Tuesday, 11 March 2008


... the local themes of our last few posts, here is the sight which assails visitors to Sutton Central Library (in my home county of Surrey.) The flag, of course, is that of the European Union; which conspiracy researchers have long connected to the Roman Catholic church. Icke reprints some of the better-known arguments in his latest book, the immodestly-titled 'The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it.)' In chapter 20, 'The Superstate Agenda', he writes:

'... the EU flag is symbolic of the mother goddess of Babylon yet again- Semiramis in all her many names and guises. The twelve stars, or pentagrams, of the Babylonian Zodiac represent the goddess, and the Roman Church thus claims that Mother Mary, as the 'Queen of Heaven', has 'a crown of twelve stars.' (This is in reference to the well-known prophecy of Revelation 12:1 in which 'a woman clothed with the sun'- commonly interpreted as Mary- is depicted 'with the moon beneath her feet, and a crown of twelve stars on her head': closely mirroring Greek images of Artemis.) Of great interest are the circumstances in which this symbol was decided upon. Icke writes:

'The symbol for the EU flag is attributed to a Belgian Jew called Paul Levi, a converted Roman Catholic who was director of the 'cultural section' of the European Council, established in London in 1949. During discussions about the European flag, it is claimed, Levi was passing a statue of 'Mother Maria', which had a 'star coronet' shining under a blue sky. Levi is said to have immediately called the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Earl Benvenuti, a Venice count, and told him that twelve golden stars in a chain against a dark blue background should be the European flag.'

Icke, true to form, presents this amusing- even inspiring- anecdote as a 'cover story', intended to deflect attention away from the Council's real intention: to honour their Babylonian goddess, Semiramis. This would suggest that the symbol was already decided upon long before Levi's fortuituous encounter with the Marian icon, and quite probably long before the formation of the Council itself. But this, as with all massive conspiracy theories which rest on purely human ingenuity, is to deny the power of magic: a much more subtle force, whose outworkings are far too complex to be encompassed by the mind of a pub bore like Icke. Consider the related case of the Miraculous Medal, a nineteenth century medallion fashioned from a design similarly 'received' by divine edict: in this case, by the nun (and later saint) Christine Laboure. The design, based on information transmitted via disembodied voices and waking visions, consisted of the twelve stars, the Immaculate Heart... and a large letter M surmouted by a cross. Just as the EU flag was 'brought down' by a coverted Jew, Paul Levi, the world-wide popularity of the Miraculous Medal was based, in large part, on its role in the conversion of Alphonse Ratisbonne. The latter, also Jewish, was a member of Strasbourg's banking elite, and counted various members of no less a clan than the Rothschilds amongst his friends and allies.

The design, the 'M' motif in particular, would be adopted in amended form by Pope John Paul II; whose papal career was largely defined by his attempts to enshrine Mary not just at the heart of Catholicism but of global spirituality. Thus, the 'M'- like the starry crown- was revealed to the world through visionary experience channelled, in large part, through a Jewish brain; both symbols continue to be potent (often unconscious) manifestations of the tidal rising of the Age of Aquarius and the re-birth of Venus. Indeed, the importance of the 'M' was revealed in explicit fashion through the endless, and ongoing, Madeleine ritual of 2007-8... which, should any reminder be necessary, originated in the 'Month of Miracles', sacred to the Queen of the May herself.

Both the 'M' and the crown, then, are examples of the 'Maritime' phenomena which readers of this blog will doubtless be familar with. Thus it is highly interesting that this particular flag should be surrounded with a gold fringe: a feature which, if Icke is to be believed, indicates the primacy of British Maritime Law wheresoever such an emblem is displayed. He writes:

'The gold fringe is not part of the American flag known as the Stars and Stripes, but it is a legal symbol indicating the the court, government building, school or soldier is operating under British Maritime Law and the Uniform Commercial Code- military and merchant law, not common or constitutional law.' According to this theory, which is promoted by the Christian Patriot movement, British Maritime Law or its American equivalent, the Uniform Commercial Code, is the system of law favoured by the international banking community who are the legal owners of most of the former nations of ths world. This global coup d'etat was apparently pulled off in the 1930s, when several countries (including Great Britain and the United States) were forced to declare bankruptcy. According to Icke, this has meant 'that the banks have owned those countries ever since.' The tax burden, determined by the banks, is used merely to service the bankruptcy; and the governments who are responsible for collecting it 'are nothing more than debt-collecting agencies for the creditor banks.' In order to be legally bound by commercial law, citizens must register with the federal government as corporations, rather than individuals. This, the theorists suggest, is accomplished by accepting any document issued by any government body: a passport, driving licence, even a National Security number; by which means the recipient, quite unknowingly, is 'contracting to become an asset-employee of the United States Corporation.' Some researchers maintain that the Uniform Commercial Code is now the supreme law of the land; a move which, according to Icke, was implemented with the full approval of the American Bar Association: 'a subordinate branch, of the British legal system and its hierarchy based in London's Temple Bar (named after the Illuminati Knights Templar secret society.)'

