Friday, 2 May 2008

Et In Albion Elvis?

'Veteran rock star Tommy Steele has admitted he took Elvis Presley on a secret tour of London in 1958. For more than 50 years, Presley fans have believed the only time he ever set foot in the UK was during a stop-over at Prestwick Airport in March 1960.

But theatre producer Bill Kenwright revealed Steele's secret on Radio 2.

In a note passed to the Daily Mail, Steele said he "swore never to divulge publicly" what took place and he "regrets" that news leaked out. The 71-year-old, who is currently appearing in a production of Dr Dolittle in Woking, said: "I can only hope he [Presley] can forgive me.

"It was an event shared by two young men sharing the same love of their music and the same thrill of achieving something unimaginable."

Speaking to Radio 2 presenter Ken Bruce, Kenwright revealed Presley struck up a friendship with Steele after ringing him up. When the rock legend flew into London for a day, Steele apparently took him round the city, showing him famous landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament.'

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Atlantean Times said...

Interestingly on have I got news for you, paul merton a man who went insane due to hearing voices, having conversations with imaginary people and believing he was the focus of a freemasonic conspiracy said that this was complete bullshit and that a man like presley could never have visited london without the press or someone finding out.

he mentioned the stopover flight in scotland but emphasised that it just couldnt have happened. It was odd how his denials and insistance that this was a FAKE news story were very forthright and bordering on too much..he doth protest toooo much type of thing...

paul is not known for taking things he hears on the programme siriusly. Why was he so insistent that this was a fake story...