Friday, 9 May 2008

Robbie Williams...

... has given another interview in which he discusses his deep interest in the paranormal and extra-terrestrial intelligence. Having spent some days hanging out with the Grand Old Man of Conspiracy in Los Angeles, as reported here last year, I wonder whether Robbie may now be considering 'doing an Icke' himself: jettisoning an extremely successful career for a less glitzy, but arguably more rewarding, existence as a full-time researcher. Post-Icke, such a move would raise fewer eyebrows than in 1985. In that sense, Icke made it OK for celebrities to be a little bit 'mad'.

The carbon-test of his commitment, I suppose, will be his willingness (or otherwise) to engage with edgier material, like the extra-terrestrial cover-up. There are a couple of promising signs: the desconstructionist beard, the expanding waist-line. It would have to be in America, of course; because any convention that Robbie attempted to crash in Britain or Europe would be reduced to screaming bedlam. But intuitively, I sense that Steamboat Robbie may simply be too massive a vessel to turn around now; contractually, and spiritually, he is too indebted to the entertainment industry- and his army of fans- to remain apart for it for very long.

Where is Robbie Williams?

'Robbie’s new passion, or some would say obsession, is UFOs and alien abductions. He’s travelled across America to UFO conventions, spoken with abductees and scientists, and he owns hundreds of books and DVDs on the subject. And now, according to reports, he is considering spending £2.5 million on an observatory of his own in the desert outside Los Angeles.

Rob went public about his new interest when he teamed up with journalist Jon Ronson to make a Radio 4 documentary on their experiences at a UFO convention. In Journey to the Other Side, the pair travel to Nevada to hear testimonies of alien abductions and perhaps witness a paranormal event or two.

Robbie also revealed that he’s seen UFOs a few times himself – once as a child, then again while lying on a sun-lounger in LA, and more recently while listening to a song he’s written about alien contact, called Arizona. “A big ball of gold light turned up,” he said. “We thought it was Venus or Mars, but when the track stops playing, it disappears. When Arizona was turned back on again, the ball came back and it happened four times.”

During a recent radio interview alongside Joss Stone, Robbie also admitted he sometimes contemplates quitting music altogether and make a career out of his new obsession. “Seriously, I want to go out and investigate UFOs. I’m stopping being a pop star; I want to be a fulltime ufologist.”

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