Saturday, 7 July 2007

Torchwood 'Terror'

'Shoppers were terrified when they feared a huge blast being filmed for Dr Who spin-off show Torchwood was a terrorist bomb. The explosion was staged near Cardiff's Millenium Stadium, yards from shops and restaurants. A pall of smoke rose into the air.'

This is not the first time Doctor Who has come to our attention in recent days. On June 23rd, following a tip-off from David Southwell, I posted the fact that the Cybermen take up residence in none other than the Millenium Dome in a recent Who novel.

Torchwood, the Who spin-off series being filmed at the time of the fake bomb blast, is based on the fictional activities of the Torchwood Institute: a kind of British MJ-12, with special responsibility for locating and exploiting alien technology. It made its first series appearance in 2006; as a shadowy cabal orchestrating paranormal phenomena from inside the Canary Wharf tower on the Isle of Dogs- featured in the latest Harry Potter movie- within a bare whisker of the Dome on the Greenwich Peninsula. Most curiously, considering our recent obsession with the fast-approaching 7/7/7, this episode (its concluding part, to be quite accurate) aired on July 8th 2006; with the ominous title of 'Doomsday'. (Domes-day?)

The preceding episode had introduced viewers to the Genesis Ark: as Wikipedia helpfully explains, 'a prison ship... created by the Time Lords to house millions of Daleks captured during the Time War.' During my recent visit to Greenwich another, similar prison ship was moored within firing distance of (the real) Torchwood Tower: a Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier, in London to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the end of the Falklands War on June 14 1982. Its name? HMS Ark Royal. (News report here.)

These contorted connections between July 7/8th, and apocalyptic terror, need hardly surprise us. We have, after all, been tracking a number of signals pointing to this timeframe as a likely troublespot, as a whole raft of influences converge on the overstretched capital. The Concert for Diana last weekend, the Tour de France (starting in Greenwich), Al Gore's Live Earth concerts, the second anniversary of the London Bombings, the mystical 777... Had I but factored in the ascendancy of our newest Pharaoh, Gordon Brown- and less preoccupied with our latest Shirley Temple, the Matinee Madeleine herself- I might well have concluded that an 'attack' of the kind we didn't quite see last weekend was a practical certainty.

Indeed, so unified was the propaganda this week that the messages became virtually indistinguishable from each other: the brain-melting reality soup in which terror, global warming, international sporting spectacle and nefarious pageantry conflates in an orgy of high seriousness. "It's very important that people carry on living their lives as normal," Gordon Brown stated, after the latest staged terror drill: "We are all in this together."

It was that last (insincerely-delivered) line that the eejit meedjah pounced on for their soundbite. A line which echoes, almost perfectly, the marketing message of the impending Live Earth concerts, as witnessed here. (Live Earth, whose 'official companion', The Live Earth Global Warming Handbook, has kindly been put together by one David Mayer de Rothschild. See here for more.)


A.V. Michaels said...

Indeed. Thanks for the post; great blog, I'm happy to find such well-researched 'synchromystics'.
PS my blog is now at

David said...

Doctor Who as a mirror to the fears of England. The Doctor as the ultimate Englishman (even when he is Scottish), dark conspiracies, secret military groups, our government taken over by alien forces, ancient alien forces hidden in the landscape waiting to be discovered... Who is a mirror reflecting flashes of the English dreamtime so worth following.

And the epic battle between Daleks and Cyberman that climaxed series two is always refered to in Torthwood and season three of Who as 'the battle for Canary Wharf'.

BTB said...

'Flashes of the English dreamtime...' Hmmm, do I have your permission to borrow that phrase every once in a while, David?

By the way, did you happen to see this story:

Vandals destroy 130 scarecrows on Le Tour route.

'The project manager added: “More than 1,000 scarecrows have stood in a field in Finland for seven years without being touched, so it is very sad that the Fort Amherst ones have been vandalised after just two months.”

Police are investigating whether the vandals decided to copy a recent episode of popular TV show Doctor Who.

The episode of series three of the revived British sci-fi series was called The Family of Blood and has a scene where scores of scarecrows are massacred.'

Any comments?


P.S I'll e-mail you shortly re: the curry challenge. :)

Anonymous said...

could dr.who be a vague plan for the final stage of satanic ritual genocide or control? or just one of many signs that we are in an age of confusion and lack of true knowledge?