Monday, 19 May 2008

More, expanded info...

... at BTB, appended to our latest article. (Your feedback welcome.) By the way, if anybody can tell me which of Britney's videos the scenes from 02.27 to 02.45 of the video below is taken from, I would be grateful. Filmed especially for this 'Comeback' trailer?

I will try and update this blog with some original stuff soon. Anyone not on the BTB list who wishes to be, please contact me at


ali said...

Ben, I can't even access the right page to sign in as it re-directs me to an error page. Please help! I must read more...must read more
A whimpering AliWehr

MercurialT said...

I do believe the footage is from Britney;s Onyx Hotel Tour promo. I can't remember if it was an actual video.