Sunday, 24 June 2007

Madeleine: The Truth

Apologies for the fact this blog hasn't been easy to follow this last week. The Tour de France information was designed to follow on from an earlier, longer piece- drawing on my recent foray around UNESCO's dowry, Maritime Greenwich- which I then decided to revise: leaving some unexplained references in the later piece looking decidedly stripped of context. It's not that too little has been going on for me to bother updating- far from it.

Let's try and weave together a few of our obsessions into something resembling sense. Firstly: Madeleine, back in the news- was she ever away?- and with fresh sightings in, of all places, Malta. (M is for Malta, anyone?) For anybody who has been following the exceptional research Matthew James has been conducting into this most unusual case, this new geographical ingredient did not come as a surprise. To a far greater degree than anybody else currently writing on this subject, Matthew has Madeleine down: he knows the score; and has been correctly predicting the newest plot twists in this already convoluted thriller for several weeks.

On the sixth of June he published an article on his blog A Light In The Darkness- basically a sort of psychic scrapbook wherein he records his daily interactions with sundry guides, Ascended Masters and the like- stating:

'It has been proposed by 'higher forces' that those who hold Madeleine McCann are more often than not on 'the seven seas' and flit from sacred shore to sacred shore to elude detection. The indications are that Malta, Rhodes & even Cyprus may have been where their 'lavish' ocean vessel may have been moored.'

Thus, in one paragraph he neatly connects Madeleine not only with Malta and two other islands with strong historical links to the Knights Templar and Hospitallers- and thus, we may surmise, their modern counterparts- but also to the 'seven seas': the Maritime link that we have been sensing over the course of our own investigation. And what about those other locations he references? Cyprus, it is rumoured, is scheduled to become an outpost in a future 'Eretz Israel', rumours not limited to Islamists or anti-Semites. (See here for more.)

And Rhodes, too, has been much on my mind: not just for its Olympian/Olympic connections, but also as the setting for the best parts of Matthew Delooze's latest, highly recommended, book. Very interestingly, the island was also where an early Prime Meridian was established- by the Greek astronomer Hipparchus, in the second century BCE. Knowing the present centre of the Vanishing Point, zero degrees, now resides in Greenwich, and another mysterious link arises between the faded port-al of SW10 and the little missing Madgalene.

Curiouser still is the fact that the next point to be touted by astronomers, or a significant faction of them, as 'The Place Where Days Begin and End' also has a connection with Greenwich (and thus, to Madeleine.) This is the Canary Islands, used to mark the Prime Meridian by the influential Ptolemy, born in Roman Egypt in 90 CE. The Canaries, a (likely) derivation of the name being found in the dogs that traders discovered there- from the Latin canis- lent their name to the Isle of Dogs which Greenwich peers out upon; the islands being an important trading partner for vessels departing from the many docks that were once located there. And the Canaries have also turned up in Matthew James's forecasts as a possible holding place of Madeleine McCann; a useful port of call to and fro the island he identifies as being at the centre of the mystery, Maddy's principal prison: Gibraltar.

Now this is of great interest to me for a number of reasons. I hope you're ready for a (brief) info-burst; this is shaping up to be a rather long article already, but please persevere.

In 1995, Pope John Paul II- the great champion of Fatima, remember, and Marian devotee without rival, whose spectre clings to the whole Madeleine mystery- designated the shrine of Europa Point in Gibraltar as a "potent symbol" for the unification of Europe and "a place where, under the patronage of Mary, the human family will be drawn ever more closely into fraternal unity and peaceful coexistence." (Read the text of the papal declaration here.) This shrine- created in 1309 by King Ferdinand IV of Spain- is not far from a cave where Phoenician seafarers established a similar shrine to Astarte, the Queen of Heaven, seven centuries before Christ.

On 20th August 1462, on St. Bernard of Clairvaux's feast day, Spain recaptured Gibraltar from the Moors and reconsecrated the site. A statue of the Virgin and Child- Our Lady of Europe- was installed there in the early fifteenth century; and despite vandalism at the hands of the British, under Admiral Sir George Rooke in 1704, the statue survived, after being smuggled out of the country, and returned to Gibraltar in 1864. It was transferred back to Europa Point in 1967, another significant anniversary coming up later this year- 2007 being replete with them- and her official status as Our Lady of Europe formerly approved by Pope John Paul II twelve years later. At the same time he transferred her annual feast day to May 9, Europe Day, coined to commemorate the signing of the Schuman Declaration (which led directly to the creation of the European Union) in 1950.

For these reasons and others, Gibraltar is capable of mustering the same sort of terror into the hearts of Protestant conspiracy theorists as the aforementioned 'Eretz Israel.' And these fears- that the territory is scheduled to play a leading role in the creation of a unified Europe under the aegis of the Vatican- may not be entirely unfounded. Frequently cited as evidence for this is the colony's twenty pence coin, issued from London, depicting Mary as 'Our Lady of Europe', and a bust of the queen symbolically shorn of its usual adornments: the letters D.G REG F.D- Queen by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith.

