Friday, 18 January 2008

'The many faces of Britney...'

Britney Spears's recent bizarre behaviour may be down to multiple personality disorder, it has been revealed. The troubled singer's 'favourite' identity appears to involve talking with a British accent, inspired by her latest boyfriend, Birmingham-born paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.

Sources claim the singer, 26, is suffering from dissociative identity disorder, which leads the sufferers to take on various personalities to dissociate them from reality. Those with the disorder take on different identities to help them cope under severe stress.

Britney is said to have been showing a variety of different personalities. Besides "The British girl", other alter egos include "the weepy girl", "the diva" and "the incoherent girl".

Apparently when Britney "returns" from one of her episodes, she has no recollection of what she did or said during the time as her assumed personality.
Britney has been heard talking to photographers in an English drawl since hooking up with Brummie photographer Adnan Ghalib.

It's been claimed the mother of two became the "British Girl" on Monday when she failed to give her deposition in her child custody battle with her ex Fevin Federline. She showed up at court four hours late, screaming: "Move back. I'm scared. Stop it. Let me get in the car, please."

Her lawyers begged her to attend the hearing, in which Commissioner Scott Gordon was expecting to quiz her over the two-hour stand-off with police in her LA home two weeks ago. After she failed to enter the court on Monday Britney lost access to her two sons Jayden James and Sean Preston. But it's now being claimed she has no recollection of her behaviour on Monday.

In recent days, Britney has been flaunting a ring on her engagement finger as sources claim she's "desperate" to marry her paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. The troubled star has put pressure on the British photographer to fast track his divorce, Mail Online previously reported... It appears the new romance is already getting serious, with a source confirming earlier reports the Gimme More singer hopes to wed the recently separated Birmingham-born photographer.

"Britney is desperate to marry Adnan," a source tells Mail Online, adding that she recently dragged him down to Mexico under the mistaken assumption that it continues to issue quickie divorces. Sadly for Miss Spears, they were obliged to return with Mr Ghalib still married and the singer still waiting.

Britney wants him to be single as soon as possible," the source said.

Britney's relationship with Adnan, who launched an attack on former colleagues who got in the way of the couple's romantic night out, caused concern amongst her friends. Britney's best friend and cousin Alli Sims has broken her silence and over her fears regarding the whirlwind relationship.

"I think he only has bad intentions," she says. "He has given me a weird feeling and creeped me out. I wish he would just go away."

Worried Alli revealed she believes Britney is extremely vulnerable as a result of her fame. "When you go through your whole life just listening to what everybody tells you to do, you get to the point where you're not used to having to pick out yourself what is really important," she added.

She's not the only one who feels negatively about Adnan – even his own friends and family have been spilling the beans, with one revealing that he used to run a strip club in California before deciding that photographing celebrities was a better money-spinner.

... Britney lost all visitation rights earlier this month after she refused to hand over Sean Preston, two, and one-year-old Jayden James in a bizarre custody-stand-off at her Malibu, California mansion.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press news agency have admitted they have started preparing Britney's obiturary following her recent behaviour. AP entertainment editor Jesse Washington said: "We are not wishing it, but if Britney passed away, it's easily one of the biggest stories in a long time.

"I think one would agree that Britney seems at risk right now. Of course, we would never wish any type of misfortune on anybody and hope that we would never have to use it until 50 years from now…but if something were to happen, we would have to be prepared."


Vapo said...

Hello Ben ~ The press is already making her for dead..and I am sure they would love nothing more..psychopaths

I just have a strong feeling they might be right as I have stated before.. sad but we live in a sick demented world.

Have a great day and BEE well!


FilmNoir23 said...

This is morbidly starting to resemble Anna Nicole isn't it?

Seeking comfort in the company of the paparazzi even...

It seems her Disney programming has started to come unraveled.

BTB said...

This is by far and away the strangest development since the story started in February last year. I had always been of the opinion that whatever 'programming' Britney was under, it was likely of the metaphorical, magickal variety. Now I'm wondering if I was wrong in that.

Whatever the absolute truth about 'Monarch' and its related off-shoots, this story is definitely going to form a large plank of any future Springmeier or Swerdlow-type publications... Unfortunately, we're going to be reading and hearing about Britney for a long time to come.


JM said...

Found via Rigorous Intuition -
"(Last week's) leaked internal memo from Associated Press. Frank Baker, AP's LA assistant bureau chief, issued the directive that "Now and for the foreseeable future, virtually everything involving Britney is a big deal."

Memo here -

Anonymous said...

Sighs...It's mind controlled Disney product is it not? I feel really sorry for her, but I bet she was a used and abused Mouseketeer passed around at the Disney spewed drug parties like a cheap pack of cigs.
A Shame.

Michael said...

This may seem like a synchro-mystic connection (as Jake would say from BNWO blogspot), but in the Futurama episode called "Time Keeps On Slipping", when there are time skips, they have the t.v. on the media, and the news announcer starts off by stating "..and teen sensation Wendy" (here is the photo I compiled of the spot)

the first person that comes to my mind is Britney...this spot blurbs by because of "time skips" in the episode, but eventually ends in a tragic death. Fore shadowing? Or just a weird synchro?