Tuesday, 17 July 2007

'The world's most ambitious projects...'

'They're big and bizarre and bold and... buildings (not spaceships, despite appearances.') So writes Tom Dyckhoff in this Times article from July 10th.

For more, see here.

Apologies for the lack of updates just recently... I'll be back in business very soon.


David said...

You being back in business is a very good thing.

FilmNoir23 said...

Good deal!

Oh, and BTW my mail to you all continues to be returned "failure to deliver" ????

Oh well...

aferrismoon said...

Speaking of immense projects a German architect planned a dam across the straits of Gibralter, and other massive Mediterranean projects. It was called ATLANTROPA. Bridges from Sicily to Malta to Africa.
Giant constructions across the Med and Madeleine, well the same locale.

Joshua said...

The Elite:Crack of whip"Build,build,build.more,more,more". Heard you over on redice,I enjoyed the interview.Also looking forward to any crop circle news you might have. Peace,Joshua

Eris said...

How about adding these unwanted horrors to the list?
NB -
Mr Gough said when Gehry came to Hove and walked along the beach on a very windy day he said: "What we need are five beautiful women, five madonnas."

I live in Brighton & use the existing facilities on this site. Nobody I know, including many local residents, wants these monstrous towers inflicted on the seafront.

hoi polloi said...

That's strange... I was just talking with someone recently about the "egg" building in downtown Albany where I have to go for work sometimes. It looks a lot like a UFO.


BTB said...

Thanks for your thoughts, guys.

Just for the record: I don't regard all of the above examples as 'unwanted horrors' but, Eris, I will investigate the Brighton link with keen interest. I used to be a Brighton resident, my brother still lives there; in a Georgian apartment with an attractive sea view, no less. (He has been known to read this blog: so a man of taste.)

Through him I have heard a little about the related marina development which has also provoked opposition. Since the torching of the Western Pier a few years back- an 'inside job' if ever there was one- the technocrats seem to be moving ever more quickly for greater and more expensive development; based on plans which were probably drawn up years ago. Brighton, you might know, is ruled (astrologically) by Saturn; and Saturn is the planetary ruler of Aquarius: the sign of the New Age (or New World Order, if you prefer.) I have long considered Brighton to be on the vanguard of the paradigm shift, for good and for ill, and hence- pace Greenwich and Oxford- what gets put down there is probably not without wider significance or considerable forethought.

I find this new development- and Gehry's comments- extremely interesting. Thanks for sending me the link... I have a feeling we'll be returning to this.

Oh, and speaking of beautiful madonnas, here's HP's link in 'clickable' format. An excellent example of the human and alien interface: Link.

Just out of interest, HP, where is Albany? And don't you think there could be a very interesting link between Albany... and Albion?.

martin said...

A long way from Albany, New York is the town of Albion in Mendocino, California on Highway 1. It is located on the Albion River near Albion Ridge. I once made an overnight stop at nearby Albion Flats at Albion Cove.
This area was once owned by an Englishman, Captain William H. Richardson, who was granted the land by the Mexican government.Quite an interesting story.

eris said...

OK Ben, maybe I did go a bit overboard in my descriptions of these planned developments, haha, but there is a considerable depth of feeling that the Gehry towers would be a real eyesore and not in character with the rest of the seafront. I'm not really up to speed with the Marina plans unless these involve a possible 40 storey tower (?), again most unwelcome. The Council seem determined to turn the city into a showpiece for something or other, and mainly against the wishes of the locals.

I didn't know that Brighton is ruled by Saturn, but as a town partial to hedonism (saturnalia) especially in the summer months, this would make a lot of sense. I look forward to any further observations you may have.

BTB said...

Ah, so there's the Albany connection... New York. Thanks Martin. Again, out of curiosity, do you have any idea how the Highways Agency (?) arrived at the numbering system for US roads? Any reason why this particular path is the (mystical) Highway #1?

Thanks for your thoughts, Eris. Too right: the Council do indeed seem determined to turn the city into a showpiece for something or other; and it's the question of what exactly that something is that cuts to the heart of a lot of my articles.

I have my own suspicions; but, more importantly, as a resident of London-on-Sea, what are yours? :)


martin said...

I believe that odd numbers run North-South while even nos. run East-West (as in Route 66). The lowest numbers start from the West.

aferrismoon said...

Perahps with all these Albions cropping up we'll finally meet the Albu Men [ with egg on their chin]
I have just photographed Prague's Black Madonna, yesterday and its at my blog should you care to sea.

Michael said...

Speaking of large projects, the Narrows "twin" suspension bridges finally opened last week.


The first bridge was made from steel, the second is concrete - feet of iron and clay?

Another place to see immense "space ships" is any fashionable mega-yacht harbor in the Med. The styling of these behemoths imply warp speed, not 20 knots. Maybe the elite are practicing.

Eris said...

I really don't know what to think, Ben.

Throw into the mix Brad Pitt helping Gehry with the Hove Towers, the project likely to complete in 2012; a 'trinity' of towers along the coast between the Marina in the east, the Gehry project in the west and the i360 'needle' tower designed by London Eye architects Marks Barfield at the West Pier site due to start work this coming Monday 23rd (the start of the Dog Days - Sirius connection) in the middle; and Cadaveo's post of 19th July re:urban wireless systems

I reserve the right to be confused and just a little bit concerned as to WTF is going on!