Monday, 7 July 2008

Knifing hex continues...

'Two London teenagers who were stabbed to death 10 days apart had prepared speeches on knife crime for a public speaking challenge.

David Idowu, 14, and Ben Kinsella, 16, were coached by Speakers Bank, which trains teenagers on public speaking.

David was stabbed on 19 June, two days before his speech, and died three weeks later in hospital. A friend took his place on the podium.

Ben was a reserve speaker last year. He was stabbed to death on 29 June.

Although Ben and David never met, they were coached by the same trainer, who was now in "deep deep shock" at the boys' deaths, Jez Sweetland, Chief Executive of Speakers Bank said.'

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Johan said...

I have just read the sad account that two of the lads who were stabbed had prepared speeches addressing knife crime.

As a Priest, I am also very alarmed about the increase of knife crime. What alarms me actually more , is the effect that we are all lashing out against kids (and their parents) who are carrying knives and it is as if the victims are nearly crowned with sainthood, forgetting that the young man Ben Kinsella was a 16 year old in a pub at the early hours of Sunday morning. If we want to educate the parents and their kids, should we not also start holding parents to account who in the first place allow their children to be innocent bystanders at a pub fight at 2 in the morning. They need to be in bed in their parents home that time of the morning!

Would it not be easier to also start educating the parents and non-knife carrying kids to avoid times and places where these things normally happens.... at least they will be most of the time easier to educate than some of the knife carrying thugs. I am aware that a lot of the incidents and deaths occur in open, in public, and also where the victim is going about his or her normal acceptable life. But at least we can save quite a few deaths, rapes and tragedies by teaching parents to take responsibility for the whereabouts of their children. Would you think that this would be a good approach in future to teach and address both sides of the coin of these tragic occurrences?

In Love, but also in Honesty to try and remedy the problem

Newspaceman said...

I think you need to look a bit deeper johan.