they had no intention of stopping their plans... Eugenicists were angry that their great work had been exposed, and then scrambled to camoflauge their agenda. Eugenics Quarterly became Social Biology; the American Birth Control League became Planned Parenthood. New terms like 'transhumanism', population control, sustainability, conservationalism and environmentalism replaced racial hygiene and Social Darwinism. Many eugenicists of the previous period engaged in what they called 'crypto-eugenics', purposely taking their eugenics beliefs underground, becoming highly-respected anthropologists, biologists and geneticists in the post-war world.'

For the complete film, click here.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Disney and Satanism

David Icke linked an interesting short video to his website yesterday: an excerpt from a sermon delivered by a Brazilian preacher on the subject of Disney and Satanism. A counter-intuitive combination, you might think... unless, of course, you've seen Steve Wilner's film on the subject of mind control, whose name temporarily escapes me and which seems to have been removed from his blog. (If anyone knows which of Steve's vids I'm referring to, please let me know and I'll put the link up.)

I've been interested in Disney and the conspiracy ever since investigating some of the urban myths about the movie 'The Little Mermaid' for an article I wrote last September. Pastor Josue Yrion reiterates the best known of these: the towering phallus with which a mischevious illustrator decided to personalise the movie's promotional artwork. (There's an article on the subject here.) He also mentions the subliminal message apparently embedded in 'Aladdin', audible only when the relevant frames are slowed down, which has the blue-skinned djinn commanding 'Good teenagers take off your clothes.'

Pocahontas, we learn, is an Indian word meaning 'Spirit invoked from the abyss', used to summon the power of the Devil. But his strongest words, as we might expect, are reserved for The Lion King: a favourite with the conspiracy crowd for reasons which we may well explore on another occasion. As well as boasting an allegedly effeminate lion- the brainchild of 'a homosexual film producer who later died of AIDS'- the film is allegedly scored by the arresting New Age music of Shirley McLaine; quite a claim considering Elton John's saccharine contributions are some of the best known in recent celluloid history. On the famous S-E-X subliminal, on the other hand, in the dust cloud formed as Simba collapses on the edge of a cliff for a nap, the pastor's sources seem a little more reliable.

The most interesting of his revelations, however, is the report written by one Dr James Dobson concerning a recent Mickey Mouse video. Its name, according to Dobson, is 'Growing up Gay' and contains exhortations to teenagers by a Disney spokesman to explore 'the wonderful world of homosexuality.' And as if this wasn't bad enough, Michael Eisner, the corporation's CEO at the time of the release, is claimed to have left his wife of long-standing for a man to whom he was subsequently married in a civil ceremony at Disneyworld, Florida.

Whether or not these claims are true, Disney's reputation as a conduit of conspiratorial weirdness would take several pages to fully explore. A good place to begin might be a recent article by fan favourite Miss Hoi Polloi, who discovered that an early investor in Disneyland was none other than Monsanto, the biotech company leading the world in the production of genetically-engineered seeds. The corporation sponsored several attractions at the resort's futurist attraction Tomorrowland: whose 1957 'House of the Future' has the dubious honour of being many people's first exposure to microwave ovens. The Tomorrowland logo, she notes, is the tau cross, used by the Sumerians to denote their proto-saviour Tammuz, and still popular with Freemasons. In fact, Disney's Masonic connections are numerous- a subject for another time- but best summarised in the name of the members-only restaurant in Disneyland's New Orleans Square: Club 33.

As an aside, those who have followed my articles on the 'disappearance' of Madeleine McCann may be interested to know that Alex Woolfall, the first of several PR specialists to be entrained to the case, was also the man hired by Monsanto during the storm over GM food; strange bedfellows indeed.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

The Hole In The Sky

Behemoth Conspiracy is now the place for news clippings, but considering how neatly this particular story connects to Brian Allan's latest book I couldn't help but drop it in here:

'Royal Navy nuclear-powered submarines have been involved in more than 200 radiological incidents at the Devonport naval base in the past five years, according to details released to the Western Morning News under the Freedom of Information Act.'