If, in the unlikely event that any of this is true, then it must rank as one of the most potent 'Maritime Signals' of all; and proof positive, if it were required, that the Goddess is no fool. Such subjugation could be regarded as the Dark Side of Aquarius: a principle for which many metaphors have been recorded- as, for example, here. Indeed, one of the few observations of any value in Icke's highly-indulgent tome; whose span of six hundred pages include several factual blunders so egregious as to deserve to be exposed at a later date, is that 'at the heart of Illuminati symbolism is the worship of the goddess- the serpent goddess.' This would agree with my own findings; and is one very good reason why the Golden Dawn of 2012 and beyond- so warmly-anticipated by New Age Muppets everywhere- is something to be loved and feared in equal measure.


Newspaceman said...

Icke is a Trojan reptilian ?


FilmNoir23 said...

Excellent Ben! Much of our previous conversations tied into this one. Helped refresh my memory and will hopefully be followed up somewhat by myself soon.

aintnochump said...

Hi Ben,
just wondering is it odd to feel that as a race we are so pinned up against the wall already. That with many conspiracist theorist exposing the 'bad guys'. Have we not got any 'good' guys on the inside to uproot this world of the corrupt evil dominating. Do the 'bad guys' even know that maybe they're bad (reminds me of 'Mitchell & Webb' Nazi sketch,..anyways). . Maybe they've searched long and hard all their lives and if part of an illuminating process, feel somewhat liberated in their own lives and feel they are contributing to a better world.
I dont want to sound like a naive reader, i have been reading your stuff for quite a while now, I just havn't posted a comment before.

eugene said...


An allegory of the Wizard of Oz as the bankers/royals take over nation states by taking them over the rainbow, ie creating false worlds and false people. As you note the US bankrupted in '33'.

I take this as the play of 'guy faux', ie false fella, zombie, programmable fools...gold. And in like fashion the ritual of burning man every year is this 'guy' being torched (read portmantau of EURION) with the sing song of loyalty to 'God save the Queen.' This would be...every revolution only entrenches the power of the state. It/they/tptb use the freeze/thaw of all these events to mold it as they will. Revelation of the Method as per Micheal Hoffman II, disciple of James Shelby Downard, visionary of mystical topomony, the naming of things = power of the word.

This word game programs the brains to chains, willingly because we have no will except their will, ie strawmen = nemo = nobody = no name maddox = charles manson = made to order killer = doughboy = lots of dough for those who know how the temple works.

Another great piece on the royals/bankers is 'Crown Temple', has lots of definitions, ie words, that have made the temple of law, see -


Temple is three parts, outer court of strawmen/women, inner court of wordsmiths, and the holy place of fire and awe.

Hairy iS Truman, the 33rd president and 33rd g-guy, built a Shelbyish temple:

Outer court = United Nations, October 1945, based upon a dream he had fishing in a Missouri stream.

Inner court = Israel, May 1948, based on letter to UN as ex cathedra.

Shekinah = Atomic bomb named 'Christy', at Trinity site on the 33rd parallel, Manhattan Project, July 1945. Noted by Downard as site accessed by road of the deadman. Route 66 thru 'land of enchantment' on the way to 'city of angels', on 33rd parallel, santa monica...where no name maddox, black dahlia and a host of other ready mades.



Temple is about to ramp up the rainbow!

