Sunday, 26 August 2007

The Golden Compass

I spotted this trailer before a showing of Potter 5. The poster, seen on the way in to the theatre, had also intrigued me; not for its quotidian AD&D imagery, but its strap-line: 'There are worlds beyond our own- The compass will show the way.' Invisibible dimensions and masonic symbols: seemed too good a convergence to ignore.

I didn't realise at the time- due to a regrettable name change, a la Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone- that The Golden Compass is the first in the His Dark Materials trilogy, based on the works of Philip Pullman. (Strangely, perhaps, given the popularity of the source material, the trailer doesn't mention this fact either.)

Now Pullman, as we all know, is the bearer of some controversial opinions- more so (inevitably) in North America than in his native Great Britain, where we tend to get less heated about matters of religion. And so we can expect a Potteresque debate to surface regarding the pernicious influence of what we can broadly predict will be hugely successful films. Interestingly, Pullman's major influences include the works of William Blake, and, most importantly, John Milton's Paradise Lost, from which the trilogy derives its title as well as many of its basic ideas; and draws considerably from Gnosticism. According to Wikipedia, the trilogy could be regarded as 'the antithesis of The Chronicles of Narnia', though the author himself has eschewed any such connection.

Wikipedia adds that elements of the trilogy- it doesn't say which ones- may have been borrowed by the writer of Doctor Who, Russell T Davies, for the 'Series 2' episode, Doomsday. This particular fiction has been brought to our attention before: as marking the on-screen debut of the Torchwood Institute, the cabal-in-residence of the massive Canary Wharf obelisk. (The venue for a shoot-out between the Daleks and the Cybermen.) Canary Wharf- or Torchwood Tower as it is known in the series- is the male antagonist of the Greenwich dome it overshadows; together comprising an unconscious pictogram of 'The Sons of Darkness and the Sons of Light' as recorded in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Of great interest was the fact that Doomsday was originally broadcast on July 8 2006: a year and a day following the 7/7 bombings in London and its connective fabric of the global Live 8 concerts and the G8 summit in Gleneagles. (In 2007, that fabric was strengthened with the addition of Live Earth, the staged terror plots which greeted Gordon Brown's ascension to the premiership, the Tour de France and the stunning East Field crop circle amongst others. Oddly enough, July 7 2008 is the date that certain conspiracists- including Steven Willner- give for the launch of the semi-mythical Project Lucifer, when a secret government of NASA scientists intend crashing 'a Cassini spacecraft observer carrying twice the payload of plutonium... directly through the hexagonal formation of the north pole of Saturn.' See here for more.)

So Doomsday, then, establishes the proud association between the 7/7 rituals, deep terror... and the City of London and its close relatives, eg Greenwich in SE10. (A tradition since continued by doom-laden movies such as Reign of Fire, Children of Men and the recent Flood, all set in and around the vicinity.) And so it came as no surprise to note that The Golden Compass- upon whose plot Doomsday was apparently modelled- also references that auspicious borough. Have a look at the trailer below; and the twin-domed building through which, at 01.08 mins, Nicole Kidman is seen walking. That, give or take a little CGI, is the Royal Naval College (now the National Maritime Museum) at Greenwich, the product of three of the finest architectural minds of the eighteenth century.

Of mild spooky resonance considering all of the above, is what Kidman is asked by her associate. 'Are you familar with the prophecies of the witches?' (Evoking consternation across her pointed features.) I expect that she is; but on the off-chance that she's not, you couldn't ask for a better place in which to get up to speed.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Telstar Man

Very interesting story here about Joe Meek, legendary music producer, the man often touted as 'the English Phil Spector.' Of particular relevance to us is his lifelong fascination with outer space- driven by a stint as an RAF radar operator- which clearly influenced his most famous recordings. Telstar, an instrumental song recorded by the Tornadoes, is the best-known of these; and as well as being the first British-produced record to reach the top of the American charts, is frequently cited as one of the most influential singles ever recorded.

It was produced in his home studio at 304 Holloway Road, London: an address now marked with one of English Heritage's famous blue plaques. (A privilege also extended to the flat wherein Jimi Hendrix spent the last few years of his life, 23 Brook Street, a few miles away in the exclusive district of Mayfair.) As well as his name, the plaque bears a depiction of the Telstar satellite that inspired him: the first to transmit telephone and broadcasting signals; and thus the symbolic progenitor of the globalised mass media of our present day.