(Brian, as you may recall, is the researcher whose work on Rosslyn Chapel I reviewed a while ago, and who was interviewed by Greg at Occult of Personality in May.) The news is unlikely to come as much as a surprise for those who live around the naval dockyard, because Devonport, in the south of England, like Taos in New Mexico, is notorious for 'The Hum': 'a faint but insistent hum... within the frequency range of 40 to 80Hz' whose cause is unknown. Says Brian:

'The cause... has often been attributed to the proximity of power lines, but another less obvious reason may be due to its geographical location and its proximity to a military establishment... Since military success and efficiency relies on good, secure communication, it is the method of supplying it that may lie at the core of the problem. Since salt water is a notoriously poor transfer medium for high frequency signals, communication with the submarine force whilst submerged is currently achieved using buried antennae transmitting at extra low frequency or ELF. The frequencies used are between 3-30Hz, which allows information transfer without the need for the vessel to surface...

'Unfortunately, since these specific frequencies are very close to those generated naturally within the human brain they may well be [the source] of these all-pervasive and irritating hums. It should be noted that some people are not sensitive to them, but for those who are, life can be a constant battle for their sanity... Worryingly, there have been a number of suicides around the area surrounding Devonport which were attributed to the hum and its pernicious effects. Interestingly, it has been recorded that persons suffering from 'hum sickness' have been afforded temporary relief when placed inside a Faraday cage, which filters out certain ranges of electromagnetic radiation... Unsurprisingly, the armed forces and government bodies like the National Radiological Protection Board continue with a policy of flat denial, insisting that there is no connection, far less any danger, from electromagnetic radiation, much as they do with the very real risks from microwave radiation stemming from the near ubiquitous use of mobile phones and other sources.'

He goes on to observe the frequency with which UFO sightings and other paranormal phenomena seem to coalesce around military bases, suggesting that the intense electromagnetism surrounding such places may be responsible for generating 'hotspots of anomalous activity... where the division between realities seems more transparent.' (The Hole In The Sky of the book's title.) One particularly interesting example is the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, land once tended by the Navajo. According Brian Allan, the ranch played regular host to 'an array of orange coloured, glowing, visible portals that appeared spontaneously over the land... There are also reports of strange, small, airborne craft flying towards and vanishing into the openings.' The phenomena, of which both Linda Moulton-Howe and John B Alexander were amongst the witnesses, were attributed , in some quarters, 'to a curse cast by the indigenous Navajo... for trespassing on and desecrating their traditional ground', an idea which- as Allan observes- 'has strong resonances with the highly successful film, Poltergeist.' (Very interestingly, a 'Skinwalker' is a Native American word for shapeshifter.)

For those who have read the latest BTB article, the prevalence of portals associated with former American Indian sites begins to explain why Casolaro's obsession with the Octopus started at Cabazon; and why Joseph Smith's revelation of the Book of Mormon in 1830 was directly inspired by his imaginative contemplations of the Native American- perhaps megalithic- burial mounds of upstate New York... Not far from where the stargate would once again be wrenched open in 2001, at the real dawn of the millenium.

To buy Brian's book, visit:

UPDATE: Native American magic has been blamed for the real-life 'Poltergeist curse' which urban mythology attributes to the film franchise of the same name; to which is attributed the early life of two of its child stars, Heather O'Rourke most famously. In a close parallel with the film's storyline, the curse has been blamed on real skeletal remains used as props, a claimed confirmed by actress JoBeth Williams in television interviews. Interestingly, another victim of the jinx has been the NBA team Utah Jazz, who play their home matches in an arena whose exterior was featured in a scene in Poltergeist III. The team have failed to win championships ever since, losing in the NBA Finals two years running in 1997 and 1998.

Friday, 19 October 2007

'Hail to the Lizard Queen...'

This morning's Today Programme on Radio Four included an intriguing interview with the author of a new book, The Secret History of the World. One Johnathan Black (Mark Booth) whose overarching thesis is that 'Everything is upside down, inside out and the other way around.' According to the publisher's blurb, 'At the heart of "The Secret History of the World" is the belief that we can reach an altered state of consciousness in which we can see things about the way the world works that are hidden from us in our everyday consciousness. This history shows that by using secret techniques, people such as Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and George Washington have worked themselves into this altered state - and been able to access supernatural levels of intelligence. It soon becomes evident that a secret philosophy is encoded in the world around us, in public buildings and monuments, in great art and literature, in the arrangement of the pips in an apple, in the names of the days of the week, even in the very stories we tell our children. '

The authoress Hilary Mantel penned an interesting review for The Guardian... Published, appropriately, on October 13. (Templar Day.) Criticising Black's tendency- real or imagined- to 'overestimate his capacity to surprise us', Mantel compares his relatively staid output with the uber-narratives of David Icke and others, remarking on the market saturation of 'great blockbusters stuffed with derivative nonsense.' Indeed, in this digital age: 'The internet has made every man his own occultist'- a line I couldn't help but chuckle at considering the proliferation (some might say excess) of 'synchro-mystical' blogs presently appearing at a rate of knots.

