Saturday, 23 June 2007

More on the Tour...

Provincial sex symbol Gemma Atkinson, former star of ailing UK soap Hollyoaks, makes this eye-catching appeal on behalf of the bicycle to overweight Londoners.
Maybe I should try it, this cycling lark... And if I do, perhaps I should attend the grand giveaway- which again features Miss Atkinson, and a professional cyclist who I imagine will be considerably less of a draw- happening in Covent Garden on July 4, when five hundred mountain bikes will be handed out gratis to undeserving tourists. Logistically, this throws up problems; and unless some kind of NHS-ticketing scheme is implemented, the lure of a free bike and a close encounter with Atkinson's breasts might well provoke scenes of a disorderly nature rarely witnessed in these parts since the 'No Popery' riots of the nineteenth century. Breasts aisde, however, it's the timing which interests me. The stunt has been scheduled to coincide with the beginning of the Tour de France: which departs from London on the magical seventh, following another predictable fireworks the night before, slated for the woefully inappropriate venue of Trafalgar Square.

So we can begin to divine the Masterplan uniting these disparate threads. The grand giveaway on the fourth, urging us all to get in trim for the sake of Mother Earth; the launch of the Tour de France with Napoleonic fanfare on the sixth, then the Prologue and the Grand Depart of the race itself, on the seventh and eighth. All that healthy ecologically-sound energy being generated just in time for Al Gore's Earth First event, which just happens to mark the second anniversary of the London Bombings (brought to you by Tony Blair in association with MI5) also scheduled for 777.

A lot of signals seem to be converging on and around the seventh. Reporting on newly-exhibited papers written by Issac Newton, predicting an apocalyptic event in 2060, the Daily Mirror found space to include the fact that- since 1998- July 5th is the date that loyal members of the Church of the SubGenius have been gathering in western New York to welcome in the eschaton. A resonance which the prolific Steve Willner has picked up on in his latest YouTube video: entitled Fear and Loathing, 777, and the Tree of Life- highly recommended.

Just what is it about this date, we wonder, which makes it such a significant portal? And what is its connection to the sea, as evidenced by the fact that the Tour will pass through Greenwich, a place we have already shown to be intricately connected with another Tour/Tower: Madeleine McCann?


Newspaceman said...

Ben, hiya, I am a wee bit out of my depth here but the 5th of July is also the approximate date of the earths aphelion.

The aphelion being the point ? at which the sun is furthest from the earth.

My knowledge is limited but I know that the sea is warmer in the winter because it has absorbed the suns energy over the summer. So, would the aphelion represent the point at which maximum potential energy is being received from the sun ?

And this energy somehow being harnessed or contained ?


BTB said...

Thanks Brian.

I lifted the following information from Goro Adachi's Super Torch Ritual Underground site:

'Perihelion is a planetary body's closest approach to the sun, and aphelion is the farthest point. This year Earth reaches its farthest point from the Sun (aphelion) on July 7th.'


FilmNoir23 said...

I'm not sure what might be going on with that...a bit out of my league as well but I do see it as highly interesting. As for all the cycling hoopla, I am left thinking of China and all those thousands of "good" workers pedaling around. If China is indeed the blueprint for the perfect state of control would it not make sense for them to want to aim the rest of the world in that direction?

Newspaceman said...

I think that maybe if we followed the earths relationship with the sun we might get a better grip on the situation.

This may sound like drivel but I believe that energies come from galactic centre and that currently, the sun is passing through that bit of the milky way. I think it started around the milenium and is due to finish on 21/12/2012.

The way I see it is that the sun is also orbiting and so therefore slowly spinning. The sun will move completely out of galactic centre on 21/12 and we have a full eclipse at 11.11 that morning. So maybe this will create some sort of energy surge/flow line. (The flow lines always being here on earth in the form of lay lines, hence the importance of certain places in relationship to the horizon)

What the ramifications of that are, I have no idea. It might mean nothing but it might be useful to those with a knowledge of it.

If we superimposed our calender on the actual movements above, we might get a better idea of a geometric type pattern. The reason that numbers "come up" all the time is that there is obvious similarities between our calendar and that of the planets and earth/moon movements.

I hope this makes a bit sense.

cheers, brian

Anonymous said...

Oi, are you saying that Gemma's orbs are plastic?
(Thanks for the pic...)