Monday, 30 April 2007

An invocation for Beltane...

Composed by your author in the shower, Walpurgis Nacht, 2007:

The king is rising in his splendour
The lines of force that gird us all about are renewed
The dragon that sleeps is awakening
And the serpent breathes her last.

Arise all Israel! Arise O Albion!
Greet ye the Queen of the May!
By the sword of Arthur
And the cup of Guinevere
Greet ye the Queen of the May!

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Alderney UFO...

It seems that Britain's UFO flap is not yet over. Earlier in the year we had two major sightings, following swiftly upon the heels of the O'Hare event: one in Gatwick and a similar visitation in Islington. Both involved multiple crafts- or chinese lanterns, depending on who you believe.

Now we have this, courtesy of the Cosmic Paradigm blog:

'Two experienced airline pilots on separate flights saw something up to a mile wide off the coast of Alderney on Monday afternoon. Surprisingly, Jersey radar equipment did not pick up the object, although an air traffic controller said he had received simultaneous reports from the Aurigny and Blue Islands pilots.

Aurigny’s Captain Ray Bowyer, 50, said he saw the strange object during a flight from Southampton. He spotted a bright-yellow light 10 miles west of Alderney while his plane was about 30 miles from the island and at 4,000ft.

‘It was a very sharp, thin yellow object with a green area. It was 2,000ft up and stationary,’ he said.‘I thought it was about 10 miles away, although I later realised it was approximately 40 miles from us. At first, I thought it was the size of a 737.’ A 737 is slightly smaller than a jumbo jet. ‘But it must have been much bigger because of how far away it was. It could have been as much as a mile wide.’

As he continued his approach to Alderney, Capt. Bowyer saw a second identical object further to the west.‘It was exactly the same but looked smaller because it was further away. It was closer to Guernsey.’

For the full story, click here.

The same site, oddly enough, includes another UFO-related story which sits very comfortably with the themes we explore here at the Daily Behemoth. Unfortunately- without securing an interview with Sir Michael Jagger himself- the claims are impossible to verify, and even for an old Bromley boy like myself I suspect that's not about to happen soon.

Is the researcher responsible, a Michael C Luckman, simply trying to bluff his way to notoriety? Here's what the man has to say:

'Michael C Luckman - author of Alien Rock: The Rock 'n' Roll Extraterrestrial Connection - says The Rolling Stones rocker developed an interest in extraterrestrial phenomena after a close encounter of the third kind in the 60s.

Luckman said: "Mick Jagger has been very involved with the subject of UFOs for many years.
In 1968 he went camping in Glastonbury with his then girlfriend, singerMarianne Faithful, and encountered a rare, luminous cigar-shaped mothership.

"Around the same time Mick had a UFO detector installed at his British estate.The alarm kept on going off whenever he left home, indicating the presence of strong electromagnetic activity in the immediate area."'

The latter detail throws up some tantalising possibilities, of the sort that I have frequently entertained- especially considering the singer's increasingly reptilian appearance. But it's the next paragraph where things get particularly interesting.

'The 63-year-old singer also sighted a UFO over the crowd during The Rolling Stones' infamous 1969 Altamont Concert in California.'

Infamous indeed. In fact, if there was ever a concert that might have been graced with an event of this kind it would be Altamont... which came at the peak of the Stones' immersion in the occult subculture of Kenneth Anger and Aleister Crowley. In the Rosslyn article, I reproduce the following letter to Rolling Stone magazine which appeared shortly afterwards. It says:

'To those who know, it's been obvious that the Stones, or at least some of them, have been involved in the practice of magick ever since the Satanic Majesties Request album. But there at least the colour was more white than black. Since then the hue has grown steadily darker and darker. At Altamont He appeared in his full majesty with his full consort of demons, the Hell's Angels. It was just a few days before the Winter Solstice when the forces of darkness are at their most powerful. The moon was in Scorpio... (and) it was held in a place dedicated to destruction through motion...'

As author Gary Baddeley described the night: 'It was a crack in the door through which demons from the Aeon of Lucifer could pass.' In other words, a stargate...