The rumours of my demise, on the other hand, have been greatly exaggerated... Indeed, as of tomorrow, I shall be inaugurating a third blog- specifically for the researchers out there- solely to collate the many news clippings and terrestrial developments that have been cluttering up this sacred space the last couple of months. This should permit us to concentrate here on the business I know so many of you have been clamouring to return to: deep space dissection of the weirdness that surrounds us. Joiners welcome.,,2189794,00.html

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Bolan- UPDATE.

Thanks due to the ever radiant Hoi Polloi, who answered the call for 'occult synchronicities' re: Marc Bolan.

"With yet another attempt to get into the music business at a dead end, Marc found himself hanging around the National Theatre looking for work. He was able to land several character parts in some TV shows including a delinquent on the Sam Kydd TV series and a show called 'Orlando'. But TV acting bored Marc so he decided to take an extended trip to France. The accounts of what happened in France differ and not even Marc ever seemed to tell the same story twice. He was known to occasionally stretch the truth or fabricate pieces of it and seemed to often forget which parts were real and which were fantasies. He once admitted to an interviewer that he felt that his credibility as a poet allowed him to stretch the truth or make things up. In any case, according to Marc's accounts he met a magician who lived in a 40 room mansion with libraries of books on mythology and black magic. Marc claimed to have witnessed levitations, seances, and crucifixions of live cats. He even claimed to have at one point witnessed a ceremony at which the attendees resorted to consumption of human flesh. All of this, recall, was from Marc's own accounts. According to one of Marc's early producers, Simon Napier-Bell, however, Marc had merely met a guy who did magic tricks and spent a weekend with him. Whatever the real truth, the experience had a profound effect on Marc. He left France with a much more highly developed imagination and a near obsession with Greek mythology, British romantic poetry, and the Tolkien books "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of The Rings". The Tolkien books had reached nearly Biblical status with the sixties generation of hippies and they would have a tremendous influence on Marc's early song writing; manifesting themselves in the form of enchanted poems and lyrics.

Marc returned to Britain more determined than ever to become a star. He locked himself away for months writing songs in a manic frenzy of inspiration. His future wife would later describe his writing style in terms of "a force flowing out of him". He himself contributed it to the work of his Guardian Angel whom, he was sure, really did all of the writing. During this period of time, Marc would churn out a reservoir of songs which he would still be tapping into five albums later. Among them was a song which he entitled"The wizard" in honor of his wizardly friend in France. With the help of producer Jim Economedies, he recorded the song and landed a record contract with Decca."

Just learned from YouTube that Bolan took his stage name from the syllables Bo-b Dy-lan. The influence of that particular magician is very evident in the song referred to above, see here.

'Retaining DNA records of innocent people "unethical"...'

'The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has condemned the retention of "innocent" DNA on the National Database as unjustifed and unethical with "overtones of a police state".
The council - a group of clinicians, lawyers, philosophers, scientists, and theologians - was established in 1991 to examine ethical issues raised by new developments in science.'

Today, the police of England and Wales have wider sampling powers than the police force of any other country, and the UK has (proportionally, per head of population) the largest forensic database in the world.

When the police first began using DNA, consent was required before samples could be taken. A succession of Acts of Parliament and legislative amendments has increased police powers of sampling; the police can now take DNA samples from all persons arrested, without their consent, for recordable offences (an "arbitrary" classification), and retain the samples indefinitely regardless of whether the person arrested is subsequently convicted or even charged.

The finding of a match between a person and a crime scene does not indicate that the person was at the crime scene or that they committed the crime in question, but it might lead to them being subjected to a police investigation.

The report points out that "simply being the subject of a criminal investigation by the police can cause harm, distress, and stigma", and Sir Bob Hepple QC, chairman of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, cited a newspaper comment on the McCann case that the couple would find it "difficult to prove their innocence" as a result of widely reported forensic links.

Concern was also expressed about new uses to which the database is now being put and the acute lack of ethical oversight. The original aim of the DNA database was to match crime scene samples to suspect samples. It is now being used for "increasingly speculative searches", including "ethnic inferences" and "genetic predisposition to crime".

