Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Times journalist calls for population control...

Eugenics and population control were the subject of a leading article in the Murdoch-owned Times of London yesterday. Calling for 'brave new thinking' on overpopulation, Melanie Reid urged feminists to embrace their inner dictator, and 'acknowledge that population control is a counter-intuitive thing.' Castigating the 'idealistic eyes' with which the argument is perceived, and calling for the West to transcend its 'liberal shibboleths', Reid believes overpopulation is the most pressing challenge confronting the planet.

'We can argue, quite lucidly, that population control equates not only to liberation for billions of women who spend their lives shackled by perpetual pregnancy but, even more portentously, that it represents liberation for the whole human race from starvation and disaster. It's what women choose when they have neither the wealth not the power to control their fertility in other ways, and to argue otherwise is to do so from a position of phoney idealism... It's time for creative thinking, by women for women. I rather admire the Chinese. They recognised a huge problem and did something about it... After nearly 30 years of it, Chinese women, who are increasingly working, now say the rules facilitate their more Westernised life.'

But lest we think that Ms Reid has disappeared into some parallel dimension in which Germany won the war, she reminds us that the 'global incentive scheme' which she has in mind would be discharged 'with all the proper safeguards' (!) and 'done with willing participation.' As willing, I suppose, as the Africans deliberately infected with AIDS by the World Health Organisation in 1977 were willing, or the gay population of New York and San Francisco, who- thanks to the hepatitis B vaccinations conducted by Dr Wolf Szmuness, an ex-roommate of Pope John Paul II- were infected with the same virus over a three year period from November 1978 to October 1981? International bodies don't have a very good record when it come to safeguarding the rights of their target populations- especially populations they wish to reduce in size... But perhaps this is just another 'liberal shibboleth' we need to adjust?



FilmNoir23 said...

They have the public so consumed that agendas are dropping into place left and right. Things really seem amped up.

BTB said...

True, Todd... Which is why we have to keep our eyes on the ball instead of on Super Mario Kart.
(In my humble opinion.)

Enjoying your 'Million Dollar Hotel' series, however.


FilmNoir23 said...

Thanks for the FEMA link, it was all over the news here, and just pathetic frankly.

on the Scientology front you might check this out


33_hertz said...

Yes, we must all now rather admire the Chinese.
And never question why Western fertility rates plummet year on year.
Your response is spot on, Ben.

aferrismoon said...

Without wishing to proselytize B-Fuller, he discarded the Malthusian population growth ideas over 30 years ago, citing that as we develop technology and use more energy to develop our minds we free ourselves naturally from bio-cultural imperatives such as reproduction. He showed that as energy consumption increases , births decrease .
Essentially the 'kill the poor' brigade who love hiding behind great phrases like ' new ways of thinking' all use the thinking drawn from Malthus and Darwins now very dated science.
With the Enviro-liars - no more Energy to 3rd worlders - they implicitly invoke population increases and will no doubt argue in a circle - look they breed so cull them [ not directly of course, classic starvation and a few million cases of diaorrhea will do the trick].
Thus the stinking lie:
Not enough food - Yes there is but we won't allow it onto the market as it will damage the economy.
Too many people - population drops with increases in energy consumption [ which is not , has not and never will be a bad thing]
This is because energy doesn't disappear , or fall off the edge of the planet etc. No we have Universal Laws that imply that Universe - a self-regenerating system where Energy - constant yet interchanges dynamically
Its strange that many of Fullers research into the environment and how we use our energy + the scientific laws that disprove most of the 'Humans as destroyers of the Environment' mantra, have been wholly disregarded.
Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth = a free download somewhere .
All the best , because we are

aferrismoon said...

Please note today's Yahoo headline [ UK] [ Brits throw a third of their food away

Atlantean Times said...


I have just been watching have i got news for you and they made a laugh about the sky news presenter who left her mic on when david cameron was talking about overpopulation..... as he was saying we need a solution she said the word exterminate out loud over the broadcast... see link...


Atlantean Times said...

here is the link to a you tube video of the incident. I dont think this will be up for long....