Thursday, 28 June 2007

Spanish police make Madeleine arrests...

The Col de La Madeleine, a mountain pass in the French Alps, and one of the hardest climbs of the Tour de France. Note the altitude, Greenwich-spotters: 2000m- the millenium sigil itself, MM.

Here's another link.,,91210-1272677,00.html. Now check out the detail: 'The man was picked up in the port city of Algeciras in the south of the country near Gibraltar in the early hours of this morning.'

Port city... Maritime Signals. And Gibraltar. (Or as near as dammit.) If you've been following my research of late- and I know a few of you have- and you've kept apace with my current obessions, then you'll be aware of the significance of the maritime link (even if I haven't been able to fully explain it quite yet. Call it a psychic hunch, if you like.) And as for the additional Gibraltar factor: it's all there in black, white and HTML. Just refer back to my post entitled Madeleine- The Truth, for my prediction, based entirely on the work of Matthew James, that this island might yet prove to be the key which unlocks the entire case.

There were further maritime links to previous developments: the alleged sightings of Madeleine boarding a boat in the company of wealthy Arabs. And then came the news- which I was meaning to report on last night- of the vigil at Knock, Ireland's holiest shrine, on Friday night; further reinforcing the already tight relationship between the disappearance of Madeleine and the Vatican.

Latest reports are now suggesting the arrests may be linked to an attempt to extort money from the McCanns rather than to the abduction itself; so let's hold fire and await more news. Whatever the outcome, expect a comprehensive update soon... in which I hope to finally start shedding light on these mysterious Maritime Signals...


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