Council members have been unable to discover the nature of all the research projects permitted by the DNA Database Custodian, and criticise the lack of transparency over the granting of third party requests for access to the database.

The British Medical Association recently outlined its concerns about the "militarisation of biology" in its report 'The Use of Drugs As Weapons: The Concerns and Responsibilities of Healthcare Professionals.'

The report refers to the potential use of genetic material to satisfy the search for specificity by "less than lethal" weapon enthusiasts, and cites a paper by two Chinese authors in the 2005 Military Review in which they state: "If we acquire a target's genome and proteome information, including those of ethnic groups or individuals, we could design a vulnerating agent that attacks only key enemies without doing any harm to ordinary people".

Author: Amber Marks.


Monday, 17 September 2007

'It is the death of history.'

'2,000 year-old Sumerian cities torn apart and plundered by robbers. The very walls of the mighty Ur of the Chaldees cracking under the strain of massive troop movements, the privatisation of looting as landlords buy up the remaining sites if ancient Mesopotamia to strip them of their artefacts and wealth. The near total destruction of Iraq's historic past- the very cradle of human civilisation- has emerged as one of the most shameful symbols of our disastrous occupation.'


'EU let 20m Africans in'

'A huge increase in economic migration into the EU is being proposed by the European Commission. It wants to relax controls and open the borders to an extra 20 million works from Asia and Africa over the next two decades. That would more than double the present non-EU resident population now living in the 27 members states... Critics warned that most would make a bee-line straight for Britain.'

'Euro passports and ID cards could be on the way under new powers written into the revised EU treaty, it was discovered yesterday. The Daily Telegraph has learnt that existing safeguards preventing EU interference with national identity documents have been quietly dropped.'

Talisman of the One World Religion (continued)

'Marc Bolan would have turned 60 at the end of this month had he not been in the passenger seat of his purple Mini when his girlfriend, Gloria Jones, crashed into a sycamore tree. The couple were on their way home to Barnes after a night on the town. The 30th anniversary of his death this weekend, 16 September, seems as a good time as any to make the pilgrimage to one of London's less well-known rock shrines...'


'The latest incarnation of Kate Moss, 3.3 metres high, virginal white, limbs contorted in bestial beauty like a Shiva deity, is already part of our consciousness. That famous half-smile, dreamy and glazed, stares out through curtains of hair. Her androgynous body teeters precipitously on her coccyx, legs splayed and flaunting all for anyone who cares to see.

"Wherever we look, Kate Moss's image has become part of our mythology," observes the soft-spoken artist Marc Quinn, who sculpted the supermodel as Myth (Sphinx), now itself part of that image-making process. "In whatever form, in newspapers, magazines, on the internet, she's our kind of collective hallucination of perfection, someone we see everywhere and know amost nothing about."

For more, see:

The work forms part of the Beyond Limits exhibition at Chatsworth House. See:

Also featured in the exhibition is Damien Hirst's The Virgin Mother, see:

And for Todd Campbell's recent article on Hirst's crystal skull, see:

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

'Better late than never for millenium party...'

Ethiopia had waited more than seven and a half years to join the third millenium so a three-hour delay last night was not going to spoil the party... Last night's celebrations were the result of a quirk of Ethiopia's calendar. It's new year is timed to coincide with the Nile floods in Egypt, and the Ethiopian Church has steadfastly refused to accept a 5th-century recalaculation of the date of Christ's birth. So while the rest of the Christian world believes that 2007 years have elapsed since the nativity, Ethiopia reached 2000 only last night.'

For more, see:

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

'Gone Baby Gone'

Affleck may pull film because of Madeleine

As the parents of Madeleine McCann faced further torture this week after being named formal suspects by the Portuguese police, a Disney film which bears striking similarities to their story may be pulled from our screens for fear of offending the family of the missing four-year-old.

Gone Baby Gone, the directorial debut of the actor Ben Affleck, recounts the tragic tale of a four-year-old girl who is snatched from her bed as her mother leaves her alone in the house. What is more, the child actress playing the role shares Madeleine's first name, Madeline O'Brien, and is said to look very much like her.

Affleck, who is presenting the film, which is due out in November, at the Deauville Film Festival in France, says that he is prepared to take steps to prevent it from being released in Britain.

"We are acutely aware of the situation," he says. "We have a greater concern for that than the release of our film, which is just a commercial matter, whereas this is a matter of life and death. I'm not up to date on the details and it is not something that has taken off in the United States in the way it has in the UK. It is only when someone said there was this case that was very similar to my film that we looked it up.

