Sunday, 8 July 2007

Rael Gone Kid

All this recent talk of contact (click here) and rock and roll- and the Space Age interior of Seattle's Experience Music Project- calls to mind The Year It All Began: 1947, significant for a whole raft of reasons which we will no doubt be exploring over the next few weeks and months. (Some important threads are summarised here, in an article entitled 'The Gnostic Theory of Alien Intrusion.')

In brief, as every researcher knows, 1947 was the year of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in caves around the Wadi Qumran in Palestine's West Bank. (Or the first of the scrolls, to be precise. The last cache was not unearthed until nine years later, in 1956.) On first sight, ancient scrolls and alien contact might seem very queer bedfellows; but there are connections- as we learn from Graham Phillips' book, very relevant to our present research into the Madeleine McScam ritual, The Marian Conspiracy. The author describes his visit to West Jerusalem's (distinctly Catholic-sounding) Shrine of the Book, where the majority of the scrolls are displayed:

'Hailing a cab, I crossed the New City to the cultural capital of Israel, the Valley of the Cross. Here, in the far southwest of Jerusalem, were the National Library, the Hebrew University, the Israel Museum and the Shrine of the Book: the home of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Paradoxically, though the shrine was purpose-built to contain one of the oldest manuscript collections in the world, its design is strangely futuristic. The main gallery is more like the inside of a flying saucer: a huge, round, windowless room covered by a great ringed dome and bathed in an orange luminescence that seems to radiate from the very walls. At the centre of the room are the most precious of the scrolls, contained inside a circle of illuminated panels that looks like the control console for an alien vessel.'

Checking it out on Wikipedia, we discover that:

'The shrine is built as a white dome, covering a structure placed two-thirds below the ground, that is reflected in a pool of water that surrounds it. Across from the white dome is a black basalt wall. The colors and shapes of the building are based on the imagery of the Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness, whereas the white dome symbolizes the Sons of Light and the black wall symbolizes the Sons of Darkness.'

The photographs confirm that the place is even more futuristic than Phillips' prosaic observations convey. Recalling the sort of crop circle motifs seen during Robbie's Close Encounters tour, the exterior looks like this:

As we see, the dome looks not unlike the model embassy proposed by the dodgy Raelian sect, whose leader happens to be in Albion next weekend- in Glastonbury, for the Forbidden Knowledge Conference mentioned on these pages some months ago. (I hope to be in attendance.) The similarity, whilst wholly coincidental, is appropriate: at the centre of the Raelian belief system stand 'the Elohim', a word that recurs throughout the Torah, often understood to denote a single deity or, in other cases, powerful beings; popularly regarded as fallen angels who mated with human wives.

Following many of the ideas of von Daniken et al, Raelians take these Elohim for extra-terrestrials, who the cult is planning to welcome on their impending return. To this end, they plan to create an alien embassy in Jerusalem, which Rael has referred to as 'The Third Temple'; the Jewish people having been selected by the Elohim scientists as the 'most promising', the Isaeli capital is also being groomed as the seat of world government in the Raelian New World Order. (Rael's insistence that he is the Hebrew Messiah, however, and his recently-reiterated warning of Israel's imminent destruction, has meant that the group's attempts to procure land in the country have not met with success.) The cult's publicity videos, as revealed here, are littered with animated pyramids with illuminated capstones; the Magen David surmounting a swastika is its telling logo; and even the Prophet's assumed moniker could be read as an abbreviated reference to Is-RAEL.

The proposed 'Third Temple', as designed by the Elohim and received by Rael.

Another feature of the Shrine which deserves attention is the black basalt wall, symbolising the forces of darkness, which overlooks the vulva/breast/dome. (See above.) This, as the Wiki quote tells us, is an apt depiction of the over-arching theme of the Scrolls themselves: the eternal conflict between the Sons of Light and Darkness; a factor worthy of further research. Might the same religious concerns explain the frequency with which domes and obelisks are sited within close proximity: as, for example, in Washington DC, the Vatican... and Greenwich? When we survey some of the claims alternative researchers have made about these documents- that they enshrine the 'pagan Christianity' of the original Jesus movement, etc: a residual form of which we find within Freemasonry- then it becomes a highly plausible notion that the elites who make these decisions on our behalf might well be motivated by esoteric concerns of the kind laid out therein.

There's a great mystery contained in the above; which I exhort anyone so inclined to research further.

