Friday, 4 July 2008

'Home Before Dark'

'A book that eerily resonates with the real-life murder of the student Meredith Kercher in Italy comes from Charles Maclean, the son of the legendary writer (and alleged model for James Bond), Fitzroy Maclean. Home Before Dark kicks off with the apparently pointless killing of 19-year-old Sophie Lister, an English art student in Florence. When her distraught father Ed arrives in the city, he receives a tip-off from Sophie's friend Sam that her murder may be linked to a website Sophie accessed regularly. From here, we are beamed into cyberspace as the murderer communicates through the website Homebeforedark. Naturally, it falls to a computer expert rather than a detective with an eyeglass to unravel this rather complex plot, but I suppose we must move with the times.'

[Source: Daily Mail, July 4, 2008.]

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