Sunday, 18 May 2008

'Goths and pagans are reinventing morris dancing...'

'Morris dancing is a joke, isn't it, with a hey nonny no? Beardy men with beer bellies prancing about in white stockings, waving hankies? Very twee. But try telling that to the men and women of Hunters Moon, here by the Sussex coast looking like the devilish spawn of Hell's Angels and medieval mummers. They are part of a secret revolution in morris dancing, transforming the most easily lampooned of English eccentricities. Fresh rivalries are emerging, as younger men and women reinvent "the morris" in startling ways – including, as we discover during a mad dash around southern England on May Day, the world's first Gothic morris troupe – or "side".'

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anadae said...

Thanks again, Ben, for attaching yet another magnificently comprehensive link, in this instance Cole Moreton's piece from THE INDEPENDENT on the resurgence, in a decidedly sinister turn, of the popularity of the Morris Dancers' tradition of that stripe of pagan revelry of yore. Canadian songstress & chanteuse, Loreena McKennitt, did quite a bit to repopularise it in her homage, "The Mummers' Dance", from several years ago, with its attendant music video, pretty nifty in & of itself . . .