"Brother will kill brother
Spilling blood across the land
killing for religion
Something i don't understand
Fools like me, who cross the sea
And come to foreign lands
Ask the sheep, for their beliefs
Do you kill on God's command?
A country that's divided
Suerely will not stand
My past erased, no more disgrace
No foolish naive stand
The end is near, it's crystal clear
Part of the master plan
Don't look now to Israel
It might be your homelands
Holy wars
Upon my podium, as the
Know it all scholar
Down in my seat of judgement
Gavel's bang, uphold the law
Up on my soapbox, a leader
Out to change the world
Down in my pulpit as the holier
Than-thou-could-be-messenger of God

Wage the war on organized crime
Sneak attacks, repel down the rocks
Behind the lines
Some people risk to employ me
Some people live to destroy me
Either way they die
The killed my wife, and my baby
With hopes to enslave me
First mistake.....last mistake!
Paid by the alliance, to slay all the giants
Next mistake.....no more mistakes!
Fill the cracks in, with judical granite
Because I don't say, i don't mean it I ain't
Thinkin' it
Next thing you know, they'll take my thoughts away
I know what i said, now i must scream of the overdose
And the lack of mercy killings"
- Megadeth's 'Holy Wars/Punishment Due'

What 'guy foe' will grasp the whip to clear the temple of the vermin?

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Alfredo said...

Mr Icke is wrong, as he used to be a lot of times.

The European Union flag is a talisman of protection, because it is the crown of Isis, maybe the greatest goddess in history.

His creator was Arsene Heitz, a french artist that presented this design proposal for the competition que called in 1950 the Council of Europe.

Why the council did choose that design? Because it´s a symbol of triumph and armony: a circle, 12 golden stars (12 is a sacred number for perfection)and of course the image from Revelation 12, there Isis vanquish the Red Dragon, aka Set.

It is said that Heitz took his inspiration from a stained window from Strasboug Cathedral in France.

The image created with glass and light -named Stella Maris, the star of the sea, Sirius- shows the Virgin Mary with a crown that is a circle of 12 stars.

So, the flag of Europe os a not a Babilonian thing but the flag of Isis. Ancient marines used to follow her star in the dark nights, so Isis symbolises the quest for light, knowledge, truth. That´s why many of the founder of the EU, who where masons, choosed the flag of her dear symbol for the new union of a new Europe in peace. And it seems that more than 60 years after the war, the bet has worked on. 60 years of peace in Europe is something very rare...

Ben Fairhall said...

Great comment, Alfredo... thank you.


eugene said...


Regards. Long time since Etemenanki days. Glad to know your still around.

Whats your take on coming events? ie collapse of dollar, greater escalaton of war in middle east? and the seeming/looming planetary initiation?

Newspaceman said...

Alfredo, 60 yrs peace in Europe ?

Because "freemasonic founded " fall guy America was fighting elsewhere. And what/where is Europe anyway.

You write in classic Orwellian


Alfredo said...

Hi Eugene, many questions, short time... but, I think as Ben says that the Goddess is beginning to flex her muscles, and that may not be so pleasant for everyone. Some may love May, but she has a Kali face too. Change is never an easy thing, just see how the Catholic Church and many patriarcal powers , even machista Hillary Clinton aren´t in good condition.

Newspaceman: since 1945 Europe as been a peaceful continent - not even the recent Yugoslavian war did break it like in 1914. And such a long peace is really an historic anomaly for Europe.

The US maybe also be founded by freemasons, but the European ones seem to be much smarter since 1945.

And what is Europe at the begining of the 21s century? A Superpower that dont need to use hyperpower to grow. Just 6 nations in 1954, 27 in 2008 - and many more waiting, like Turkey and Ukraine. A strong currency, the best living standards in the world. Ireland, Spain were once poor and exported people, now are rich import germans and british. The Pope lives there but Europeans dont care a lot about him, and yes, they trust more Darwin, than the Americans.

And Mexico would be a nice European member of the EU too. We are a country that has european language, religion,government... and Europe could have a frontier at the Pacific. And our beaches are, wow! And like Spain and Greece we could have some funds to upgrade our infrastructure. The US may be a Superpower, but does not help its neighbors hélas. They just cry because our migrants, but why the US hasn´t helped to heal the real caused of their exodus? Racism may be an answer.

Europe may be older, but is wiser. Power is not just about military force, but also about friendship, and America seems has forgotten that lately. I hope Obama may help the US to remember its roots, that some have tried lately to erase.

Indeed we may be entering a new Eurasian Century if America does not awake from its bad dream. More:


FilmNoir23 said...

agreed newspaceman.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Alfredo,

"since 1945 Europe as been a peaceful continent - not even the recent Yugoslavian war did break it like in 1914. And such a long peace is really an historic anomaly for Europe."

