Wednesday, 24 October 2007

The Hole In The Sky

Behemoth Conspiracy is now the place for news clippings, but considering how neatly this particular story connects to Brian Allan's latest book I couldn't help but drop it in here:

'Royal Navy nuclear-powered submarines have been involved in more than 200 radiological incidents at the Devonport naval base in the past five years, according to details released to the Western Morning News under the Freedom of Information Act.'

(Brian, as you may recall, is the researcher whose work on Rosslyn Chapel I reviewed a while ago, and who was interviewed by Greg at Occult of Personality in May.) The news is unlikely to come as much as a surprise for those who live around the naval dockyard, because Devonport, in the south of England, like Taos in New Mexico, is notorious for 'The Hum': 'a faint but insistent hum... within the frequency range of 40 to 80Hz' whose cause is unknown. Says Brian:

'The cause... has often been attributed to the proximity of power lines, but another less obvious reason may be due to its geographical location and its proximity to a military establishment... Since military success and efficiency relies on good, secure communication, it is the method of supplying it that may lie at the core of the problem. Since salt water is a notoriously poor transfer medium for high frequency signals, communication with the submarine force whilst submerged is currently achieved using buried antennae transmitting at extra low frequency or ELF. The frequencies used are between 3-30Hz, which allows information transfer without the need for the vessel to surface...

'Unfortunately, since these specific frequencies are very close to those generated naturally within the human brain they may well be [the source] of these all-pervasive and irritating hums. It should be noted that some people are not sensitive to them, but for those who are, life can be a constant battle for their sanity... Worryingly, there have been a number of suicides around the area surrounding Devonport which were attributed to the hum and its pernicious effects. Interestingly, it has been recorded that persons suffering from 'hum sickness' have been afforded temporary relief when placed inside a Faraday cage, which filters out certain ranges of electromagnetic radiation... Unsurprisingly, the armed forces and government bodies like the National Radiological Protection Board continue with a policy of flat denial, insisting that there is no connection, far less any danger, from electromagnetic radiation, much as they do with the very real risks from microwave radiation stemming from the near ubiquitous use of mobile phones and other sources.'

He goes on to observe the frequency with which UFO sightings and other paranormal phenomena seem to coalesce around military bases, suggesting that the intense electromagnetism surrounding such places may be responsible for generating 'hotspots of anomalous activity... where the division between realities seems more transparent.' (The Hole In The Sky of the book's title.) One particularly interesting example is the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, land once tended by the Navajo. According Brian Allan, the ranch played regular host to 'an array of orange coloured, glowing, visible portals that appeared spontaneously over the land... There are also reports of strange, small, airborne craft flying towards and vanishing into the openings.' The phenomena, of which both Linda Moulton-Howe and John B Alexander were amongst the witnesses, were attributed , in some quarters, 'to a curse cast by the indigenous Navajo... for trespassing on and desecrating their traditional ground', an idea which- as Allan observes- 'has strong resonances with the highly successful film, Poltergeist.' (Very interestingly, a 'Skinwalker' is a Native American word for shapeshifter.)

For those who have read the latest BTB article, the prevalence of portals associated with former American Indian sites begins to explain why Casolaro's obsession with the Octopus started at Cabazon; and why Joseph Smith's revelation of the Book of Mormon in 1830 was directly inspired by his imaginative contemplations of the Native American- perhaps megalithic- burial mounds of upstate New York... Not far from where the stargate would once again be wrenched open in 2001, at the real dawn of the millenium.

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UPDATE: Native American magic has been blamed for the real-life 'Poltergeist curse' which urban mythology attributes to the film franchise of the same name; to which is attributed the early life of two of its child stars, Heather O'Rourke most famously. In a close parallel with the film's storyline, the curse has been blamed on real skeletal remains used as props, a claimed confirmed by actress JoBeth Williams in television interviews. Interestingly, another victim of the jinx has been the NBA team Utah Jazz, who play their home matches in an arena whose exterior was featured in a scene in Poltergeist III. The team have failed to win championships ever since, losing in the NBA Finals two years running in 1997 and 1998.

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