Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Very interesting...


Anyone care to dissect/discuss?


hypnos said...

I don't know about epilepsy but the very mention of the 2012 Olympics renders me close to narcolepsy.

FilmNoir23 said...

2012 in London is so significant it boggles my mind. As for that friggin' logo...WTF? That's so similar to the new Baskin-Robbins logo it isn't funny...Something Wicked This Way Comes anyone?

The fact that seizures were happening from the "animated" spot leads me believe that they had mind-control flashes built into it. This goes back to the Japanese Anime that produced the same effect to hundreds of child viewers back in '96 or something. All very interesting.

Newspaceman said...

What if we looked at 2012 being the pinnacle of the creation of the NWO and that it will be the television which subliminaly controls the population and speaks to them, just like BB.

This logo clip is maybe showing us that the tv has a far greater impact on our unconscious than that we imagine. Perhaps the clip should be analysed and broken down in order that we can ascertain exactly the cause. We could then perhaps have a better understanding of matters as I genuinely feel that it (tv) is a far more dangeous weapon than we perhaps realise.

Plus 2012 is the deadline for the new tv changeover.

cheers, brian

hoi polloi said...

They are expert at inserting subliminals these days. You have to be very careful. It does look a lot like the baskin robbins logo, filmnoir23. I thought exactly that when I saw it. Today's ads are deliberately jarring, assymetrical and spazzy with lots of visual noise. They are designed to scramble your brain.

Anonymous said...

I did not see the original video, only the edited one available now.
There are lots of comments to it here: http://matthew-delooze.blogspot.com/2007/06/ring-ring-oroses.html .

One thing I noticed in the video are those yellow-orange blurs they use when cutting between scenes. I thought immediately about explosions, and especially nuclear flashes.
No wonder if people feel bad watching the video if it subliminally makes them think of nuclear disaster!

About the logo itself - well... it is downright ugly and it communicates chaos and disharmony. The first thing I thought when I saw it was a swastika. The comments about falling buildings are also spot on.

aferrismoon said...

The sign represents the dull,dull dull application of non-mainstream expression in the mass media. The Olympics itself glorifies specialization, rewarding the narrow-minded and persuading the populus to heroify the insect people. I refer to Dr.Nick Herbert's quote from many years ago that 'specialisation is for Insects'
As for TV,Buckminster-Fuller gives an explanation stating that ' no man has ever seen outside of himself' as the TV scanning, self-correcting, memory filed brain works with assumptions of images. he does explain it rather better in his 1963 publication 'No More 2nd Hand God'. TV ain't so bad, but the present programming does find me downloading my own programming. Probably wouldn't have seen the BNWO blog and thus the Daily Behemoth etc.
By the way what's with Michael Barrymore, i'm sure these aren't the only 'deaths' that have happened around him.I remember a story from a few years ago that semed to signal his death-knell. Synchromystic connection - Lionel and Drew Barrymore

Christopher D. Horn said...

I have read on other sites and seen, myself, a familiar word appears in this strange poster, ZION.