Monday, 28 May 2007

Can you connect the dots?

Anybody else think this is rather a strange photograph?

Two other things to ponder as well. At 8am this morning, according to Sky News, some two hundred commercial radio stations in the UK simultaneously broadcast the Team McCann theme song: 'Don't You Forget About Me' by Simple Minds. (As if we could.) And now the Madeleine case is being highlighted to promote the microchip: right on cue. Click here

Some powerful energies are uniting around this story... Not satisfied with roping in the Beckhams and J K Rowling, now other super-celebrities with a point to prove have entered the ring. Gordon Brown is reported to have forged 'an instant connection' with fellow Scot Gerry McCann- which renders the latter highly suspect in my eyes- and now Prince Charles and even the Pope are involved too. Following the pilgrimage to Fatima on May 23, and a scheduled audience with Benedict XVI next wednesday, this is shaping up to be some of the best publicity the Vatican has received in years.

And, am I paranoid... Or is there something distinctly occult in the below? The Madeleine... and the Royal Arch?


Newspaceman said...

Ben, hiya. Do think there is perhaps a bit irony in the picture of the McCann's; does that not resemble a Punch and Judy stage set they are on.

It could be termed sick really.

hoi polloi said...

The children look like dolls. [Shudder] Walking through central park this weekend I spotted a mother and father walking a 3 yr. old girl between them. She was so little she couldn't walk properly yet, but her hair was obviously colored, curled and sprayed artificially. Not to mention she was wearing sandals with kitten heels. It was so creepy, but I wouldn't put it past some parents to deliberately tart up a baby in the culture we live in.