Sunday, 20 May 2007

The Spray Guns of Brixton

Ah, sweet punk rock.
Joe Strummer... The Guns of Brixton.
The Future is Unwritten.
The blinding Julien Temple EP.
No tribal hierolgyph exerts so great a fascination
Than the punk's raw mohican: semiotic strata etched in its depths.
'You lookin' at me?'
(Scorcese says the soundtrack to Raging Bull was inspired by the music of The Clash: the sound of London at night.)
Travis Bickle, who burned as the reborn ISMAIL AX, sweeping the scum off the streets.

Like a half-buried folk memory,
a symbol of an ancestral world that refuses to go quietly.
When dance music declared the death of the Diggers and their Tolpuddle rant,
punk underwent its reformation;
and at Strummerville the two camps would fuse in symbolic fashion.
There too the same, ancient stream coursed just out of sight.

And why do I keep seeing Banksy placed before me?
The guerilla in epitome, making an object trouve of his environment. Anarchist and artist are almost the same.
The Glastonbury thorn that simmered at Strummerville, the obstructor Doherty and the Albion Rooms, Banksy's global wall:
united in spirit- an ancient cri de coeur.


FilmNoir23 said...

Amen, and well put

Bev said...

Hi Ben,
Glad to see you are back online.

I don't know if you have heard about this or not?
Banksy won an award in the Arts category at The Greatest Living Briton event. I cannot remember which UK channel it was actually screened on. But I feel quite sure that it shown on Monday evening 21/5/2007

All the best