(Luckman also repeats the story of John Lennon and Uri Geller, which I relate in my artice, Above us only sky. Unfortunately, this is less compelling than an earlier account- which Lennon referred to on the back cover of his Milk and Honey album- in which the star claimed to have had a close encounter with a huge Alderney-like mother ship over New York City.)

I will attempt to contact Mr Luckman to find out more. His book is available here. Anyone wanna buy me an early Christmas present?


for the lack of original research in the last week. Let's just say that a prophet is rarely recognised in his own land- and whilst all England has yet to awaken to my dubious charms my financial situation seems to be grow ever more precarious. In addition to which the 'middle management' is waxing reptilian: as any and all sociopaths are eventually liable to do. (The office sociopath is always easy to spot: s/he's the one with power over your life, abusing it.)

But this enforced hiatus has allowed me the rare opportunity of basking in a bit of reflected glory, for a change. Sabrina, whose aura of sheer mystique already has my overheated imagination working up a sweat, has contributed further to the Britney debate with an excellent piece on her blog. (One which even mentions myself, which can only be a good thing.) All part of the ongoing process of 'sleuthing the occult world of hollywood pop culture', as she writes, which more and more researchers are recognising as containing some vital keys to our present reality.

Please check it out... I'll probably add something to it here in a day or so.

Friday, 13 April 2007

The Mummy Returns...

Thanks to the correspondent to Battling the Behemoth who pushed me in the direction of this story yesterday. For anyone following the ongoing Britney series, the ramifications will be obvious. The final humiliation, perhaps?,,4-2007160514,00.html

We would also do well to consider the Mouseketeer angle, as Freeman Fly and the author of the Peering Through blog have alluded to in their research. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.) Whether, in addition, there is anything in the perennial rumours connecting the pop factory, Disney and Monarch mind control will be the subject of a future post.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The Goddess of the Comb

According to the anthropologist, folklorist, and philosopher of religion Sir James Frazer, author of The Golden Bough, women of the indigenous Sarawak tribes were well-versed in sympathetic magic designed to elicit a bumper return for their husbands' camphor harvest. (A crystal which grows between the fibres of trees.) This simple observance consisted in abstaining from the use- or even the touch- of a comb; 'for, if they did so, the interstices between the fibres of the tree, instead of being filled with the precious crystals, would be empty like the spaces between the teeth...'

And then we have West Wy-combe, a favourite subject of ours. We have already examined why- with its hexagonal mausoleum- it should be so closely associated with Melissa, the Queen Bee, symbol of the Goddess. (For more, see here.) Whilst researching a new article on Battling the Behemoth, however, entitled M is for...?, I landed upon the following piece of information from a admirably detailed piece devoted to the etymology of the C word.

'In addition to the clumsily Anglicised 'quim', 'cwm' was also adopted into English with the more accurate phonetic spelling 'coombe', from the Old English 'cumb'. 'Coombe' and its variants 'combe', 'comb', and 'coomb' remain common components of surnames and placenames. Indeed, so common is the word in English placenames that Morecambe Bay is often mis-spelt Morecombe... In England, there are nineteen places called Coombe (one each in Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Kingston-upon-Thames, and Kent; two each in Somerset and Wiltshire; three in Devon; six in Cornwall) and eight called Combe (one each in East Sussex, Herefordshire, West Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and Somerset; three in Devon).'

Like Kent, Kennet and other places we have flagged up in the course of our research, West Wycombe is yet another 'Holy Wood': the sacred grove, the San Graal. (A place sacred to the Goddess.) Which makes the fact that it is also the site of an ancient hill fort- boasting a long-destroyed stone circle which may once have rivalled Stonehenge- and a honeycomb-shaped mausoleum structure, designed by an eighteenth-century Druid, even more apt.

Related to this is the fact that the traditional jester's hat- the three points with the bell- is historically known as a cockscomb. This is highly significant, as we have already discovered that the etymology of -comb pertains to the Celtic 'cwm' (meaning 'valley' in Welsh: a vaginal metaphor.) Thus, the jester bears upon his head- his crowning glory- both the cock and quim; he is the one in whom the opposites have been transcended: the divine androgyne.