Sunday, 8 July 2007

'Robbie Williams welcomed into the Raelian movement...'

It seems we were right on target with our recent article, exploring a few of the connections between the Robster and our space brothers. For more visit:

'Aliens are definitely on their way, seriously. Mark my words. From now until 2012 — watch out kids.'- Robbie Williams


hoi polloi said...

They're already here.. ok is Robbie a robot? There's something weird about his face. He has this kind of bug-eyed, Howdy Doody quality

BTB said...

Not something I could answer with any finality, unfortunately HP.

Nice to have back in the Behemoth fold, O goddess... :)


Lightboy3 said...

Yes I agree with you Ms Polloi. Robbies eyes have a remarkably similar quality to future president Hilary's. Enough said.

Is the (Is)Raelian movement a deliberate play on words, or is it all just a bit of a giggle?

BTB said...

I take one look at Claude Vorihlon, the entity presently known as Rael, and I do indeed conclude that- at the outset, at least- he was having a bit of fun.

Now that Raelianism has proven to be a wonderful way to make money and have a lot of sex, he probably takes his responsibilities rather more seriously. It's called protecting your investment.

Having said the above, the many connections between the Raelian movement; and Judaism, Masonry and Mormonism- not to mention its quasi-scientific, 'atheistic' veneer- all suggest that, whatever the intentions at the outset, it has long since been touched up by the elite after the fashion of Scientology, et al...

They just can't help manipulating- or creating- belief systems, you see: anyway in which they think they can make a profit. Which brings us right on back to those mysterious 'Maritime Signals' all over again...

I hope to be meeting Rael on Saturday.

Best wishes