Saturday, 20 September 2008

'Apocalypse Now?...'

'Almost exactly seven years ago Al Qaeda terrorists targeted their hijacked planes into the Twin Towers at the heart of New York’s financial centre — and the world was transformed.

There were no deaths this week, but the effects of the carnage on the financial
markets will be far more profound and destabilising than the 9/11 atrocity.

For almost all of us, it will, I predict, be a change for the worse, and for a large
minority the consequences will be extremely distressing.

The Western world — Britain, Europe and the U.S. — has moved from excess to
austerity overnight. This week’s financial typhoon will savagely impact living

In due course, it will topple governments and lead to a permanent transfer of
economic and political power from Europe and America to the emergent and, in some
cases, such as China, semi-barbarous economies in the East.'



Newspaceman said...

"and, in some
cases, such as China, semi-barbarous economies in the East"

This is typical disinformation Ben, tell mostly the truth then slip in some nonsense, in this instance the Chinese.

Our economies were engineered to fail - I can expand and clarify.

The real powers never change, surely.


Ben Fairhall said...

Disinformation, possibly; but the breadth of vision contained in the whole article- it's practically the author's manifesto for the next decade- makes it a vital piece of journalism, in my opinion.

Please do expand further, Brian.

Hope you're well,

Newspaceman said...

I am sweet, thanks.

Years ago, c1985, I worked for the Halifax. One day, Americans came, tall, well dressed characters - I remember I had just read the other Ellis' American Pyscho.

Things soon changed, no longer did we have the customers best interests at heart, rather the institutions. I progressed, rapidly - to mortgage lending.

Exactly the same thing happened then, in 1990, one day I would lend to anyone, then the next, no more 100% loans etc etc.

The whole ploy is a plan, the state now own what they want to own - in the US the main mortgage providers FM X2 and the main global insurance company.

Here, Lloyds and Bank of Scotland Halifax have merged, thus Lloyds worth is diluted, how long till that company comes, like Northern Rock, under state control.

Also see gas. electricity, Thatcher sold them to us along with our own houses and soon the state will buy them back - with our blessing - and become the sole provider of essentials.

It was always destined.


Newspaceman said...

Sorry, and thus, if we look at America and who founded it and expand on that, then they may want it to fail - as part of a far longer term strategy - such it is straightforward, the author tells me nothing I did not know already.

That is why he is part of it, as they all are- knowingly or otherwise - they just don't see the big picture.


Newspaceman said...

In fact, have read it again, he is certainly on the "other side".

Surely he, and his ilk, should have been forewarning us years ago?


nanotech said...

one final power grab?

as Larisa Alexandrovna writes
“Now, if you do not yet understand that the Wall Street crisis is a man-made disaster done through intentional deregulation and corruption, I have a bridge in Alaska to sell to you (or Sara Palin does anyway). This manufactured crisis is now to be remedied, if the fiscal fascists get their way, with the total transfer of Congressional powers (the few that still remain) to the Executive Branch and the total transfer of public funds into corporate (via government as intermediary) hands.

[...] we already now have in writing, formally as presented to Congress, the intentions of this administration to nullify Congressional powers permanently, to alter Judicial powers permanently, and to openly steal public funds using as blackmail the total collapse of the US economy if these powers are not handed over. You do see how this is blackmail, do you not? You do see how this is a manufactured crisis precisely designed to be used as blackmail, do you not?”

Alexandrovna compares the current manufactured crisis to the now infamous “Business Plot” of 1933, a previous attempt at an outright coup in order to install fascism in America. This treasonous plot was so called because the high-level plotters, including Prescott Bush, the current president’s grandfather, were Wall Street men who openly supported fascism.

The coup attempt came to light one year later in 1934, when General Smedley Butler informed the Congress that a group of wealthy industrialists had attempted to get on side high ranking military figures in order to overthrow the government of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

“It seems this time around, the Bush family is trying the more subtle approach to open bloodshed: first create a crisis, then under the guise of addressing that crisis, overthrow democracy. Yes, it does sound terribly conspiracy-theory-esque when explained just this way. But what else does one call a criminal conspiracy to destroy Congressional powers permanently, alter Judicial powers permanently, and steal public funds?” Alexandrovna writes.