Saturday, 16 February 2008

Zodiacal History

This follows on from a comment (left by Wise Woman) on yesterday's post re: the appearance of the White Hart. (Ellis Taylor has also done something on the same subject, presently found on the Features section of his website.) Considering the themes of royal sacrifice (whether voluntary or otherwise) and the zodiacal imagery which these legends frequently evoke, I recalled a visionary passage in Mary Caine's highly unusual book, The Kingston Zodiac. This, I should stress, takes the same approach as the better-known research of Katherine Maltwood, who 'discovered' (or re-discovered) a complete, possibly Sumerian, zodiac comprised of land effigies, in the countryside in and around Glastonbury, in Somerset. Mary Caine, having investigated the Glastonbury claims for several years, was later prompted to apply the same methodology to her native county of Surrey- which happens also to be my own. (As a matter of fact, I live in the very 'skirt' of Virgo: in a region which, give or take a bit, could be fairly characterised as being at the feet of the Goddess.)

Zodiacs, she argues, 'are a space-time concept; a diagram of the tools of Creation- and thus its effects should be discernible on Time and Space, or form. The sequential action of its signs can be seen on all time-scales, from the changing character of the vast Precessional Ages, (a cycle of nearly 26,000 years), to the yearly seasons, even to down to the daily hours, minutes and seconds used by astrologers in calculating horoscopes... It was the suspiciously Zodiacal sequence of the Tudor and Stuart dynasties that first alerted me to its possibilities.'

She continues:

'Henry Tudor, owing his claim to the throne through his mother, reigned under maternal Cancer. His son Henry VIII, himself a sun-Cancerian, followed him as the very epitome of Leo's sun-king. And what could be more Virgoan than Elizabeth the Virgin Queen? In fact, there were four queens in this period. James I's ambiguous sexuality seems to suit Libra, whose sign tends to equalise the sexes. It was under Libra's Venusian ray that Shakespeare flourished, and the Authorised King James Bible, in style so superior to modern versions, was written. Under Scorpio comes Charles I's outdated assumption of his Divine Right to rule, his execution and Cromwell's ensuing dictatorship. Charles II's reign, libertine yet philosophical, are typically Sagittarian.

When I finally put this theory to the acid test of a mathematical time-scale, not only did these kings and queens fit nearly into their Zodiacal periods, but working back from 1500 on the thirty-year (per zodiacal sign) I found the little princes in the Tower coming under Gemini- as well as the fighting brothers of the Wars of the Roses. Richard the Lionheart and his Scottish contemporary William the Lion both came under a Leo period; William Rufus typified the worst of Taurus, and his father William the Conqueror invaded under Aries' martial sign.

Working forward from the Stuarts proved no less rewarding; George III, 'Farmer George', comes under a period of Taurus; Victoria became Mother of Millions of her sea-borne Empire during Cancer's maternal water-sign; her son Edward VII presiding regally over another period of Leonine splendour, until Leo's too-arrogant sun set in the blood of the First World War. To bring this calendar up to date, one must hope that Prince Charles, embroiled at present in thirty years of Scorpio (1980-2010) fares better than his ill-fated ancestor. These are but a few time-correspondences that appeared, and as the whole theory has already been published, they must suffice here.'


Ellis Taylor said...

Hi mate,
That all makes perfect sense to me.

Did you ever see the mention of the zodiac discovered in Essex (near a dark-side church , it is suspected)reported on my website many moons ago? 13 Albion zodiacs discovered up to then:
(Bottom of the page.)

Good to see you up and at'em again.

The white hart is an Albionic totem (actually more ancient than that) and has a curious synchronicity for me which I'll tell you about sometime - If I remember.

wise woman said...

What a ride that was - fantastic stuff.

The pattern of events brought to mind the Chinese system of Feng Shui that works on the principle that there is an initimate energy connection between people & their environment.

It holds that by ordering your home in a certain way you affect the universe - like arranging kings and queens neatly to create a desired effect perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Geomancy is very real - I've tried dowsing rods and used Lethbridge pendulum rates, and there's no doubt it deals in the real tangiable physical.

There's a book called The Star Mirror (author is Mark Vidler) that describes repeat patterns in the stars linking to mountains.
The pattern being that three highest peaks in an area will correspond to three brightest stars, that pass directly over them (I forget if the directly is overhead or if it is offset by 30 degrees in each case - it is consistent however), and in isocelese triangle shape.

This is showing a direct connection between stars and the terrain here, in other words yes there's a measurable gravitational effect.

Similar has been shown with the metals found in plants being affected by planetary positions (Goethean and biodynamic studies), and the shapes of their growth / unfoldment corresponding to the overall geometries of the planets orbits they correspond to.
(I'd recommend the Wooden Books series, it has some titles that show the geometric shapes of the planets orbits, and their correspondences to one another).
For example, Venus has a five-fold orbital shape, and five-petaled flowers on plants show the main energy influences the plant carries.

Of course, the Moons effects on tides, and water-uptake in plants is more well known of. It seems such an obvious example of celestial ojects having a specific effect on the physicality of Earth, yet the correlation between that and what astrology is based in go un-noticed or ignored.

That stars can effect how mountains form, they certainly affect people too.