Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Bolan- UPDATE.

Thanks due to the ever radiant Hoi Polloi, who answered the call for 'occult synchronicities' re: Marc Bolan.

"With yet another attempt to get into the music business at a dead end, Marc found himself hanging around the National Theatre looking for work. He was able to land several character parts in some TV shows including a delinquent on the Sam Kydd TV series and a show called 'Orlando'. But TV acting bored Marc so he decided to take an extended trip to France. The accounts of what happened in France differ and not even Marc ever seemed to tell the same story twice. He was known to occasionally stretch the truth or fabricate pieces of it and seemed to often forget which parts were real and which were fantasies. He once admitted to an interviewer that he felt that his credibility as a poet allowed him to stretch the truth or make things up. In any case, according to Marc's accounts he met a magician who lived in a 40 room mansion with libraries of books on mythology and black magic. Marc claimed to have witnessed levitations, seances, and crucifixions of live cats. He even claimed to have at one point witnessed a ceremony at which the attendees resorted to consumption of human flesh. All of this, recall, was from Marc's own accounts. According to one of Marc's early producers, Simon Napier-Bell, however, Marc had merely met a guy who did magic tricks and spent a weekend with him. Whatever the real truth, the experience had a profound effect on Marc. He left France with a much more highly developed imagination and a near obsession with Greek mythology, British romantic poetry, and the Tolkien books "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of The Rings". The Tolkien books had reached nearly Biblical status with the sixties generation of hippies and they would have a tremendous influence on Marc's early song writing; manifesting themselves in the form of enchanted poems and lyrics.

Marc returned to Britain more determined than ever to become a star. He locked himself away for months writing songs in a manic frenzy of inspiration. His future wife would later describe his writing style in terms of "a force flowing out of him". He himself contributed it to the work of his Guardian Angel whom, he was sure, really did all of the writing. During this period of time, Marc would churn out a reservoir of songs which he would still be tapping into five albums later. Among them was a song which he entitled"The wizard" in honor of his wizardly friend in France. With the help of producer Jim Economedies, he recorded the song and landed a record contract with Decca."

Just learned from YouTube that Bolan took his stage name from the syllables Bo-b Dy-lan. The influence of that particular magician is very evident in the song referred to above, see here.


hoi polloi said...

Also, the name Marc means "dedicated to Mars". I didn't know why he chose the name Bolan though. That's cool!

hoi polloi said...

...More name etymology: Dylan means "son of the sea" in Welsh, but you probably knew that already ;)