Saturday, 28 April 2007


for the lack of original research in the last week. Let's just say that a prophet is rarely recognised in his own land- and whilst all England has yet to awaken to my dubious charms my financial situation seems to be grow ever more precarious. In addition to which the 'middle management' is waxing reptilian: as any and all sociopaths are eventually liable to do. (The office sociopath is always easy to spot: s/he's the one with power over your life, abusing it.)

But this enforced hiatus has allowed me the rare opportunity of basking in a bit of reflected glory, for a change. Sabrina, whose aura of sheer mystique already has my overheated imagination working up a sweat, has contributed further to the Britney debate with an excellent piece on her blog. (One which even mentions myself, which can only be a good thing.) All part of the ongoing process of 'sleuthing the occult world of hollywood pop culture', as she writes, which more and more researchers are recognising as containing some vital keys to our present reality.

Please check it out... I'll probably add something to it here in a day or so.

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hoi polloi said...

Hi :) Thanks for the mention. This research is so fascinating to me and I'm glad others feel the same! Looking forward to your next piece