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Alex Jones: Endgame

Some days the New World Order seems a lot closer to our present reality than others. Today, waking up to the news that nurses are to be granted the power not to resuscitate patients who stop breathing- currently they may only do so after consultation with a doctor- was one of those days. It follows the news- as reported on Behemoth Conspiracy- of a planned liberalisation in the abortion laws, an expansion in the number of clinics offering the procedure, and to allow the second stage of a termination to be performed in the patient's home.

Alex Jones manages to draw together these and other themes presently being explored in the conspiracy blogosphere- in particular, those of 'transhumanism' and genetic research- in a particularly worthy section of his latest film, Endgame. Characteristically, Jones succeeds in penetrating the politically-correct obfuscation which cloaks discussion of these subjects, and in revealing the common agenda which underlies them all.

'The scientific rationale for tyranny has always been attractive to elites, because it creates a convenient excuse for treating their fellow man as lower than animals. Robert Thomas Malthus is famous for saying that a mass food collapse would be helpful because it would wipe out the poor... Malthus is important because his ideas led to the rise of a new scientific field that would dominate the course of human history for the next two hundred plus years.

'Charles Darwin, an admirer of the Malthusian Catastrophe model, developed the theory of evolution; its chief tenet being 'survival of the fittest.' With the help of T H Huxley, known as 'Darwin's Bulldog' for his strong support of Darwin's theories, his ideas were pushed into wide acceptance among key scientific circles throughout England and then the world. Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton, credited as the father of eugenics, saw an opportunity to advance mankind by taking the reins of Darwin's evolution theory and applied social principles, to develop Social Darwinism... The emerging pseudoscience was only codifying the practice of inbreeding, already popular within elites for millenia. Biometrics appears to be a new science but was actually developed by Galton back in the 1870s, as a way to track racial traits and genetic history, and as a way to decide who would be licensed to breed.

'In 1904 the Cold Springs Harbour Research Facility was started in the United States by eugenicist Charles Davenport with the funding of Carnegie, Rockefeller and Harriman. In 1907, the first sterilization laws were passed in the US. Citizens with mild deformities or low test scores on their report cards, were arrested and forcibly sterilized. In 1910, the US Eugenics Record Office was set up. By then the British had set up the first network of social workers, expressly to serve as the spies and enforcers of the eugenics race cult that was rapidly taking control of Western society. The social workers would decide who would have their children taken away, who would be sterilized, and in some cases, who would be quietly murdered. In 1911, the Rockefeller family exports eugenics to Germany by bankrolling the Kaiser Wilhem Institute which later would form a central pillar in the Third Reich... In 1923, [US eugenicist] Margaret Sanger wrote that black leaders would need to be recruited to act as front men for sterilization programmes directed against black communities.

'The so-called science was aggressively pushed through schools, churches and at state fairs. Churches competed in contests, with big cash prizes, to see who could best implement eugenics into their sermons... That same year in the United States [1924] more than 25 states passed forced sterilization laws, and the Supreme Court ruled in favour of brutal sterilization policies. When Hitler came to power in 1933, one of his first acts was to pass national eugenics laws modelled after laws in the United States. By 1936, Germany had become the world leader in eugenics, sterilizing and euthanizing hundreds of thousands of victims.

'At the end of the war, the Allies protected from prosecution the very Nazi scientists who had tortured thousands of people to death. The Nazi brand of eugenics had embarassed the elites, but they had no intention of stopping their plans... Eugenicists were angry that their great work had been exposed, and then scrambled to camoflauge their agenda. Eugenics Quarterly became Social Biology; the American Birth Control League became Planned Parenthood. New terms like 'transhumanism', population control, sustainability, conservationalism and environmentalism replaced racial hygiene and Social Darwinism. Many eugenicists of the previous period engaged in what they called 'crypto-eugenics', purposely taking their eugenics beliefs underground, becoming highly-respected anthropologists, biologists and geneticists in the post-war world.'

For the complete film, click here.

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Atlantean Times said...


The Messianic Legacy Page 203.....

I picked this up and it opened on this page yesterday.... I swear....

" Himmler himself spoke frequently of Geomancy, "earth magic" and ley lines, and he liked to fantasise about the Wewelsburg as an Occult power centre similar ( as he imagined it) to stonehenge. The official journal of the Ahnenerbe - the research bereau, so to speak of the SS - used often to publish articles devoted to such subjects"

" It is interesting that none of the Occult aspects of NAZI Germany found it's way to the copious evidence and documentation of the NURENBERG TRIALS. Why?

" Were the Allied prosecutors unaware of it at the time? did they dismiss it as irrelevant or incidental? In fact, neither. The prosecutors were only all too aware of it and far from underestimating it thet feared it's potentcy - feared the psycholigical and spirtitual implications in the West if it became publicly known that a twentieth century state had established itself and attained the power it had on such principles. According to the late Airey Neave on of the Nurenberg prosecutors, the ritualistic and occult aspects of the third reich were to be ruled as inadmissable as evidence."
Regards gav