"We don't want to release the movie if it is going to touch a nerve or inflame anybody's sensitivities."

Note to reader-
Russell O'Brien and Jane Tanner are two members of the McCann 'party of eight' who holidayed in Praia da Luz. They are married, with a child said to be 'exactly the same age' as Madeleine. Both Madeleine and her 'twin' were born via IVF treatment... and Jane Tanner is reported as having been present with Kate McCann during the birth of Madeleine in Amsterdam.

The actress is Cry Baby Gone is called Madeline O'Brien...

The name of the character played by little Madeline O'Brien is Amanda McCready (McCann?) And Casey Affleck, the director's brother, who stars also appeared in an earlier film called 'Gerry.'

Saturday, 1 September 2007

'Bee dates orchids back to time of dinosaurs...'

'Scientists have been able to calculate the age of the orchid family with greater accuracy than was previously possible after the fossilised remains of an extinct bee with a mass of orchid pollen on its back were discovered in the Dominican Republic in 2000.'


The Maritime Signals return...

Mother and Child, united around the key portal date of August 31... Inverted folk memory of the festivals to Artemis observed in the Roman world on August 13th, around which our contemporary 'Virgin Festivals' still adhere...

Midway between the two points, the 22nd: when the Catholics celebrate Artemis as the Assumption of the Virgin, the Apotheosis of the Crone...

Sunday, 26 August 2007

The Golden Compass

I spotted this trailer before a showing of Potter 5. The poster, seen on the way in to the theatre, had also intrigued me; not for its quotidian AD&D imagery, but its strap-line: 'There are worlds beyond our own- The compass will show the way.' Invisibible dimensions and masonic symbols: seemed too good a convergence to ignore.

I didn't realise at the time- due to a regrettable name change, a la Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone- that The Golden Compass is the first in the His Dark Materials trilogy, based on the works of Philip Pullman. (Strangely, perhaps, given the popularity of the source material, the trailer doesn't mention this fact either.)

Now Pullman, as we all know, is the bearer of some controversial opinions- more so (inevitably) in North America than in his native Great Britain, where we tend to get less heated about matters of religion. And so we can expect a Potteresque debate to surface regarding the pernicious influence of what we can broadly predict will be hugely successful films. Interestingly, Pullman's major influences include the works of William Blake, and, most importantly, John Milton's Paradise Lost, from which the trilogy derives its title as well as many of its basic ideas; and draws considerably from Gnosticism. According to Wikipedia, the trilogy could be regarded as 'the antithesis of The Chronicles of Narnia', though the author himself has eschewed any such connection.

Wikipedia adds that elements of the trilogy- it doesn't say which ones- may have been borrowed by the writer of Doctor Who, Russell T Davies, for the 'Series 2' episode, Doomsday. This particular fiction has been brought to our attention before: as marking the on-screen debut of the Torchwood Institute, the cabal-in-residence of the massive Canary Wharf obelisk. (The venue for a shoot-out between the Daleks and the Cybermen.) Canary Wharf- or Torchwood Tower as it is known in the series- is the male antagonist of the Greenwich dome it overshadows; together comprising an unconscious pictogram of 'The Sons of Darkness and the Sons of Light' as recorded in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Of great interest was the fact that Doomsday was originally broadcast on July 8 2006: a year and a day following the 7/7 bombings in London and its connective fabric of the global Live 8 concerts and the G8 summit in Gleneagles. (In 2007, that fabric was strengthened with the addition of Live Earth, the staged terror plots which greeted Gordon Brown's ascension to the premiership, the Tour de France and the stunning East Field crop circle amongst others. Oddly enough, July 7 2008 is the date that certain conspiracists- including Steven Willner- give for the launch of the semi-mythical Project Lucifer, when a secret government of NASA scientists intend crashing 'a Cassini spacecraft observer carrying twice the payload of plutonium... directly through the hexagonal formation of the north pole of Saturn.' See here for more.)

So Doomsday, then, establishes the proud association between the 7/7 rituals, deep terror... and the City of London and its close relatives, eg Greenwich in SE10. (A tradition since continued by doom-laden movies such as Reign of Fire, Children of Men and the recent Flood, all set in and around the vicinity.) And so it came as no surprise to note that The Golden Compass- upon whose plot Doomsday was apparently modelled- also references that auspicious borough. Have a look at the trailer below; and the twin-domed building through which, at 01.08 mins, Nicole Kidman is seen walking. That, give or take a little CGI, is the Royal Naval College (now the National Maritime Museum) at Greenwich, the product of three of the finest architectural minds of the eighteenth century.