(Coincidentally, the 'Eretz Israel' brigade- of which I'm probably a member- also point to a coin to make their case: Israel's ten-agora piece, of which Yasser Arafat is said to have kept an example ready to hand in his jacket pocket. All the better to demonstrate the 'glaring demonstration of Zionist aspirations' he saw encoded thereon: a veiled map of the Middle East straddled by a Jewish menorah tracing a curve from the eastern Mediterranean right on up to the Gulf. ('From the nile to the Euphrates.')

According to the mysterious JAH, whose internet site optimistically promises 'The long-awaited TRUTH of All Things on Planet Earth', Gibraltar is the most important sea-gate on the planet: 'the gateway to the old and new age.' It was where John Lennon- another frequent visitant to Battling the Behemoth- tied the knot with Yoko Ono, and the point from where Charles and Diana embarked upon their ill-fated honeymoon.

Thus there are good esoteric reasons why Gibraltar might well feature in a story of the magnitude of the disappearance of Madeleine; and why a conspiracy which has already thrown up the Pope, Fatima and the soon-to-convert Tony Blair in unholy union, might well be orchestrated from a landmass intimately connected with European integration under theocratic law. Sound insane? Perhaps it is... But let me remind you that Madeleine went missing on the evening of May 3rd 2007, the true (astrological) Beltane, as Ellis Taylor never fails to remind us. In readiness, perhaps, for her Gibraltarian feast day a few days later?

A few months back two Gibraltar-minted coins came into my possession. Despite my abject poverty- a fact of which I am, perversely, rather proud- I have kept these coins in a very safe place, not dreaming of spending them, and regard them as potently significant. Now we know why...

More- much more- to be revealed soon.

For Matthew James's website, please visit

For more on Blair's imminent conversion to Catholicism, as flagged up on this blog some weeks back, please visit


FilmNoir23 said...

I am entranced Mr. Fairhall...I can't say that I fully comprehend all the implications, I am with you and listening/watching intently. The next three weeks should be very enlightening, wouldn't you say?

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, thanks, just to add that Malta was on the news on 15th June, in a strange, fairly lengthy, pointless, one off feature about african migrants bypassing it, whilst attempting to reach Italy in a large inflatable craft. We saw Maltese Customs Officers stopping boats and handing out lifejackets and supplies.

On the Madeleine case, I think there is 49 days (7x7) between her abduction date and that of the solstice. Also, Mr McCann was mugged last week, another M.


FilmNoir23 said...

What do you make of this? Any connection?

The event will take place at Portugal's largest venue, the Estadio da Luz in Lisbon

hoi polloi said...

stadium of light?

Anonymous said...

A poor little girl gets kidnapped and you use it to serve your own agenda and feed your own delusions.

Im quite sickened.

BTB said...

Ah well, better crucify me then.

FilmNoir23 said...

Wow...whose agenda are we talking about here? You seem to be ruffling a few feathers Ben. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Ben, are you commenting on the occult conspiracy....rom the inside?

aferrismoon said...

Despite your manipulation of the McCann kidnapping I feel compelled to ask you to comment on similarities between Madeleine and Ben Needham. they both have marks on their body [ birth defects]
Madeleine has Coloboma, an eye defect and Ben a strawberry birth-mark n the nape of his neck
It seems they can be more easily identified than people with no obvious birth defects [ e.g. a need for kidnapping children] and thus it seems plausible they'll be kept hidden for some time. Ben has not reappeared.
Apologies for highlighting the kidnapping of Ben Needham and Madeleine McCann but the footy seasons over.

aferrismoon said...

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense

yamer said...

As with all conspiracies, there is multiple reasons.

Personally speaking I have not been following this that much. I talk to my sister about it as she too has a young daughter and she can identify with the McCann.

A multitude of reactions will come out of this, not to mention the ritualistic.

Playing on parents worst nightmares across the world, this abduction will be used to forward the case for electronically tagging ones children.

Numerous laws have been written regarding the rights of children but have not been implemented yet as societies are not yet ready for them.

As I write, the constitutional rights of children are being reviewed in Ireland. I am sure this is the case in many other countries.

I fear the worst for this life and feel completely for each and every person affected by this and other non reported child abductions which happen on a daily basis across the world.

I wonder what an etymological study of the names and places involved would show up.

Anonymous said...

the mccanns live in rothley,two places in leicestershire,uk.both(rothley/beaumont leys) were owned by templars until the hospitallers slaughtered them both,there is a an old folk story of the hex of beaumont leys.if u look at the map of this area you will see next to knights road there is madeline road?who works in a hospital?doctors?