Sunday, 13 July 2008

'My bizarre life with Madonna and Guy...'

'Few know Madonna better than her 47-year-old brother Christopher Ciccone. They grew up together in Michigan in America and learned to dance together.

Then Christopher followed Madonna to New York, where she began her long journey to wealth and superstardom.

... [He writes] I first heard about Guy in late 1999, after Madonna was introduced to him over lunch at Sting and Trudie Styler's home.

I knew Guy was a British film director and that he was younger than her. Like her first husband Sean Penn, Guy comes from a solidly middle-class family and yet both
are prone to present themselves as tough street kids. My sister, I believe, has always played the identical game.

After all, she is a middle-class girl who propagates the story that she landed in Times Square with just a pair of ballet shoes and $35 to her name. But that's pure mythology and the further she progresses, the more mythological her life story becomes.

Although our father wasn't really allowed to tell us about his job because it was top-secret, he worked in the defence industry in Detroit, designing firing systems and laser optics, first at Chrysler Defense and then at General Dynamics.

Far from being this lost and friendless little waif who didn't even have a crust of dry bread to eat, when Madonna went to New York she had money in her pocket, plenty of contacts and a support system all in place. I often wonder whether her taste for self-invention explains her attraction to both Sean and Guy.

... Every bit of anger I've ever felt at her, every disappointment she's caused me, every iota of pride I've swallowed on her behalf, every bitter rejection – it all comes to the surface. I reply to her. 'You have never in the entire time I have worked for you since 1985 paid me even close to what I was worth. I gave up my life to help make you the evil queen you are today. Fifteen years listening to your bitching, egotistical rantings, mediocre talent and a lack of taste that would stun the ages.

'Every ounce of talent you have, you have sucked dry from me and the people around you. I certainly never worked for you for the money, now you accuse me of lying and cheating you. You've got some nerve.'

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anadæ said...

Alas, poor Christopher, we knew him well. Same old same old; Esther climbing over friends, colleagues, and kin alike to snatch that brass ring ... yawn. But, intriguing observations nonetheless, Ben! I hear the Doom-&-Gloomers, Ashengrace, redoing her dittie, "Lucky Star", as a funeral dirge (I have SUCH an imagination, yo!) upon reading this item. LOL! Remember, the refrain in that song of which goes:

"Come on shine your heavenly body toniiiiiiight / 'Cause I know you're gonna make everything all riiiiiiight!"

The evocation of a "star" is often a preliminary ritual in the ancient Tradition of Ceremonial Magic to empower oneself, nay, to even transmogriphying oneself into something mightier than human.

Was not Grady Louis MCmurty's occult lodge, the Argentum Astrum (Silver Star) one of the fraternities that the Beast 666 a/k/a/ Aleister Crowley was himself a ranking sorcerer in?

Lovecraft fictionalised that group as Starry Wisdom in his weird fiction. Heck, man, this adds a whole new ring to the Cthulhu Mythos' admonishment, "That which is not dead & can eternal lie & with strange Aeons even Death may die!", since participants IN Crowley's covens, the Ordo Templi Orientis (Knights Templar o/t Eastern Order) being another, were refered to AS Aeons.

As I reminded another of our colleagues, Michael @ Gottporn only last night, to quote the Morton's salt slogan, "When it rains, it pours!" and it sure is, isn't it? ( ;-)}

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

From what her brother says, it sounds like fame and glamour has gone to her head! It's scarey how stardom changes people. I had a friend who boyfriend got a job at the BBC as a studio technician of some kind; but in his job he got to socialize with Noel Edmonds, Angus Deyton and various other stars. He completely changed, she says! He stopped going out with her and wouldn't take her to BBC social events because he was ashamed of her. Within a month they'd split up.

Nietschze was wrong. Being a nobody has its advantages, even luxuries!

Michael Skaggs said...

Hmmm Dad involved in top secret stuff huh? Interesting! And love the term "how her life gets more mythological", not that they (Hollywood/Music Industry) aren't using her as a "godess" or anything to perpetuate the spell she casts upon the masses...

Thanks Ben.