Sunday, 19 August 2007

David Shayler- King Felix?

Just over a week ago we reported on the strange developments in the life of one David Shayler, MI5-whistleblower, prominent spokespeople for 9/11 truth in the UK; and modern incarnation of the 'Yeshua consciousness'. He chose the Glastonbury Symposium- a forum for crop circle researchers- as the venue to reveal this last fact; provoking disbelief, ire and polite bafflement in both the mainstream media and the blogosphere.

In an interview with a largely sympathetic Channel Four news- who chose to emphasise his new status as 'mystic' rather than self-professed Messiah- Shayler explains some of the steps which led to his realisation. Of particular interest to us, is the fact that one of these steps entailed a profound contemplation of the West Kennett crop circle: much discussed here and elsewhere. Apparently, this formation betrayed such close similarity to a sketch Shayler had drawn as a child, that he took its appearance to confirm the suspicions he had been harbouring for many months prior: that he is the 'Righteous King' prophesied in scripture.

That the formation clearly depicts the chequerboard floor of a Masonic lodge suggests the presence of similar influences in Shayler's childhood: influences which may well still be around him today. His two-year immersion in kaballah is well-known; through it he claims he 'learnt how to channel 'The Light.'' And then there is the worrying coincidence of the Glastonbury revelation arriving almost to the day of the completion of a documentary film in which Shayler was closely involved, entitled '911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy.' According to Adrian Connock, the film's producer, it was whilst working on this that Shayler began ''downloading' large amounts of information about the universe,' which quickly evolved into hearing the voice of Yeshua. Connock continues:

'The bottom line is that David has a voice in his head asking him to say and do things. He is ignoring his friend's opinions over the voices' because through a series of "signs" he has made up his mind that what the voice is telling him is accurate... I have no tangible evidence to prove what has recently happened to David is not purely of his own making, but I am aware of a number of methods by which this effect could be achieved through external forces.'

Perhaps, though, this assessment is unduly charitable. Judging from this interview with Stephen Nolan of Radio Five Live, Shayler may well be executing a well-honed strategy designed to deliberately discredit the very causes he once espoused so passionately. The unerring similarities between his 'awakening', and comparable events in the life of David Icke, for example, are so obvious as to arouse considerable suspicion. Is the Shyster somebody's attempt to hoist a new saviour upon the conspiracy community; to better shape its future direction?

His many references to 'the Zionist enemy', 2012; and the palpable insincerity of his offers of eternal life- would all suggest so; and that his contribution to the process may be far from unwitting. Even more suspect- useful, but no idiot- must be his former partner, Annie Machon; who has continuously played the 'Good Cop' cheerleader to Shayler's disinforming din.

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David said...

Voices are telling DS what to do ... the voice of VALIS/MANDI?SPECTRA/ZEBRA or the voices of SIS?

As my own research into the claims made by some in Five that Icke was their conspiracy community control valve have shown me, you cannot rule out a SIS element in these type of cases which might just give a whole new meaning to claim by DS that he knows 'what is going to happen'.

hoi polloi said...

Jeff mentions Dione Fortune, what's your take on her? I'm reading one of her books now and find it very, umm [looks around worriedly] enlightening

David said...

DF should always be seen in the context of her time and line of magical transmission, but at her best she certainly was able to understand and connect to a deep visionary strain of the Albionic.

BTB said...

Are you having your own Shayler moment, HP? :)

David sums up my feelings on Dion Fortune, see above.