Wednesday, 25 July 2007

'Floods are judgements on society, says bishops.'

Judgement, possibly not. But there is a religious- or spiritual, or even occult- aspect to all this water which reflects our present interest in things maritime. The maritime signals- the unfolding of the Age of Aquarius, and the rebirth of the Goddess- are all symbolised (and manifested) in water: as Hoi Polloi intuited, in a recent post at her blog, Sabrina's Journey. Discussing Atlantis: The Lost Empire, a recent Disney film- an image from which mysteriously imprinted itself on a Wiltshire field last month, as noted here- she writes:

'It seems that the movie is making the point that Atlantis the lost kingdom will be found through Venus energy or Isis/ Mary energy, as the case may be. The movie poster is also interesting, as is the opening scene of the movie which depicts a large inverted 'V' rising up from the ocean. At first I thought this was a pyramid or the letter 'A' for Atlantis, but it has no base and no horizontal slash, and really appears to me to be the letter 'V' Thus the film is connecting Venus/Mary to the ocean and the reclamation of divine consciousness.'

As this quotation aptly summarises, the Lost Empire of Atlantis is nothing less than our severed connection to the Goddess; the renaissance of which- the protestations of neo-pagans and Wiccans aside- may have little or nothing to do with now established forms of 'Goddess Worship' than with the gentler arts of intuition and kindness. (A point I attempted, somewhat badly, to make in my recent Red Ice interview, of which I am not tremendously proud.) So, whilst the process, ultimately, is psychic and internal, still there seems to be a physical connection with water: almost as though this element will be the channel through which the 'Drowned World', finally, can re-surface.

A few final thoughts on all this rain. It has not escaped my attention that the places worst hit by the flooding- in the south, at least- have names or histories that lend themselves to esoteric decoding. On Monday, photographs of the medieval town of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire appeared to lend credence to our notion that important places of religion were built upon the 'Tot Hills' of former times, as the large (Norman?) church at the heart of the town seemed serenely adrift from the chaos unfolding below. One of the worst-effected places in Berkshire- one of the counties through which flows the Michael Line- was Maidenhead; and today we have the hugely symbolic prospect of the Thames bursting its banks at Oxford, and descending thence unto the capital.

The Thames, at any rate, is a sacred waterway and the birth canal of the Goddess (as Ellis Taylor reveals in his book In These Signs Conquer.) And if, as we maintain, the New Age, conceived in Oxford, is due to be delivered- through water- from Greenwich and thence to the world; then what we are presently witnessing may well be nothing less than the first birth pangs of that mighty process.

And just to make it all that little bit stranger, is the fact that all of the above is happening whilst a song by the Goddess-resonating Rihanna (Rhea) has been ruling the radiowaves. Still at Number One, as it has been for the last ten weeks, the title of this tune should strike even the most dulled of provincial wits as strikingly appropriate. As sung live to the waiting world on the Seventh of July, ladies and gentleman, I give you: Umbrella. (A more complete analysis of performer and song to follow.)


FilmNoir23 said...

OHHHHHH, Well played...I was so gonna mention that Octopus story to you as well...

This is getting more than a little wet and little weird, don't you think?

My only hesitation is that we should be moving away from Mary and the Piscean/Christian mode of it birth or a death that we are seeing played out?Does this make sense?

I realize that Aquarius is a water sign...and therefore we would shift to a more Dagon or Atlantian belief system. "Birth of Venus" comes to mind but do you really think Mary plays after we pass the point of no return?

Ellis Taylor said...

Hi Ben,
Another interesting fact is how many of the epicentres of the southern floods seem attracted to places connected with Tolkien.

ps Have you been getting my mails?

BTB said...

Hi Ellis...

No e-mails since the last time you heard from me. I would love to know more about the Tolkien connection.

Thanks for this; and for the nice things you have said recently on your blog. I'll try sending an e-mail later.

Todd: I'll respond to this in a little while. Some very interesting points raised here.

Thanks guys,

Ellis Taylor said...

I suppose mate, the question is then...what was the last mail from you? I responded to an 10th July email you sent to me on 13th July. I've sent 2 or 3 since including one yesterday.
As you know I've been having email probs for years - now it seems you are having them too.
Well meet up sometime soon but i may be hitching up the wagon again soon.

kean matthams said...

I was just having a discussion with some other members of WeAreChange the other day and I was saying how I thought Jay-Z was a freemason or at least working for them (Rockafella records, the roc, that square hand sign he throws up all the time.. not to mention the huge influence he's had around the world getting everyone to think they have to buy more expensive stuff all the time all the while saying that money aint a thing)... this article supports that idea IMO. i mean hes the ultimate pusher of the cultural side of the nwo agenda

FilmNoir23 said...

If you weren't already aware the WTC was, and will be located on Greenwich St.

hoi polloi said...

so funny this song has been on my playlist all week ..too weird :)

aferrismoon said...

With a few blogs occasionally coming up with the hollow planet theory I wonder if that V = A inverted and thus the sea surrounds the inner ' sky' . Speculation indeed.
Mary , sounding like French Mer has a watery feel. As mother of The Fisherman - G-zus and wife of carpenter Josef the sea imagery continues. From WWSkeats the etymology for carpenter = a ship-builder rather than an ordinary woodworker. Carpenter comes from Breton [ Great Britain in Czech = Velka Britanie while Brittany = Britanie which gave me a different take on the Great[er] Britain concept]
thus Mary = the ground upon which Man builds and plays the game of life, josef the male element constructs the vessel within which man resides, the Man being the Jesus thing [ Man = Males and females]
Nevertheless the Polynesians apparently saw the sea as male and the land as female as the sea penetrated it, and I've got those Pollys down as the world-around power-structure navigator priests , probably still at sea running their puppet govts. corporations, religions etc from non-visible 'ships'. they could be know in alternative oceans - the sky and space.
Re: Tolkien . Some of his places seem to resonate with the West midlands and the Ind.Revolution. Mordor etc= The Black country while the Shires of the Hobbits remind me of Shropshire etc. Did he not live in The West Midlands for a while?
All this material seems to be maelstromming at the moment

BTB said...

Todd, thanks for your Greenwich Street-WTC pointer. I had no idea.

I have a suspicion there may well be other Albion/British-themed streetnames in the immediate vicinity... Just a hunch, I'll have to check it out.

Aferrismoon: the West Midlands have also been hit by the recent floods, a point I meant to make in the article (but forgot.) Warwickshire, the setting of a recent UFO sighting in Stratford- and for a post-apocalyptic Arthur C Clarke story, as Hoi Polloi mentioned- is also closely associated with the Grail. (The county crest is also interesting- have a look.)

Miss Polloi, you can stay under my umbrella anytime. :)

Thanks guys,

FilmNoir23 said...

Most people probably don't even think to ask what street most things are located. Also, your man Dylan lives Greenwich Village

BTB said...

He certainly did once... Whether he does still, I don't know.

Has a few homes, does Dylan. There was a wonderful urban legend a few years back about him setting up home in Crouch End, in London. Even took to staking the place out a few times in the hope of catching a glimpse: never did. :)



aferrismoon said...

saw the UFO picture , even if its something explainable , a fine constellation.

FilmNoir23 said...

There seems to be a growing anti-nwo movement in the black community.

check this vid