Of mild spooky resonance considering all of the above, is what Kidman is asked by her associate. 'Are you familar with the prophecies of the witches?' (Evoking consternation across her pointed features.) I expect that she is; but on the off-chance that she's not, you couldn't ask for a better place in which to get up to speed.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Telstar Man

Very interesting story here about Joe Meek, legendary music producer, the man often touted as 'the English Phil Spector.' Of particular relevance to us is his lifelong fascination with outer space- driven by a stint as an RAF radar operator- which clearly influenced his most famous recordings. Telstar, an instrumental song recorded by the Tornadoes, is the best-known of these; and as well as being the first British-produced record to reach the top of the American charts, is frequently cited as one of the most influential singles ever recorded.

It was produced in his home studio at 304 Holloway Road, London: an address now marked with one of English Heritage's famous blue plaques. (A privilege also extended to the flat wherein Jimi Hendrix spent the last few years of his life, 23 Brook Street, a few miles away in the exclusive district of Mayfair.) As well as his name, the plaque bears a depiction of the Telstar satellite that inspired him: the first to transmit telephone and broadcasting signals; and thus the symbolic progenitor of the globalised mass media of our present day.

Telstar was the product of a multi-national agreement between AT&T- the company formed by Alexander Graham Bell- NASA, the British GPO, and the French. It was equipped with a helical antenna which received microwave signals from the ground; which it then rebroadcast to its main receiving station at Goonhilly Downs in Helston, Cornwall.

Helston is situated on the Lizard pensinuslar, and is known as the home of the Furry- or Floral- Dance: one of the oldest folk customs still practised in the UK. Interestingly, as well as being associated with much Arthurian folklore, since 1968 Helston has been twinned with Sasso Marconi, named in honour of the radio pioneer born in the nearby city of Bologna in 1874. Marconi's association with the Lizard is long and important: the first radio signals were successfully transmitted from Poldhu Cove; Marconi personally selected the site, and became a well-known figure in the area. And both the Lizard and Helston, its capital, are important 'stops' along the so-called Apollo Axis: a major alignment of sacred sites stretching from Skellig Michael off the western coast of Ireland, to Mount Carmel (and beyond) in Israel.

Trewavas Head on the Lizard peninsular; whose famous dragon guards Albion's coast. (Photograph by Ellis Taylor.)

As Paul Broadhurst asks in The Dance of the Dragon, the story of his quest to map this ley-line, 'Is it possible that Marconi found something inspirational at this place that appealed to his sensitive and questing nature? Did he 'tune in' to the energies of the Apollo Line and use its spiritual powers to initiate a new current in human evolution? Perhaps, in some unquantifiable way, Marconi was the modern equivalent of a priest, or prophet of the coming age, and as such was guided by forces he himself did not entirely understand.'

In an interesting parallel, the inventor of television John Logie Baird conducted some of his early experiments on Box Hill, a famous summit just off the ancient North Downs Way. This is the prehistoric track, in more recent times known as the 'Pilgrim's Way', so closely connected with Kent and Surrey's crop circles; as well as the sacred sites of Canterbury and Winchester. Box Hill itself has a long association with artists and writers; and according to her colleague in the Theosophical Society, C W Leadbeater, is the place where Annie Besant had some of the most important clairvoyant experiences of her career.

Could Joe Meek, too, be regarded as an avatar of the New Age? Obsessed with the occult, he would use his skills as a recording engineer in cemeteries, in the hope of recording voices from 'the other side.' He adored Buddy Holly, with whom he claimed to be in spiritual communication via the seances he held in his flat; and died, at his own hand, on the eighth anniversary of the guitarist's death. (After first shooting dead his landlady.) And his pet project, finally released in its entirety in 1991, a concept album in which he sought to communicate his belief in extra-terrestrial life, was tellingly entitled I Hear A New World.

** UPDATE **
23 Brook Street: 'Two commemorative blue plaques in a London street reveal that Jimi Hendrix and George Frederick Handel lived next door to each other. Handel (1685-1759) lived and died at number 25 Brook Street; Hendrix (1942-70) lived for one year at number 23.'
Source: Beyond Coincidence, by Martin Plimmer and Brian King