Telstar was the product of a multi-national agreement between AT&T- the company formed by Alexander Graham Bell- NASA, the British GPO, and the French. It was equipped with a helical antenna which received microwave signals from the ground; which it then rebroadcast to its main receiving station at Goonhilly Downs in Helston, Cornwall.

Helston is situated on the Lizard pensinuslar, and is known as the home of the Furry- or Floral- Dance: one of the oldest folk customs still practised in the UK. Interestingly, as well as being associated with much Arthurian folklore, since 1968 Helston has been twinned with Sasso Marconi, named in honour of the radio pioneer born in the nearby city of Bologna in 1874. Marconi's association with the Lizard is long and important: the first radio signals were successfully transmitted from Poldhu Cove; Marconi personally selected the site, and became a well-known figure in the area. And both the Lizard and Helston, its capital, are important 'stops' along the so-called Apollo Axis: a major alignment of sacred sites stretching from Skellig Michael off the western coast of Ireland, to Mount Carmel (and beyond) in Israel.

Trewavas Head on the Lizard peninsular; whose famous dragon guards Albion's coast. (Photograph by Ellis Taylor.)

As Paul Broadhurst asks in The Dance of the Dragon, the story of his quest to map this ley-line, 'Is it possible that Marconi found something inspirational at this place that appealed to his sensitive and questing nature? Did he 'tune in' to the energies of the Apollo Line and use its spiritual powers to initiate a new current in human evolution? Perhaps, in some unquantifiable way, Marconi was the modern equivalent of a priest, or prophet of the coming age, and as such was guided by forces he himself did not entirely understand.'

In an interesting parallel, the inventor of television John Logie Baird conducted some of his early experiments on Box Hill, a famous summit just off the ancient North Downs Way. This is the prehistoric track, in more recent times known as the 'Pilgrim's Way', so closely connected with Kent and Surrey's crop circles; as well as the sacred sites of Canterbury and Winchester. Box Hill itself has a long association with artists and writers; and according to her colleague in the Theosophical Society, C W Leadbeater, is the place where Annie Besant had some of the most important clairvoyant experiences of her career.

Could Joe Meek, too, be regarded as an avatar of the New Age? Obsessed with the occult, he would use his skills as a recording engineer in cemeteries, in the hope of recording voices from 'the other side.' He adored Buddy Holly, with whom he claimed to be in spiritual communication via the seances he held in his flat; and died, at his own hand, on the eighth anniversary of the guitarist's death. (After first shooting dead his landlady.) And his pet project, finally released in its entirety in 1991, a concept album in which he sought to communicate his belief in extra-terrestrial life, was tellingly entitled I Hear A New World.

** UPDATE **
23 Brook Street: 'Two commemorative blue plaques in a London street reveal that Jimi Hendrix and George Frederick Handel lived next door to each other. Handel (1685-1759) lived and died at number 25 Brook Street; Hendrix (1942-70) lived for one year at number 23.'
Source: Beyond Coincidence, by Martin Plimmer and Brian King

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Ancient footprint

CAIRO: Egyptian archaelogists have found what could be the world's oldest footprint. The footprint, which was left on mud and then hardened into rock, was found in the desert oasis Siwa in western Egypt. Khaled Saad, of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, said that it could be more than three million years old.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

David Shayler- King Felix?

Just over a week ago we reported on the strange developments in the life of one David Shayler, MI5-whistleblower, prominent spokespeople for 9/11 truth in the UK; and modern incarnation of the 'Yeshua consciousness'. He chose the Glastonbury Symposium- a forum for crop circle researchers- as the venue to reveal this last fact; provoking disbelief, ire and polite bafflement in both the mainstream media and the blogosphere.

In an interview with a largely sympathetic Channel Four news- who chose to emphasise his new status as 'mystic' rather than self-professed Messiah- Shayler explains some of the steps which led to his realisation. Of particular interest to us, is the fact that one of these steps entailed a profound contemplation of the West Kennett crop circle: much discussed here and elsewhere. Apparently, this formation betrayed such close similarity to a sketch Shayler had drawn as a child, that he took its appearance to confirm the suspicions he had been harbouring for many months prior: that he is the 'Righteous King' prophesied in scripture.

