Wednesday, 10 September 2008

2012 Rising...

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anadæ said...

Hmn ... not so sure it'll be that kind of a changeover, a Velikovkian cataclysm (yeesh, whose bloodcurdling artwork is that?), but, it is one of the reasons I relocated to the one place in the Colonies named for the Virgin Queen Herself, Her bid to gain a foothold in Britannia's corporate expansion now a matter of record.

You'd do well to have a gander at the goddess of nursing & anesthesiaology, EJ Clark's, and renewable, green energy proponent, Dr Brooks Alexander Agnew's globetrotting research into the 2012 enigma here:

There's a trilogy in hardcopy for the 2012 student available, although you might as well opt for their downloadable audio version, too.

As some of us who are sensitive can actually hear the hum as our star, Sol, aligns with galactic center (today's is more an even wave, not so mechanical or engine-like in tone), rest assured that there are massive changes in store, but they're far more a shift in consciousness than the crescendo depicted in this thread's painting.

Hey, thanks for the Monroe Institute tip. If you're ever in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Shenandoah Valley, look up Apple Mountain, Professor Fairhall, and you'll have a place to hang your hat for a spell ( ;-)}