The new Greenwich Peninsuslar encoding the eternal conflict between the Sons of Light (the vulva/breast/dome) and the Sons of Darkness (Canary Wharf: the raging obelisk, drawing down the forces of the Sun.) Are the designers of this neo-landscape motivated by the religious beliefs of the Dead Sea Scrolls?

I dare say you need a little light refreshment after ploughing through the above; so let me leave you in the capable hands of The Man. 'Rael, real gone...'


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, the years '47 and '56 both add to 11. i.e. 11 11.


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, sorry but as well, the Raelian movement was founded, based on an extra-terrestrial experience on 13/12/1973. If you add all the individual digits, ie 1+3+1+2... you get 27.

27 is 3 to the power of 3, or 3 cubed, 3x3x3


BTB said...

No need to apologise Brian.

One question, however. Whilst I find these numerological computations interesting, what do you think is the significance of, for example, the 3x3x3 in relation to Rael and his experience?


Newspaceman said...

Ben, I am no expert, but have always had an interest in numbers.

If we look at three, then it has always been seen as a "magical number"; remember De La Soul.

But, even in order for a cube to exist in nature, it needs three dimensions. That would be the minimum, logical, and tangible numerical value that could be placed on a cube is 1+1+1. So, the number 3 must exist in order for a cube to exist. You have discussed the cube in many of your articles.

However, maybe this is the lowest potential form of three dimensions and if you want to follow the Raelian aspect, then maybe the calender date somehow corrolates with numerical values (on certain days). So, the Raelian experience was maybe the most basic form that they could take in order to appear in this world and therefore on a date with that numerical value.

For example,if we look at the date 4th July and thereabout, ie 2nd - 8th, the significant historic events and its correlation with aphelion, then surely this would prove some sort of link in terms of probabilties which would lead someone who does not require absolute scientific proofs to still obtain a constant factor, although not as yet precise?

My personal position is that our calender somehow hides the reality of lunar energies by its slight divergence from the lunar transit.

I hope you sort of follow this, I am trying to explain my thinking which is not always the easiest.

Maybe I should also say that the 13th of December was, under the Julian calender, the longest night of the year. I need to equate all the different time measurement systems in my head before I could really quantify anything and that, my friend, is proving rather difficult at present.

However, your original question could also be posed to the devine number and pythagoras theory - what they really only prove is that there is a constant ratio (which can be numerically quantified) in our, and our entire universe's being which can therefore nuumerically prove a devine intelligence or method of operation.

I commented before on the significance in masonic/templar history of the year 1312.



Newspaceman said...

Also Ben if you want to go to 4 dimensions, then 4 x 27 =108.

The Royal Box at the new Wembley is on level 108,


Michael said...

Hi Ben. Great post - you've really been burning up the keyboard lately. 1947 was also the year of the Roswell (Rose well?) UFO incident, another ping in the strange conflation of aliens with Israel.

Is it just me, or does that black basalt wall resemble the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey?

BTB said...

It's true, my friend: I am now officially on fire.

Yes, the similarity to the monolith did occur to me. Can you see the parallels to the Greenwich landscape that I am at pains to draw?

By the way, yes, 1947 was the Roswell year- and there are several other factors which make '47 a moment of epochal significance too. But did you know that the Roswell event also occurred on July 7th 1947?

Check this post out for more:
Surfing the Tao

Crazy world, huh.



Michael said...

My guess is that you are seeing parallels between the "sacred" architecture projects of Greenwich and in Jerusalem (as well as other locations of occult significance, like the EMP in Seattle, which also has a famous "obelisk/UFO" within spitting distance -

Given the belief in Anglo/Israelism among the very top tier of English social hierarchy, and given the Masonic tendency to build stuff, in hindsight, it seems inevitable. My hat's off to you.

Since time literally begins in Greenwich, your hunch that the NWO will manifest there first, is... prophetic.

aferrismoon said...

Re: Cubes. we say that cubes are 3 dimensional but surely if we have length, breadth and height we can only apprehend it in time, so adding my 10pees worth I think 3x3x3 is something for the masses. But then to semi-refute that 3x3x3 = triangle x triangle x triangle. 3 triangles joined together form a tetrahedron with the resulting 4th space, the 4th face or opening. the Tetrahedron = the minimum system in our universe. Flat shaped objects can't even exist in the mind as they have dimension.
Well MM was snatched on May3 and Mr.Murat = 33.
Rael is Lear backwarrds , Mad King