Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Some Behemoth cuttings...

... are appearing in 'Y Magazine' next month: an esoteric organ published by an obscure magical collective, The British OKOK Society, founders of the ORB. (OKOK Research Bureau.) I'll be publishing part of the article here shortly, along with more details of how you can order the magazine and/or the audio disc which compliments it, but for now let me leave you with some of the choice thoughts of the magazine's editor and founding light, 'Mother Matrix', on a theme which has been rigorously persued in the synchrosphere: the bee.

'A later Edition of Y Magazine will further explore the esoteric mythology of bees and their Secret Order of the Hive, especially in its relation to occult-hermetic-alchemical political systems. For now though, consider how the bees' markings of yellow-and-black are the most supremely revered colours of the Illuminati, representing their two major ritual preoccupations of Sex-Death/Creation-Destruction; and at a deep occult, cosmic level the Solar and Black Suns. Here note the acronym 'EBEs' (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities) - the supposedly original official term for alien beings found in the notorious MAJESTIC-12 briefing documents. It was coined in 1947 by the team led by physiologist, biophysicist and original MJ-12 member Dr. Detlev Bronk, and since then certain other people with government/intelligence connections have tried to anchor it in the argot of the wider UFO community (without much success).

This is because it is a purposeful cabalistic anagram of 'BEEs': creatures whose deeply mysterious actions may point to them coming to Earth from Elsewhere. Here note the reports of a peculiar “insectile buzzing sound” that precipitates a UFO close encounter or apparition of the Virgin Mary; and that in his Outside the Circles of Time (Frederick Muller 1980), Kenneth Grant relates that the rituals of a modern occult “lodge gone black” were also persistently accompanied by this eerie sound. He goes on to mention that the original Arabic title of the dreaded Necronomicon has the meaning of “a nocturnal sound made by insects”, so we may assume that this sound also announces the arrival of the “Old Ones” from another dimension.

All honeybees go through three distinct stages of metamorphosis (Egg, Larva, Pupa) before becoming an adult - synonymous with the three degrees of 'Blue' Freemasonry (Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Mason) that every candidate must make the transition through before becoming a fully accepted member of the Brotherhood. And both Bee and Mason (on the surface) loyally serve their Queen... Bearing this in mind, could the origin of Speculative Freemasonry as practised today have come from the study of bees? It certainly didn't originate from a trade guild for building workers, all that was a fantasy concoction made up after they went 'public' with the formation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717 (see Born in Blood by John J. Robinson, Century 1990).

The Freemasons seem to want a patriarchal Republic along the lines of Plato (who was into musing on bees), and such a city state is reflected in the honeybee colony, where the male drone's job is to just fly off and mate with Queens from other colonies, otherwise they laze around the hive and luxuriate, being looked after by the female workers who do all the essential tasks. Their Queen is only tolerated so long as she lays the eggs for the next generation and doesn't try to leave. And look at the 'Seal of Solomon' they use - Masonic historians explain its secret symbolism that by removing the two horizontal bars, this leaves the interlaced Compass and Square, the two main Masonic tools - but could this ancient six-pointed star really represent the central radiating hexagonal cell of the honeycomb?

It's no coincidence the infamous Merovingians used the bee as their emblem, placing it on womb-like 'grail' chalices, as for them it represented the holy bloodline of Judah. In fact, the bee was a symbol of 'royal wisdom' from before the time of King Solomon, another hint that these flying helpers of Nature and Mankind either were, or were intimately connected to, the off-world 'First Race', who came to planet Earth long ago to breed with humans and produce hybrid Superbeings, as recorded in Genesis and other ancient texts.

Right here is the origin of the whole “divine right of kings” instinct: Pharaoh-Emperor-Despot as the incarnation of the Godhead, divinely anointed and ordained by God to rule, their divine power and authority passed down the bloodline via genetic heredity. Accountable to God alone, the 'Chosen Ones' are not answerable to the laws and judgement of lesser mortals, thus their subjects have no rights at all. Whether truth or delusion, it worked as the dominant ideology for centuries, continuing in Europe way past the Reformation, and is still there in fact, behind the scenes, helped in part by the ongoing cottage industry of Bloodline Fetish books: a sugar cube before a heap of pollen. Perhaps this explains why spiritually-minded British royal family member Prince Charles is about to make a propaganda film about “the harmony of the beehive versus the modern throwaway consumer society”...'

For more, visit: http://www.okok.4mg.com/


hoi polloi said...

Cool! I think that buzzing sound has also been linked to OBEs

FilmNoir23 said...

Fantastic Post Ben. I look forward to picking up a copy of the mag also.

This is some tidy and extremely valuable Bee info.

Much thanks, and great work as usual.

BTB said...

Thanks for the nice words, Todd... I must make it clear the text is written by the editor of the magazine, not by me. My article is a compilation of some of the stuff I've published online about Francis Dashwood and the Hellfire Club... I'll chuck a link up, and post some highlights soon.

Yes, OBEs, lucid dream states, auditory hallucinations, etc: all connected to transdimensional 'visitations' of one kind or another.

Still coming back for more after our marathon on Saturday night, HP? I can only assume you're a masochist... ;)

Good to hear from you both,

FilmNoir23 said...

Yes Ben, I was aware it came from the Editor but valuable info none the less my friend.

Do you know much about the "Bell" craft? I find that story quite fascinating...a VERY BEE-like

Atlantean Times said...

hey there Ben.
Check out my latest on Royal Bloodlines Its from a book I bought recently for a different perspective on this. Greta piece again by the by.

its an amazing book for a maths book.(1 to 9 Andrew Hodges) in the first chapter he refers to Bush as the SUN KING he also mentions UFO's. There are other relevant conspiracy syncs in the book and I have only read 56 pages....

The the piece i have stolen is from a Chapter entitled "TO BE OR NOT TO BE."

Thank you Thank you I rest my case yout honour....lol..Its the weirdest thought when you think to yourself.
"is the universe trying to mess with my head"

wwwdotnet said...

Great post... I guess it would also excuse scientists for not having scientifically worked out how bumble bees can fly, as officially they shouldn't manage the task...

Emperor said...

The Daily Grail's Greg Taylor has an essay on this kind of thing in Darklore and it is available free as a PDF. He also touches on it in a recent interview.