Thursday, 14 February 2008

The White Hart

Unusually, perhaps, there's a glorious little article in today's Daily Mail; which- for your convenience- I've archived at Behemoth Conspiracy. This summarises some of the lore and legend surrounding the appearance of a white hart: that most magical of creatures, emblem of kings. One was spotted in the Highlands of Scotland earlier this week... and now a second, separate sighting has been reported: in no less a place than the New Forest in Hampshire- one of the great receptacles of English myth. I've been fascinated by the story of King William II- known as 'Rufus'- ever since I first encountered it through the books of Paul Broadhurst, author of The Green Man and the Dragon. His death in the New Forest, by an arrow through the lung, is commemorated in the Rufus Stone; which legend holds marks the spot of the oak tree which the fateful arrow glanced before killing the king. Of great interest in this regard is the work of Margaret Murray, the anthropologist and scholar of paganism, who interpreted the incident as one in 'a bewildering list of English kings and substitute victims who have been killed as ritual sacrifices.' This is how author Colin Wilson describes her third book, published in 1954, The Divine King in England. Now, far be it for me to contradict Wilson, especially as it's a book I have yet to read; but ever since learning of its existence some years ago, I have harboured a suspicion that, yes, Margaret Murray (MM) was 'definitely on to something.' Call it the conspiracist's curse...

'King Kill 33', of course, is the wonderful title of another 'fringe publication'; though the Kennedy hit came just a few years too late to be considered for inclusion in Murray's research. How interesting, however, that JFK should be back in the news on this particular day: not only through through the spectral lens of Barack Obama, for whom a similar fate was predicted by Nobel Laureate Doris Lessing, but more specifically, in the words of a businessman from Canada who claims to be the former president's love-child.

The twin appearances of the white hart in England and Scotland seem to me equally as portentous as the Greenwich whale: that beautiful female bottlenose who swam up the Thames (past the Royal National Maritime Museum) as far as Westminster, just over two years ago. In both cases, I sense an association with the goddess- with the New Aeon- and with the Maritime Signals which are the very signs of that age. I further sense that Robert Graves's study, The White Goddess may hold some vital keys. I will check on this tomorrow.

And all of the above is of extreme significance to the Goddess Trail I embarked upon last week, and to which I will be returning- hopefully- this weekend. On this subject I am busily preparing an introduction, in the shape of a fairly lengthy article, which I will post at Battling the Behemoth as quickly as is humanly possible. If anybody reading this would like to be added to the BTB 'guest list', please e-mail Todd Campbell at


wise woman said...

Your article roused a memory in me.
Many years ago I had a great interest in the life of Richard III, who died at the age of 32.
Accounts say that he fought bravely at Bosworth Field (1485), but I always had a sense that he chose to die after the deaths of his son & wife - a sort of self-sacrifice.
His death ended the Plantaganet line and the War of the Roses.

I’m not sure how much is fact or fiction about the symbolism involved at his death i.e. finding the crown under a gorse bush (symbolic of the young sun at spring equinox & royalty).
However, symbolic images slot into our minds so slickly (as they're supposed to), that I’m sure it’s hard not to recall that image when his name is mentioned.

FilmNoir23 said...

I was hoping that someone might tackle the significance of the White hart.

Also of note in the midst of the Kennedy news is that we are currently passing through Lincoln & Washington's birthdays this month with President's day neatly tucked inbetween the two.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, I tried to post on the other site but it won't let me, I am not part of the "team".

I was just about Holyrood, Europe and Royalty.

could you sort it if possible please


BTB said...

Hi Brian: post your comment here, if you don't mind- I would very much like to see it.

The other site (Behemoth Conspiracy) is just a space to collect relevant articles, so I disabled the comments facility- for everyone, including myself- on that particular blog.


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, sorry if my comment sounded curt - the word "team" always brings back childhood memories of being last picked for the kickabout, standing, hoping the ground would swallow one up and wondering why God had given you two left feet. Anyway,

Quoting from the B.C.

"The shamed King built a church to the Holy Rood on the spot where his the vision occurred.

From then on, the white deer became a symbol of purity, redemption and good fortune in Scotland"

I find this strange, given that Celtic mythology, which is far more ancient,contains reference to a white stag.

So, leading from wise womans comments, could we perhaps say that the King David story with the deer and the building of the church at Holyrood is metaphorical for Christianity - as it is practiced today - and not as Christ taught. (in fact the opposite).

The reason the white stag being utilised was that the myth was so deep rooted in the Celtic race that it allowed a perversion to take place. The population accepted the new King because of the white stag story.

Jesus became a Sun God for us to worship (and be scared of)

And now, as you have noted from your astrological time clock, it is time for change, not just a King though, but a new Sun God. All the hands are at the hour.

Regarding Holyrood, there is still a Royal palace there, plus the Queens' park and Arthur's seat, an extinct volcano which looks like a sphinx from the west. And of course the new Scottish Parliament building.

I just feel that all these will soon become important, the new parliament building, the new Europe, a new King ( not Charles)

Going back to the white stag, I think that it was a lot rarer than one might imagine, there are more deer species in the UK that there were at the time of the Celts. I have read a fair amount of "nature" type books and don't recall even any tales or legends.

Hooray for Hollyrood ?


Anonymous said...

re: the King Kill article.

I always suspected a ritual link between the assassination, and an account of a sacred Elm tree that was felled in France (Gisors) in 1188.

When they're killing trees and nature in general, they are also doing it in a 'voodoo doll' sort of way (as well as for the outward greed and profit reasons), so that it removes things like defenses that are placed and threaded through spacetime.