Saturday, 9 August 2008

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... at BTB. Apologies for the protracted silence here. Things have been rather weird since returning from Liverpool; as the post below makes clear. Anybody who wants access to the site should please e-mail me at the usual address.

By the way, some highly interesting 'Maritime Signals' were in evidence during yesterday's Opening Ceremony. I haven't looked very deeply into this just yet; except what I have gleaned from reports in today's Times: 'Swaying nymphs from Buddhist mythology shared the Bird's Nest stadium with children armed with huge, oversized calligraphy brushes.' And what's this? 'Girls dressed as ladies from the Tang dynasty (618-907), an age of great openness, paraded across the stage in their stiff, embroidered dresses... An age renowned for it artistic depictions of female beauty.'

Strange timing, as well, for the latest border conflict in the Caucausus. (A most significant region for any number of regions.) Some rather partisan background here:

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