Wednesday, 2 May 2007

The Chelsea Blues...

Something else which caught my eye today was the sad death of Philip Carter, honorary vice-president of Chelsea Football Club in circumstances which strangely mirrored the demise of the former vice-chairman Matthew Harding eleven years ago. Both men died in helicopter crashes after having watched their team play (and lose) important cup ties. Both men were flying Twin Squirrel helicopters; and in both cases, the pilot and three male passengers were also killed. To top it all off, Philip Carter and Matthew Harding had known each other and had, in fact, been good friends.

Now this would merely be a tragic case of lightning appearing to strike twice were it not for the addition of one other detail which, with all due caution, I now submit for your attention. There is a persistent urban legend concerning Chelsea FC, which attributes to a certain very notorious gentleman the dual achievement of aligning the club's famous ground, Stamford Bridge, and designing the team's strip and colours.

A gentleman by no means unacquainted with the web of wyrd, nor with the strange (and occasionally) terrible synchronicities which seem to bedevil the paths of magicians, and swirl around their haunts for generations.

Now guess who that certain gentleman might be..?

For more on the Chelsea legend, see,,1257166,00.html

For more on the death of Philip Carter, see

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FilmNoir23 said...

Even if the story isn't true, it's one fascinating heck of a good yarn. The duel helicopter death is indeed you think more details will come to light? or is this one for the history books already?