Sunday, 28 October 2007

Watson- Race Laureate

A letter to the Times today synchronises with yesterday's post (Alex Jones- Endgame) with almost eerie precision.

'It is surprising that in reporting the news of the recent comments on race by James Watson, former chancellor and director of Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory, that few have noted that its earlier claim to fame was as the centre of the eugenics movement. Dr Watson's comments on race, obesity and homosexuality would seem in line with those of an earlier, now discredited, directory of the laboratory, Charles Davenport, in the 1920s and 1930s. There must be something in the water.'

Professor Gillies McKenna
Radiation Oncology & Biology
Oxford University
Radiobiology Research Institute.


Atlantean Times said...


Read Genius Factory by David Plotz, it's a short enough book too @ 260 pages,for an inside look at what went on during the Eugenics period. He looks at the work Robert Graham the pioneer sperm banker who wanted to create a race of super kids by breeding well educated single women with athletes and nobel prize winners, He really wanted the Nobel Sperm but apparently had trouble getting the sperm from these lofty individuals. Although it has to be said why would they reveal their identity.
I have an article on the Eugeincs theme planned and it involves some major celebs that I have found reason to question the parentage of and I dont mean that I think they are Bastards although a lot of them are bastards imo.

Regards Gav.

Michael said...

Holmes, I have a message you may find interesting at

Your friend and doctor, Watson.