Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Grail-spot

An article in today's Mail considers the claims made by an Italian research team to discovered incontrovertible evidence for the existence of the famous Grafenberg (or G-) spot. This quest for the Grail has turned in some interesting findings: yes, the legendary centre exists, but ultrasound scans reveal anatomical diferences between women who claim to have one and those who don't. In other words, according to the paper, 'some mothers do 'ave 'em'... and some do not. As Tim Spector of St Thomas' Hospital in London says, this 'raises the possibility that local genital differences rather than purely genetic differences may be important.'

A comment left at the end of the Mail article (its online edition) is worth preserving in this regard:

'This is good news insofar as scientists now admit the existence of the G-spot, something Tantra practitioners have known for 4,000 years. However, the statement that only 30% of women have G-spots is misleading. [Note: the paper does not make this claim. The report author suspects that a large proportion of women have no G-spot, but admits that, based on the lack of available data, this is speculation.]

From my experience as a Tantric educator, it appears that 100% of healthy women have a G-spot, but it is underdeveloped or inactive in the majority of cases. Along with other Tantric educators, I have found that advanced Tantric techniques, especially sexual healing techniques, can be very effective in initiating or restoring full G-spot function for the vast majority of women. The resulting orgasms are almost always more intense, satisfying and emotionally fulfilling than clitoral orgasms.'

Considering recent posts on the White Hart, a true image of the Goddess, and the quest for the Grail in the Marian Fields of Oxfordshire, this new report seems highly timely. I couldn't help but notice, either, that its author- Emmanuele Jannini- is a researcher at the University of L'Aquila: the eagle, the sign of Scorpio... and John the Baptist, who severed head has itself been attributed many Grail-like properties; and whose devotion is closely associated with unorthodox religious groups with Goddess (and tantric) leanings. Another Maritime signal, in other words: revealing the true identity of the 'lost' continent Atlantis; and a step towards the reclaimation of our drowned world.

As an occasional tantrika myself, I say this is very good news...


FilmNoir23 said...

Very interesting Mr. Fairhall...very interesting.

MercurialT said...

Totally on point. The Taoist system also talks about the psychological/Alchemical effects of the G-Spot.

Ben Fairhall said...

Really? I would be interested to know more about that, Mercurialt, if you have any information to hand?


MercurialT said...

You might want to check out the book by Daniel P. Reid called 'The Tao Of Health, Sex and Longevity' and "The Tao of Sexology" by Dr. Stephen T. Chang. Mantak Chia has a alot of information in this regard aswell.

The use of the orgasm via the G-spot allows for the complete flow of chi/electro-magnetic/hyper-dimensional energy through the entire vessel of the body. The relaxed alpha wave meditative state can be used as a gateway to deeper changes in subconscious. As a practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan and QiGong for over 12 year I have found that such techniques can cause radical changes in ones consciousness. There is a saying in Tai Chi circles, "Where mind goes chi follows". Such methods are powerfully subjective and ones intent determines what you will get out of it. Studying the internal alchemy of these systems should not be taken lightly and if at all possible, should be studied under a competent teacher.

RalphBuckley said...

ahh...u know what they say, "you either got it or you don't"...
Though anything can be learned...even sacred sexuality.
...How R U Ben?
I lost track of u...I hope u received my package. Drop me a line:

Ben Fairhall said...

Hi Ralph, I've been attempting to get in touch with you... I've tried reaching you at your site but I couldn't find an e-mail address there. Any suggestions?

Yes, I got your package: thank you. Looking forward to hearing some new songs as they arrive.


wise woman said...

Why the study?
In a world not given to sacred living, let alone sacred sexuality, what is their purpose - more marketing to keep SEXtm going? Now I'm in no way against sex, but that souless monster that oozes out of anything touched by the media turns me cold.

The other day I was kicking round an idea for an article (on a pet peeve of mine) 'cancer', when, this article & it collided. I was struck by the fact that the most marketed brands of cancer are all those connected with areas of human sexuality - breast, cervical & the new kid on the block, prostate.

As sexuality, if we understood how to use it correctly, could perhaps be a great propellent forward in our efforts to return balance to this world, I find it highly significant that these areas are consistently stalked through medecine & mdeia.

RalphBuckley said...

I miss BTB...
i'm at
thanks Ben