Monday, 22 September 2008

'9/11 precognition?'

This from a reader of The Daily Behemoth:

'Precognizance runs in my family. Holiday dinners almost always see relatives sharing our experiences over baked ham or roast turkey. As a young boy growing up in suburbia, I always thought that everyone's family was thus aspected; I was quite surprised to later learn that such wasn't the general consensus.

Reflecting on my own sensitivity as it pertains to 9/11, I had done a canvas in 1990 of an eerily similar (to the WTC) building being swallowed up from its foundation by a whirlwind in the background, with a stucco fairy tale castle in the forground being engulfed by molten lava from above; a multi-eyed, multi-limbed, black, furry beast eclipsing that; and a burnished bronze warrior giant, stepping into a marshy pond lined with cat tail reeds.

Interestingly enough, admirers of the work often asked years in advance of the tragic event whether I'd intended it to be that ill-fated edifice. I'd like to hear from others in the blogosphere readership here as to their own experiences, precognitive or artistic, as they relate to that world-changing day.'

If you would like to respond to this request, please leave a message below. Thanks!

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