Friday, 27 July 2007

'The stately wrecks of England'

The 'cathedral-like' interior of Crossness pumping station, Bexley.

'The 16 stately wrecks of England were unveiled yesterday; the most important, most expensive and most intractable buildings at risk in the country... They include a redundant colliery, the burnt out shell of a 13th century moated manor house, a Victorian sewage pumping station, and a vast, battered shed which is the only remaining airship hangar in Europe.'

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English Heritage, the organisation charged with the upkeep of the above, are also those involved with the mismanagement of the Silbury restoration project (see below.) Whether the latter can be attributed to the vagaries of the English weather or to an unconscious desire to sabotage our national fabric, the heritage lobby- and English Heritage in particular- are regarded with due suspicion by certain voices in the conspiracy scene. We only need think of Stonehenge, and its rebranding as a gated icon; or the blatant insurance job that was the torching of the Cutty Sark... Or even Merton Abbey, the former chapter house turned SavaCentre- as reported upon, a very long time ago, here...

Several of these stately wrecks are worthy of comment. An eighteenth century mausoleum on the Castle Howard estate in Yorkshire was designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor, the architect of St Alfege's Church in Greenwich. (The Howard dynasty, the older Norfolk branch of it, featured in our Horsham Key article; Castle Howard being built for the third Earl of Carlisle- city of the mysterious Cursing Stone.)

Also at risk is Gunnersbury Park House, a former Rothschild property in North London; Old Quarr Abbey on the Isle of Wight, a known hang-out of one David Icke; and the 'cathedral-like' Crossness pumping station in Bexley, a sewage plant hidden within ornate Victorian facades. This latter was the design of Sir Joseph Bazalgette, whose great great grandson Peter is chairman of Endemol UK: the media group responsible for pumping shit back into our homes in the form of the reality TV series Big Brother.

Other notables include Ditherington Flax Mill in Shrewsbury, the world's first iron-framed structure and thus the precursor of the skyscraper. 'Without Ditherington Flax Mill,' writes Alun Palmer in the Daily Mirror, 'there could be no Empire State Building'- and presumably, therefore, no WTC either: a timely reminder of the birthplace of the New World Order.


aferrismoon said...

I used to live in Shrewsbury , a town nearly islanded by the bend of the river and prone to annual flooding, b4 coming to Prague. Often walked past the flax mill . It was touted for conversion into Council offices but I think they decided to build that on the flood plain instead
I worked on the Manpower Services Commision , Graphic Design & Layout Artist , for The Museum Service.
I remember the Chief Archaeologist saying that the IRA would get a lot further with their demands if they blew up a few stately homes, museums etc than blowing up people.
Clive of India was mayor and Laudanum addict here. I worked there when some valuable Church silver was stolen in a daring night-raid. In the wooden box the silver stood on was the priceless Roman mirror of Wroxeter which was hastily whisked off to the nearest bank.
The death of Hilda Murrel - Rose Grower , was a bit of a wierd one for a few years.
Near to Ironbridge and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution
Most of the archaeology in the town was done by teams of YOPs, MSCers and whatever acronym came after.
The dismal attempt to feed off the Brother Cadfael books by creating some brick building with crap in it yet at the same time losing the filming location to somewhere in Hungary.
Shrewsbury - town of ******* flowers, though historically it holds it's own.

BTB said...

Very interesting stuff...

You've reminded me that the floods, as well as having a Tolkien connection, may also relate to the cleansing of the ancient pathways: in particular, Watling Street (from Wroxeter to Londinium, and thence to Canterbury.) We saw the London to Kent 'leg' receive new energy through the Tour de France (Madeleine) ritual earlier this month; now it seems the northerly part of the track has received a good dousing too. Seems like the old grid is re-wiring itself... In readiness for?

Thanks for your input: excellent work.


P.S What is the word expurgated by asterisks? 'Shrewsbury- Town of (blank) flowers...'

FilmNoir23 said...

Odd you would mention The Empire State Building, as I just last night watched OUR new episode of Dr. Who (we are way behind I think)in which the Daleks were behind it's construction...compelling stuff.

We finally get Torchwood over here next month as well...

I am curious to hear what either of you think would be the "end" result of such a "cleansing"...I touched on that briefly with my Black Hole Sun post...I also see a tie-in with Bev's balloons/floating people research. A "rapture" motif being pumped into people's subconscious but as a "cover" for something else. Ye olde cunning fox again (at least in my opinion)

aferrismoon said...

The asterisks relate to my cynicism about the way the Town geared itself to winning European town of Flowers , which it eventually won yet in my opinion neglecting things like transport, amenities etc. The word is of course fucking.
The cleansing puts the flooding in a constructive place, and perhaps with the larger populations the cleansings increase. Not out of judgement but mere timely intervention.
I also think that hedgerow and other agricultural incidents, land clearing etc etc fail to take in the wider effects of these changes on nature. We're ok with what we can see but do the developers check out magnetic changes caused by the effects of development and other 'invisible' phenomena.
Modern Man has done away with mythology at the cost of losing intuition which is why it pushes through these blogs, the stories they tell, the characters they invoke and the media world from which much is gleaned
I hadn't takem much interest in the news til I got to Jakes videos, and from there to the few I go to. Being a British passport holder I value the slant and choice of stories here, and the calm reporting of the reported by Newspaceman
I found an M that might raise a titter over at my harbour

FilmNoir23 said...

We most certainly saw the cleansing effect here with what happened in New Orleans. One of the most magickal cities we have in this country. It was delibrate and calculated. You could see it day in and day out in the was like "what the hell is happening, why is no one doing anything". This was literally before the "storm" even hit... I took it especially hard as I had spent much time there in my younger days...drawing on the magick, getting lost in it's history and flavor...they stole all that.

BTB said...

Yeah, that's an example of the 'cleansing' at its most negative: quite probably artificial, if we give credence to Alan Watt's claims of UN Treaties on Weather Warfare. (I do.)

Thanks for the pointer to check Alan out, by the way.

The British flooding, on the other hand, I regard as a more benign process: the cleansing of the earth's circuit board- symbolised by these ancient tracks to which I refer- in readiness for some more vital shakedown yet to come. Having said that, this latest outbreak of 'extreme weather' could, itself, be manipulated; what suggests otherwise (to my mind) are the 'Marian Signals'... the resurrection principle at play.

I hear your sadness re: New Orleans. I've never been; but one thing's for sure, whatever's to replace all that character and history- as has no doubt already begun- will be heavy on Masonic and Illuminist influences, and thoroughly immersed in the culture of corporate fascism with which we are all so well acquainted.

It will become, in other words, a rich man's city.

'Old Black Joe's still pickin' cotton', as Leonard Cohen ruefully observed...

What's your take on it all?