Sunday, 19 August 2007

George Michael to take Lennon's piano on 'tragedy tour' of Britain

George Michael plans to take the piano on which Lennon wrote Imagine on a 'tragedy tour' of Britain to protest against violence. The pop singer wants to send out a symbolic message of love and harmony by placing the piano close to the four sites in London where the 7/7 suicide bombers struck two years ago... The piano- complete with cigarette burns- has already caused controversy. It appeared at Waco, Texas, where 80 members of a cult died in a blaze after a stand-off with police, and outside a prison on the day a murderer was executed... It has since appeared outside the Ford Theatre in Washington, where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated; at the Memphis motel- now a museum- where Martin Luther King was murdered in 1968; and at Virginia Tech was 32 students were massacred in April.

There are plans to take the piano to New York later this year and to place it near Ground Zero, in memory of 9/11, and also outside the Dakota building in Manhattan where Lennon was assassinated.'

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David said...

How can you even begin to satirize this absurdity? How can you even begin to believe that even someone as doped to the gills as George M does not see this as some form of sympathetic magic? Welcome to the truth of the rush towards 2012 – the M is going to stand for madness.

AWG said...

Saw it up close and personal on April 19th here in Oklahoma City. Nearby, ghoulish Giuliani was twitching nervously. The piano, on the other hand, was in fine condition.

Anonymous said...

Keep on smoking the good stuff, George...

aferrismoon said...

Mesmerising....... really, Pavlov's dogs yapping round the theatre of Melancholy , me next, me next, see me , watch me , love me
Next years fashion- Mourning suits with hot pink waistcoats from MiMi's
Perhaps they appear as magical rituals but I was lead to believe that to make anything work one needs a charge, not the dampest of squibs. My abiding hope in all this , is that there's barely a modicum of magickal energy in any of these clown acts