Saturday, 24 February 2007

Britney's Via Dolorosa (continued)

Following on from the theme of our last post, it is possible to draw an occult association between William Blake- the 'Dancing Man' of Albion- and the subject of our present enquiry: Miss Britney Spears. This centres on the rather obscure Somerset village of Priddy- where, it is said, Blake was moved to write the poem which would later be set to music by Parry and immortalised as 'Jerusalem.'

Priddy- which has a long history of Grail legends, and in whose parish church (dedicated to St Laurence) the visitation of Joseph of Arimathea with the boy Jesus is celebrated- derives its name from Bridgit (or Bride.) Bridgit, in her pre-Christianised form, was closely associated with a white serpent; Britney, too, has displayed a famous passion for snakes (see above.) Britney is another derivation from Brigit, Bride (or Barari)- the goddess associated with Venus and Britain.

Interesting, then, that Britney is part-British on her grandmother's side... and that Britannia, the embodiment of the British isles, is depicted brandishing a spear.

For more detail on these topics please check Battling the Behemoth for updates. And for more on Priddy, Blake and the Goddess, I can think of no better source than Ellis Taylor's In These Signs Conquer (