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The Titan and the Titanic

Back in August we reported on 'the small iron key' which could have prevented the sinking of the Titanic: a story which was greeted with admirable scepticism by at least one of my correspondents, the enigmatic Glasgow Greensmoke. (You still out there, man?) According to the Times, 'the key, which opened the locker containing the lookout's binoculars, was left behind when the liner set off on her maiden voyage on April 10, 1912.' A lookout who survived the disaster, which claimed the lives of 1,522 passengers and crew, was quoted as opining that the binoculars could have made a vital difference to the voyage; a case of 'rearranging the deckchairs' if ever I heard one.

Greensmoke's retort, worth quoting, sarcastically endorsed this unlikely tale; 'denying' that the sinking had anything to do with 'Rothschild frontman JP Morgan, whose umbrella company owned both the White Star Line and Cunard', or any connection with 'the similar sinking of the RMS Lusitania in 1915.' He also 'rejected' any connection to the novella The Wreck of the Titan or, Futility, written by Morgan Robertson in 1898; which seemed to predict the tragedy with uncanny precision. The story is covered covered by Martin Plimmer and Brian King in their book, Beyond Coincidence:

'Robertson might as easily have been writing a piece of journalism describing the tragic sinking of the Titanic, so similar were many of the details. The month of the wreck, the number of passengers and crew, the number of lifeboats, the tonnage, length and even speed of impact with the iceberg were all close to identical.'

Clearly, Robertson was a gifted- unconscious- psychic: just one of many artists we have witnessed 'opening the stargate.' And it seems he was not the only person who channelled similar information: another who did so was W T Stead, whose interest in psychic and paranormal phenomena was very acute. (He was one of the early pioneers of spiritualist research in the United Kingdom, and editor of Borderland: a nineteenth century forerunner of the Fortean Times. He was also, very interestingly, a keen supporter of Cecil Rhodes; an Esperantist; and an ardent internationalist, whose publications included The Americanisation of the World in 1902. Like John Lennon- whose interests were not dissimilar- Stead is memorialized in Central Park, New York.)

Twenty years before the sinking, Stead had written a novel entitled 'From the Old World to the New'- the significance of which I am sure will not be lost on you- about a ship which sank after colliding with an iceberg in the Atlantic. And in an earlier short story, he had written about a liner whose sinking incurred needless loss of life due to a scarcity of lifeboats. But strangest of all is the fact that Stead himself died on the Titanic: distinguishing himself as something of a hero in the process. After the ship struck the iceberg, Stead helped several women and children into the lifeboats. Then, when all the boats had been filled, he retired to the 1st Class Smoking Room, where he was last seen sitting in a leather chair, calmly reading a book.

Does the involvement of two 'sensitives' in the Titanic tragedy perhaps indicate an unseen, even transdimensional influence in the events of 1912? 'Prophecy' and coincidence are exactly what we would expect to find in all such cases: the 'occult fingerprint' which I interpret as the radar trace of the Dagon. And there is one last detail, derived from our research into bee symbolism, which hints at just that. In a recent post, 'Mother Matrix', editor of the excellent 'Y Magazine' described 'the reports of a peculiar “insectile buzzing sound” that precipitates a UFO close encounter or apparition of the Virgin Mary.' In addition, the original Arabic title of the Necronomicon, 'has the meaning of "a nocturnal sound made by insects"'- a detail which leads the pseudonymous researcher to conclude that 'this sound... announces the arrival of the “Old Ones” from another dimension': closely resembling the auditory hallucinations reported by many remote viewers just prior to leaving their bodies. Is it significant, therefore, that the unconscious visionary, Morgan Robertson, would include the following description, of the carnage produced by the Titan's unfortunate collision with an iceberg?

'Amid the roar of escaping steam, and the bee-like buzzing of nearly three thousand human voices, raised in agonised screams and callings from within the enclosing walls... the Titan moved slowly backward and launched herself into the sea, where she floated low on her side- a dying monster, groaning with her death-wound.'

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Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Someone from Oxford has written a lot on this: Robin Gardiner:
He claims the Titanic was scuttled by a conspiracy engineered by the owner JP Morgan as an insurance scam. The problem with this conspiracy is that it is simply too top-heavy. A large number of the crew would have to be involved. Not only that, but they'd also have to be willing to embark on what is effectively a suicide mission. Scuttling a ship at sea with not enough lifeboats (even if there were enough you'd have to hope that the ship sinks at a conveniently slow speed to give you enough time to deploy them) is effectively putting a gun to your own head.

If I were JP Morgan I'd have arranged for titanic to be burned. There was an opportunity to start an "accidental fire" a few days earlier when she was in her Belfast drydock.

Glasgow Greensmoke said...

And a couple of days after you write this blog entry a 'cruise' ship hits an iceberg and sinks.

Again, like all of these major events in history the more you look into the Titanic the crazier the picture appears. I'm absolutely cerain that the Titanic Insurance Scam variation of investigation is another red herring to add to the noise.

Yes indeedy, I'm still analysing the synchronicities, semiotics and mysticism and still an avid reader.

Just waiting on a unified reality theory to turn up.

BTB said...

Thanks for your comments, chaps.

GG: Great to hear from you again. Yes, the Explorer 'synch' was interesting. ('Twould seem that Robertson is not the only unconscious psychic in these parts.)

JB at The Meta-Logic Cafe has come up with an early contender for the unified field theory based on the 'Time Loop'. My metaphor of choice, on the other hand, as you will have noticed, concerns these beastly 'Dagon.' It will become clearer in time...

Thanks for your input!


glasgow greensmoke said...

Time Squared, Star Trek the next generation. Worf: "There is the theory of the moebius, a twist in the fabric of space, where time becomes a loop."

This sample "where time becomes a loop" became the basis for an Orbital track called Time Becomes where the sample is phased across the stereo field. This track would be remarkable as a piece of music in itself but consider that it is a technique lifted from Steve Reich's 1965 "It's Gonna Rain" which uses phased tape loops of Brother Walter, a Pentecostal preacher, giving a passionate sermon about the end of the world.

One of the first time loops I analysed was in the movie "Star Trek 4, A Whale Of A Time". When the crew travel back in time to the 1980s, Kirk's antique glasses are exchanged for money. Kirk claims that the glasses will then come into his possession once more in the future.

Of course this means that the glasses are now stuck in an infinite time loop and so should cease to exist entirely. If an artifact gets trapped in a linear time loop that artifact must become older than the universe and so material degradation over an infinite amount of time would cause the artifact to disappear on entering the time loop. In this particular loop the glasses could be repaired by theoretical agents each time around the loop and therefor the glasses could continue, just not as a single original artifact, however this may cause the loop to collapse if a different strength of lenses are replaced into the frame than that required by Captain Kirk or variations on this outcome. The real problem with a time loop such as this, is that the artifact has no point of origin, the time loop has always existed and therefor the arifact has always existed but only within the loop.

So reality probably isn't anything to do with loops in time. Bring on the Unified Reality Theory, the blogging philosophers X prize. $1m and an Indian meal for two to whoever can explain just what is going on, encompassing all fields of research.

Eddies in the space/time continuum....

BTB said...

I wonder if JB would care to respond to this?

Anybody? :)

Glasgow Greensmoke said...

Anybody, anybody..... anybody..... anybody..... something economics anybody..... anybody..... voodooo... voodoo economics.

Cheers Ben, you spurred me on to put up a blog.

BTB said...

Great news. What's the address of this blog?


Glasgow Greensmoke said...