That the formation clearly depicts the chequerboard floor of a Masonic lodge suggests the presence of similar influences in Shayler's childhood: influences which may well still be around him today. His two-year immersion in kaballah is well-known; through it he claims he 'learnt how to channel 'The Light.'' And then there is the worrying coincidence of the Glastonbury revelation arriving almost to the day of the completion of a documentary film in which Shayler was closely involved, entitled '911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy.' According to Adrian Connock, the film's producer, it was whilst working on this that Shayler began ''downloading' large amounts of information about the universe,' which quickly evolved into hearing the voice of Yeshua. Connock continues:

'The bottom line is that David has a voice in his head asking him to say and do things. He is ignoring his friend's opinions over the voices' because through a series of "signs" he has made up his mind that what the voice is telling him is accurate... I have no tangible evidence to prove what has recently happened to David is not purely of his own making, but I am aware of a number of methods by which this effect could be achieved through external forces.'

Perhaps, though, this assessment is unduly charitable. Judging from this interview with Stephen Nolan of Radio Five Live, Shayler may well be executing a well-honed strategy designed to deliberately discredit the very causes he once espoused so passionately. The unerring similarities between his 'awakening', and comparable events in the life of David Icke, for example, are so obvious as to arouse considerable suspicion. Is the Shyster somebody's attempt to hoist a new saviour upon the conspiracy community; to better shape its future direction?

His many references to 'the Zionist enemy', 2012; and the palpable insincerity of his offers of eternal life- would all suggest so; and that his contribution to the process may be far from unwitting. Even more suspect- useful, but no idiot- must be his former partner, Annie Machon; who has continuously played the 'Good Cop' cheerleader to Shayler's disinforming din.

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George Michael to take Lennon's piano on 'tragedy tour' of Britain

George Michael plans to take the piano on which Lennon wrote Imagine on a 'tragedy tour' of Britain to protest against violence. The pop singer wants to send out a symbolic message of love and harmony by placing the piano close to the four sites in London where the 7/7 suicide bombers struck two years ago... The piano- complete with cigarette burns- has already caused controversy. It appeared at Waco, Texas, where 80 members of a cult died in a blaze after a stand-off with police, and outside a prison on the day a murderer was executed... It has since appeared outside the Ford Theatre in Washington, where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated; at the Memphis motel- now a museum- where Martin Luther King was murdered in 1968; and at Virginia Tech was 32 students were massacred in April.

There are plans to take the piano to New York later this year and to place it near Ground Zero, in memory of 9/11, and also outside the Dakota building in Manhattan where Lennon was assassinated.'

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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

'Madeleine: Diplomacy pressures PJ'

The UK tabloids have been full of criticism for the alleged mishandling of the Madeleine investigation by the Portuguese police. Journalists from that nation, however, have argued somewhat differently. An article in the Correio da Manha today argues that it was diplomacy from the British Embassy- not police incompetence- which subverted the early investigation, and prevented officers from persuing anything other than the abduction theory favoured by the PTB. The orders, according to the writer in question, came from no less a source than John Buck, the British Ambassador himself; who called the head of the Policia Judiciara on the night of Madeleine's disappearance to advise on the direction in which the police work should proceed.

So why is a British diplomat giving orders to a native chief of police? And who gave the word to John Buck in the first place?

'Alípio Ribeiro, national director of PJ, received a call from John Buck, the british ambassador in Portugal, on the night Madeleine disapeared from the Ocean Club, on May 3.

Around 11 p.m., approximately two hours after the child's disppearance had been communicated to the police, Alípio Ribeiro had to interrupt a private dinner in order to listen to the diplomat. That phone call was the first sign that the British were very keen on accompanying the PJ’s actions very closely, and in forcing the investigations to follow the abduction theory.

“The PJ lost too much time investigating the abduction”, a source connected to the investigation told Correio da Manha. The pressure of the British diplomacy apparently only slowed down after the arrival in Portugal of British police agents who gave support to the redirectioning of the investigation to the possibility of murder. The biological evidence found in the apartment were decisive in the changing the inquiry's direction, or, at least, for the PJ to admit that change publicly.'

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