Thursday, 31 May 2007

The Goddess of New York

Here at The Daily Behemoth (and its Big Sister) we are blessed with a small, but highly discerning audience of readers and co-explorers. This comes from one such soul, my good friend Michael of Seattle:

'Hi Ben, lovely update at BTB. Pulling pirates, clipper ships, goddesses, missing children and killer viruses together into some sort of meaning is a rather amazing feat. Even more amazing is that I find myself nodding along.

My favorite "goddess cube" is this one: The Fifth Ave Apple Store in NYC. A perfect cube, seemingly lit from within by the "pure white light", the bitten apple, the fruit of the tree of knowledge, Sophia, Wisdom, Reason, Cybele?. It is flanked by a fountain on either side, perhaps representing the goddess rising between two (former) towers. The cube leads to an underground space, and from this picture, it looks almost lit by an internal sun.

For some reason, I'm reminded of the film "Things to Come" by H. G. Wells.'

Thanks, Michael!

For more on 'Things to Come', another of the predictive-conspiracy 'fictions' in which we are presently taking an interest, click here.

And whilst we're on the subject of inspired contributions from readers, I'm just going to reproduce a little something from Brian, author of The Newspaceman. This was left as a comment to my recent article, Greenwich Layer Cake- and offers a plausible-sounding explanation for the Skull and Bones' veneration of the number 322.

'On 22/3/1312, 'the pope gave to the commission of cardinals for approval the bull to supress the Templars in Vox in excelso'. This was 'on the grounds of the general welfare of the Church and by Apostolic ordinance'.

He provides more numerlogical detail for this, including a reference to pi, but as a non-mathmatician I admit to finding even the simple mental arithmetic involved in numerology baffling. But for those with a left-brain bias, please do check out the comments page and see what you can decode.

There's more on 322 and the Order here.

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Newspaceman said...

Ben, hiya, this may sound an implausible link but CBeebies, the BBC childrens TV network, could be CBB, this being 322 in terms of numbers-letters. Having said that, BBC would be 223.

cheers, Brian