Monday, 17 September 2007

Talisman of the One World Religion (continued)

'Marc Bolan would have turned 60 at the end of this month had he not been in the passenger seat of his purple Mini when his girlfriend, Gloria Jones, crashed into a sycamore tree. The couple were on their way home to Barnes after a night on the town. The 30th anniversary of his death this weekend, 16 September, seems as a good time as any to make the pilgrimage to one of London's less well-known rock shrines...'


'The latest incarnation of Kate Moss, 3.3 metres high, virginal white, limbs contorted in bestial beauty like a Shiva deity, is already part of our consciousness. That famous half-smile, dreamy and glazed, stares out through curtains of hair. Her androgynous body teeters precipitously on her coccyx, legs splayed and flaunting all for anyone who cares to see.

"Wherever we look, Kate Moss's image has become part of our mythology," observes the soft-spoken artist Marc Quinn, who sculpted the supermodel as Myth (Sphinx), now itself part of that image-making process. "In whatever form, in newspapers, magazines, on the internet, she's our kind of collective hallucination of perfection, someone we see everywhere and know amost nothing about."

For more, see:

The work forms part of the Beyond Limits exhibition at Chatsworth House. See:

Also featured in the exhibition is Damien Hirst's The Virgin Mother, see:

And for Todd Campbell's recent article on Hirst's crystal skull, see:


hoi polloi said...

There are other interesting occult coincidences surrounding Marc's death, his work and his friendly [?] rivalry with David Bowie.

BTB said...

Well, would you care to tell us about them?

Please? :)

FilmNoir23 said...

I'm a BIG Bolan fan, so YES INDEED tell us!

He's been on my mind much lately...didn't realize the date was upon us. I just happened to catch a short doc on him on the Documentary Channel last week