Saturday, 5 May 2007

The Scarlet Petal

You know my thoughts on the matter. Certain individuals with an unconscious affinity for the archetypal world of symbol. I call these the bloodline.

The Mirror described the flowers as orange, whilst in The Mail they were red. But according to The Star- in the paper edition, at any rate- scarlet was the colour. Later, for the online edition, this was mysteriously changed to red.

Goddess. Breasts. Flowers. Scarlet.

Anyone care to comment?


FilmNoir23 said...

Wow, thats uncanny...almost the same way the Kate Moss fashion opening was back and forth between her dress being red/orange.

Also, numerous reports here in the states the past several days about the Queen's visit to The Kentucky Derby later this betting sites taking odds on what color hat she wear (women's hats are a BIG deal at the Derby). White/Silver as one color was getting the best odds with RED coming in at 4 to 1 (as I recall) bet is on RED.

hoi polloi said...

Whoa! Haha I saw this and didn't really see it, so true. Amazing

BTB said...

Hello, my flower...

So what's your interpretation?