That is only sixty years Alfredo and in the interim the UK has been involved on behalf of America elsewhere in the world. How is that a good thing exactly? Also, perhaps you could tell me the timescale you are applying i.e. when are you counting from for your period of peace and how long back in time are you going, 500 years, a thousand years, Roman times perchance ?

"The US maybe also be founded by freemasons, but the European ones seem to be much smarter since 1945."

Given that America was founded by European freemasons, Scottish one's to be precise, and that I am inferring that the real power behind America is the same power behind Europe, i.e. the current Royal family, I am at a loss to understand this statement.

Was it not Crowley who suggested that America was "constructed" for a purpose. Surely we are now seeing that purpose - wars and economic meltdown which are effecting the whole world.

You know that the USA is technically bankrupt, I can link you the Fed's balance sheet for the beginning of this year if you desire.

America will become part of the New World, in the form of another part of the EU becuase that was always the intention, a long long time ago.

"A Superpower that dont need to use hyperpower to grow."

No because America is doing the dirty work for them, in the open.

"A strong currency, the best living standards in the world."

I take it you refer to the Euro which I grant is strong now but that is in comparison to the dollar which was destined to collapse.
You obviously have not spent too much time in Scotland, a part of Europe, and seen the depravity, both socially and of course manifested in the spiritual malaise of the general population who turn to drink, drugs and prescribed antidepressants (American supplied & controlled) via their new world purpose built Orwellian health centres and "in house" pharmacies.

Also, could you perhaps confirm why the Treaty of Lisbon symbol seems to consist of the word ISBOA surrounded by a square. I though it was maybe conveying, in an occult manner, a marriage between Isis ("maybe the greatest goddess in history") and BOA, or the serpent.

Curiously for me, the signing of the treaty was held on St Lucy's Day (Lussiana) and in a place called Belem, named after biblical Bethlehem. Before the calendar reforms, this would have been the 23rd, the longest night of the year.

Hence, the ceremony, included Gordon Browns late 27th and therefore cube forming signature could be construed as a birthing ceremony for the bringer of light- Lucifer.

Your Eurasian Century is nothing more than a reconstructed Atlantis, Rome, Egypt etc. and it seems that the masses (slaves) will continue to worship false Gods in this new age you speak of.

You are proof of that.


ps Todd, I am unsure of the meaning of your comment, are you agreeing with Alfredo ?

Ben Fairhall said...

Just a polite reminder to all patrons to keep disputation within the boundaries of civility.

Thank you. :)

Newspaceman said...

Sorry Ben, hope this is acceptable, but the following statements from Alfredo the grate are typical of this nonsense world we unfortunately inhabit:

"The Pope lives there but Europeans dont care a lot about him"

"And Mexico would be a nice European member of the EU too."

"And our beaches are, wow"


Alfredo said...

I love my nonsense, I mean my beaches...

And about "false Gods", does any one know the true one?

Christians, Jews, Muslims have been discussing this centuries, and well, for the moment I prefer my hedonistic nonsense á la Onfray than the certainties of the true God(s)...

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Aintnochump wrote: "Have we not got any 'good' guys on the inside to uproot this world of the corrupt evil dominating". Well, I hope so, ANC. I always like to fantasize that there's a real Hagbard Celine out there somewhere!

I don't share many of Ben's views on Icke, but I do concur that Icke sometimes sees things a bit to simplistically. I didn't know the origins of the EU flag, but I knew there had to be some story behind it. One thing that I remember as a kid is being told that the 12 stars represented the 12 states of the European Union, or EEC as its soft-and-cuddly name was back then. Why is is that as more and more states are sucked into the EU the number of stars doesn't go up? No! It's still just 12!

aintnochump said...

thank you for acknowledging Ben E-J.

Atlantean Times said...

Eh didnt jordan maxwell say all that rather a long time ago. Has Icke been asleep at the wheel or what as he stole all the rest of his ideas from maxwell how come he's only getting to this now...

the problem with icke is he believes his own lies...which is far more dangerous than a liar who knows what he is saying is wrong.

a liar who believes his own lies is a very convincing liar..thats where Kate Mccann fell down the rancid bitch...pardon my french

Kathryn said...

Ben could I be invited to read Battling the Behemoth please.

Thanks, Kathryn

Ben Fairhall said...

Yes Kathryn, but you will need to contact me at bcfairhall33@gmail.com so I can send you an invitation. Hope this helps.