Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Venus and the Lilly

Continuing with the subject of Venus, her transit- and the planetary initiations envisioned by Alice Bailey- let us briefly consider the divine Miss Allen, a very Venusian candidate indeed. Whilst her music has very limited appeal, to my ears anyway, the woman's style and general bearing suggest to me that her career will be a long and significant one. I was also very struck by the multiple occult semiotics encoded in her cover art (see above.)

I will be writing a much longer article about this image, and the conspiratorial significance of Lily/Lilith/the lilly, over at Battling the Behemoth shortly.

Venusian candidate Lily 'Rose' Allen, multiple BRIT nominee


Anonymous said...

Im in the Uk.

Interesting read seams as just last night I was researching possible syncs between a french artest known as Alizee and lilith. Alizee (Trade wind) is known to family and friends as lili/lily. I was always baffled years ago by how this girl was shaped and portrayed by the media as lolita (seamed very wrong). Anyway.....I became really interested after a news report in french (which i still cant understand) showed Madonna (Ester as she anounced briefly) blowing a very sinister kiss Alizees way. Alizee has performed Bastille day a few years back which tis in and too which I am still pulling out major Syncs. No time to write now but you may be very interested in the findings. Had thought about Alan and the links but Venus.

Hey man, years ago i saw Steve Alan sing "We all live in a yellow submarine at some small kareoke thing at Glastonbury"......The plot gets thinker and thicker


BTB said...

Please send me your findings- I'm sure I would be very interested in them.

By the way, make sure you check out my series 'Britney's Lupercalia' and 'Apotheosis of the Crone' at Battling the Behemoth (Google it) for my research relating to Madonna. The Alizee/Madonna face-off seems a carbon copy of the infamous Britney/Madonna tongue twisting at the 2003 VMAs in New York.

I would usually insert the HTML links but, I'm sorry, it's too late tonight...!

Feel free to e-mail me for more information:


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the spelling mistakes in the last post. I get carried away with the late night internet surfing.

I wouldnt say a carbon copy, it was almost enough to dismiss but setting my own subjective view point a side it did seam sinister. Then other wierd things started coming out... possibly (?)becoming cross referenced information. I am starting to trust in these synchronicitys more and more.

Right, i`m going to read through the material here and then i'`ll send you an e-mail. Ive been following the work of Jake K and Goro Adachi for quite some time now. Have to say your doing some really great work and still the sceptic (which I appreciate). I am not that proud or patriotic but its good to see somone from the uk doing such fine work.

Right, must read!