Friday, 18 July 2008

Another truly awesome formation...

... in Wiltshire. We're rapidly approaching the end-of-season finale, traditionally when the largest and most spectacular crop circles appear. (My money is again on Wayland's Smithy.)


celticrebel said...

OBVIOUSLY done by two guys with stomping tools and flashlights in the middle of the night ;-)

anadæ said...

There goes my credibility ... I had MEANT "caltrop", not "casbolt", on your BTB last week, which is a/k/a/ the calthrop, the crow's foot, the jack rock, the star nail (!), or the partisan nail. It is simply two wires twisted to form a four-pronged spike & its sadistic utilisation was for impeding encroaching enemy cavalry from advancing. That's a very big, very painful "Ouch!"

Also worthwhile in noting, the caltrop is another name for the water nut, a/k/a/ the Jesuit nut (!!!) a name smirkingly bestowed upon its prolific ability to crowd out all other marine life, clog whole waterways, and impede the passage of seaworthy vessels. Its pointy two and four-lobed fruit truly resemble the dark-hued, wrinkled visage of hornéd gargoyles.

There's a website where one can search for a very comprehensive report on the caltrop on Invasive (dot) org

And so it is with this lovely four-armed cereal configuration from presentday Wiltshire; the Fey (faeries) have declared that we stay our advancement, an admonishment to cease & desist. Remember the old motto in Deadspeak, "FATA VIAM INVENIENT!"

Ben Fairhall said...

A wonderful analysis, Anadae... Absolutely spot-on!


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

That's got to be my favourite crop circle of the year so far! It's exquisite!