Sunday, 4 May 2008

Another Hollywood curse...

'The curse of 007 has struck again after a technician working on the latest Bond movie was stabbed with a steak knife in a domestic dispute. The 58-year-old man, who was working on Daniel Craig's second Bond film, Quantum Of Solace, was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood yesterday morning after a night out.

Police said he had been attacked by a woman in the bedroom of her house in Dornbirn, Austria. He is believed to have wrestled the knife from her and staggered into the street. He is now said to be recovering in hospital, according to Bond sources.

It is the third major mishap to befall the movie, prompting fears it may be jinxed.'

Tom Cruise's much-anticipated Valkyrie is also labouring under some very bad karma. The release date- initially planned for the auspicious 08/08/08- has been set back twice; and is not now due until Imbolc 2009 (coinciding with the President's Day public holiday in the United States.)

'Valkyrie, the true story of a German officer who tried to assassinate Hitler, has been hit by a number of setbacks during production. Eleven extras were injured when they fell off the back of a truck during shooting in Berlin last year.

The German government initially banned the production from shooting on location at the Berlin site where the Valkyrie plot was hatched and the conspirators executed. It later changed its mind after months of national debate that focused in part on Cruise's Scientology beliefs.

Some of the footage shot at the site was later damaged during processing, requiring re-shoots.'

This comes on the heels of Cruise's latest Oprah interview: three years after his acrobatics on the Black Pope's couch. On speculation about his daughter Suri being compared to 'Rosemary's baby', Cruise- instead of issuing a point blank denial- replied by saying that, whilst he expected things to be written about him, he expected journalists to show some restraint when dealing with his family. More at:


wise woman said...

Interesting description & choice of weapon - 'stake' knife & 'pool of blood' bringing vampire slaying to mind

Anonymous said...

The '888' world snooker championship has just finished with the final battle between 'The Rocket' Ronnie O'Sullivan and 'The Pilot' Alistair Carter.....even more hmmmm ?!

anadae said...

More fodder for former child star & original member of the Church of Satan Kenneth Anger's maybe upcoming title, "Babylon III"? His original chronicle of the excessive lives of the legendary & scandalaous luminaries of the Silver Screen elite, "Hollywood Babylon", which first saw the light of day in 1959 (my, how time flies!) from the French publishing house, J.J. Pauvert, but issued (of course) as "Hollywood Babylone", was followed by its sister tome, "Hollywood Babylon II", several decades later in 1984 (ooooo, how Orwellian!), but spared no upturned stone in pursueing the snaking & wide paths to perdition "cursing" those inheriting the facade of Fame & Fortune & their attendant handmaiden, Dissipation, in the well-oiled Tinseltown machine.